Gallardo’s loud shouts to the players that nobody saw after River’s fall: “Ass face”

Marcelo Gallardo got angry again after River’s 2-1 loss against Banfield at the Monumental Stadium on the 19th of the Professional League 2022 of the argentinian football. Although the coach of “Millionaire” gave the usual press conference, there was a very particular detail that caught the attention of journalists present in the room.

“The doll” was annoyed after the second consecutive fall of his team and observed too many crestfallen communicators of the partisan media. Therefore, he wanted to raise their spirits with a pure shout and harangue.

Gallardo’s loud cries after the defeat of River vs. Banfield: “Many long faces I see”

Once the talk of almost half an hour with the communicators was over, the DT of “La Banda” had an unprecedented attitude with them. The person in charge of revealing it through social networks was John Cortesethe chronicler who covers the news of the Núñez group for the television channel TyC Sports.

Through the official account Twitter (@juancortese)the journalist revealed that “At the end of the press conference (it was not seen in any media), Gallardo, going down the stairs, harangued all the journalists present.” He even added that the technician told those present: “´Many long faces I see around here. Smile, come on, hey! Stop having that face of asslet’s go, eh'”. “And he went puffing out his chest like I’ve rarely seen him”hill.

Gallardo’s press conference after River vs. banfield

A few minutes after the second loss in a row of the “Millionaire” in the tournament, the coach came out to defend his team forcefully: “Today we did not play badly, we lost a game that is difficult to explain: we made mistakes that cost us dearlyespecially Banfield’s second goal, which was an isolated play”. “Today’s match marks a bit of the irregularity we’ve been experiencing. We can’t get out of it and, with these two consecutive defeats, it becomes a losing streak”, analyzed.

Gallardo’s press conference post River 1-2 Banfield.

“It is not to dramatize, it is the year we are experiencing: an irregular year, in which we do not fully find ourselves as a team. From then on it’s all my responsibility, because we couldn’t put together a good team and be reliable.” insisted the idol of the institution. He also added that “it’s about maintaining convictions and continuing to work.” “Accompany this negative process, protect ourselves to come out from within, strengthen ourselves from these bad results without overdramatizing”said.

Gallardo concluded: “I come here to protect the players, to support them. That those footballers who are not at their best level can continue working to find it. I’m not here to say that you don’t understand my message. There are some processes that are normal, for some players faster and others slower. It is very easy to rant about a bad result and equipment malfunction. And it’s okay, I don’t see anything else. But I’m not going to dramatize.”

Gallardo’s loud shouts to the players that nobody saw after River’s fall: “Ass face”