«Gangs of London», the second season of the English «Gomorrah» has started

from Chiara Maffioletti

The director: «We show violence with realism. No exaltation of crime, but even in criminals you can see the desire to survive “

Far from the palaces, far from the tea rooms, far – light years – from the glittering monarchy and also from the skyscrapers where the fate of world finance is at stake. It is a very different London that he tells Gangs of London, a series that surprised and conquered (even a Bafta) and that today returns, with its second, cruel season, broadcast on Sky Atlantic (two new episodes every Wednesday) and streaming on Now. It is the least visible, criminal London, driven by the pursuit of power at all costs, where gangs conquer men and territory through drug trafficking. The veils are very few, the evil is explicit, you can see how far man can get.

The comparison with Gomorrah
. “I know that many have made this parallel, but incredible as it is, I was not inspired by the series – explains director Corin Hardy -. The comparisons can be many, I also think of Peaky Blinderseven Game of thrones… as far as we’re concerned we’ve been more inspired by classics like The Godfather, or in general the great American crime film sagas. The ambition was to do something epic, cinematic but also realistic, in today’s London world ». To achieve this goal, an impressive documentary work was required: «To bring this thriller to life, which was also action and crime, we did a lot of research: we wanted stories that really happened. The result is the scariest series on TV ». Yet almost everyone in the cast agrees that while showing evil there is no risk of a “glorification of the bad”. “It’s true that screenwriters know how to make these characters lovable even if they do terrible things, but they remain gangsters: if you accept being part of that world, there are codes you have to accept.” Sope Dìrísù – plays Elliot, the former undercover cop – prefers to speak of “survivors”. “They are all human beings trying to survive in a reality where it is difficult to do so. You can also enter it with your moral values, but then life takes care of changing you and for each person it is very difficult not to hesitate ».

Good and evil that are intertwined, which come together dangerously. «Trying to bring a human side into an absolutely evil character is a great challenge – comments Narges Rashidi -. In any case, they are all people who are not well, psychopaths ». Waleed Zuaiter echoes her: “It is quite impressive to see that you end up fond of who you should hate: criminals, killers … But, after all, it has happened since the days of Godfather. You can at some point think that they are human beings with problems and you grasp their vulnerabilities, the truths in their behavior, even as delinquents. They do what they often do to protect themselves and their family: this brings them closer to us ». Orli Shuka in the series is Luan: «I was completely surprised by the reception of the first season. Even people who had never approached a genre like this have become fans: it manages to fascinate despite being terrifying. It can be said that the undergrowth of London is even more intricate and frightening now ». Michelle Fairley (Marian Wallace) concludes: “A lot of what we show is based on reality. I believe that, in general, the task of each of us is to continue in the search for a morality that necessarily changes over time ».

October 25, 2022 (change October 25, 2022 | 20:29)

«Gangs of London», the second season of the English «Gomorrah» has started