Gaming mouse which one to buy? Here are the best for value for money

Logitech G502

Let’s start with the great classic: the G502. For years the answer to the question “which gaming mouse should I get?” It was the G502. It has the right buttons in the right place and adjustable weights to make sure it is exactly the way your wrist wants. The 25 thousand DPI sensor has never been used fully by anyone, because at most you play between 400 and 1500, but this means that it is very accurate. The app with which to change the parameters is well thought out even if it frequently happens that it blocks when you turn it on and you have to restart it to make it do what you want. The writer started playing on consoles when he was little, so he has weapon reloading and above all jumping and squatting, tied to his right hand. This mouse (and all the others) was perfect for making me feel immediately at home thanks to the programmable keys within reach of your thumb. It has a list price of over 90 euros but now you can easily find it around 45 in its wired version, so for value for money it is an excellent contender. From an aesthetic point of view, given its age, it is the one that does worse with only a few blue lights that are barely customizable.

My personal G502 is on loan from a friend, so my old G402 is in the cover image

Roccat Kone XP

This mouse is certainly the most spectacular for taking pictures at your desk. Its lights are almost dazzling put to the maximum and it can put together lightshows worthy of a high-end case. Its other peculiarity is that it has 5 buttons within reach of the thumb, 4 where those of the 502 and the Lift are located and one pressing down, near the floor of the mouse. Playing Valorant with the crouching button associated with it was an incredible experience. It’s hard to be more comfortable with a tactical shooter. The good news ends here unfortunately, because a 88 euros it is the most expensive of the bunch.

Gaming mice: the best for quality-price and ergonomics
That black tab protruding on the bottom of the mouse is the tactical button we talked about earlier


L’NZXT Lift is the lightest, the most plush and the one with the most refined lighting in this comparison. At a price of almost 60 euros it cannot be defined as cheap but its strength lies in its simplicity and in its well-finished aesthetics. If the Kone XP is the equivalent of a fireworks display in terms of lights, the Lift is a delicate flight of Chinese lanterns. The two lines of LEDs along the sides illuminate just enough to give a touch of color to the setup, without ever being vulgar. Like the Kone, it has a cable that is not in plastic but covered with fabric, this makes it very fluid even in the most hectic moments and it has not happened even once (different instead with the G502) that the mouse got stuck because the wire got stuck or it was friction somewhere.

Gaming mice: the best for quality-price and ergonomics

Top and flop of each Mouse

The G502 is solid and well built, at the hardware level it will never let you down and will make you take all the headshots your hands are capable of. Unfortunately it is aesthetically an eyesore and its many sharp angles make it a decent nightmare to clean up. The Roccat Kone XP is a sight when you turn on the PC, its transparent design and its LEDs make it really beautiful to see. In terms of performance it is excellent and its many buttons make it practical both for fps and for strategic video games. The price isn’t the most competitive and the model we tested had one of the defective thumb buttons, we don’t know if that’s common. The Lift is the one with fewer buttons and the least special sensor (it reaches “only” 16 thousand DPI) but this does not prevent it from being a precise peripheral, with an excellent workmanship and a very pleasant aesthetic presence.

Touch sensations and ergonomics

Each mouse has been tested for at least 3 weeks playing 1/2 hours a day. The most satisfying sound comes from the G502, its clicks make just the right noise. The most reactive wheel was that of the Lift, for better or for worse: a single click, even hinted at, was enough to change the weapon. Personally I appreciated this sensitivity but we know that it is not for everyone. The Roccat is solid but in the long run it tires the hand due to its wider and stockier shape, at the level of grip, however, it is the least slippery. The most comfortable for long gaming sessions is the NZXT which, by the way, thanks to its curved lines, is also the easiest to keep clean.

The verdict on the best gaming mouse

If we had to pick an overall winner it would be the NZXT Lift because, for what it costs, it has a number of premium mouse options, such as a cloth cable and full rgb lights, and is also the most comfortable to play with for hours. . For lovers of tactical shooters, however, we recommend the Roccat because not only is it very braggart in its lighting but that thumb button will change the way you take advantage of squatting in game. For those who don’t give a damn about aesthetics but just want the substance, the G502 will give great satisfaction. It’s ugly but it works well and will work for a long time.

These mice have been tested on

– Destiny 2
– Overwatch
– Metal Hellsinger
– Dune Spice Wars
– Valorant
– League of Legends
– Rocket League
– Fortnite

-by Riccardo Lichene

Gaming mouse which one to buy? Here are the best for value for money