Gens du voyage

New episode in the soap opera of the evangelical gathering in Nevoy. After the local elected officials, it is the turn of the traders to step up. Last July, Francis Cammal (DVD) and Jean-François Darmois (SE), respectively mayors of Gien and Nevoy, met with representatives of Prime Minister Elisabeth Borneaccompanied by the Loiretan senators Jean-Pierre Sueur (PS) and Hugues Saury (LR) (see box below).

They called on the State to make military land available to the Vie et Lumière association for its second rally, as is usually the case. Local elected officials want at all costs to avoid the scenario they experienced this year. Pilgrims met twice, in May and September, at Vie et Lumière’s private grounds in Nevoywith an attendance record for the first gathering (nearly 37,000 people).

Multiple requests

Today, the Association of Merchants and Craftsmen (ACA) of Gien also intends to make its voice heard. To do this, she sent a letter to Régine Engström, prefect of the Centre-Val de Loire region.adding the mayor of Gien, Francis Cammal, and the deputy Mathilde Paris (National Rally) in the recipients.

In it, the three members of the office evoke “a climate of insecurity in the face of which the means implemented to protect us, although improving, do not seem to us sufficient. […]. These incivilities, degradations and attacks have a significant economic impact on our businesses. […]. We don’t want to see our downtown continue to suffer.

In short, the ACA is asking for a single rally to be held in Nevoy, with a number of caravans limited to 4,000 (8,200 were counted in May). “We have no means of limiting the number of caravans”, replies Francis Cammal, helpless in the face of a situation which can only be resolved at state level. The Loiret land belongs to Vie et Lumière. “The justification of the private is not admissible, considers Pascale Mauriès, president of the ACA. If the land was not private, there would be obligations.”

“There has been a greater economic impact”

The shopping association also wants “reinforcements to maintain security in the city center to be even more numerous and with strong actions of verbalization“.

“We fear that this exceptional situation will become something taken for granted”, confides Pascale Mauriès, who assures that the rally in May was badly experienced by traders “because of its scale”.

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Nevertheless, she admits that opinions are disparate. “Some don’t complain about it, but it’s still a minority.” The president is sorry to see more and more businesses lower the curtain during the periods of the rally.

“This year, there has been a greater economic impact than usual,” she notes. In total, they closed for a month. All non-essential businesses are affected, while some are still weakened by the Covid.

“We are lucid, but if we don’t ask for anything, it won’t move,” she adds. The demands of the association have indeed been heard by Mathilde Paris, who wishes to arrange a meeting with the members of the office. The deputy, already involved in the file, asked the sub-prefect of Montargis to be included in the meetings organized before the rally.

“Let’s make it as good as possible”

She claims to have questioned, on several occasions, the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin, in particular on questions of security.

“I also contacted his office. When I went to the field with the gendarmerie, I offered to accompany me, reveals Mathilde Paris. I have had no feedback to date. I try to activate as many levers as possible on my scale.”

The MP mentions, as lines of thought, the implementation of video surveillance systems or setting up an emergency call number for traders“so that they can quickly notify the police. If we can’t find another site, let’s make sure it goes as well as possible.”

On this last point, she is joined by Francis Cammal. The first magistrate of Gienne admits it, he is preparing to see the scenario of 2022 reproduce next year. For its part, the evangelical association, which does not wish to organize two gatherings in Nevoy either, is looking for a second site.

Last September, the Loiretan senator Jean-Pierre Sueur deplored the lack of response from the State. And this, after his meeting, in the company of his counterpart Hugues Saury and the mayors of Gien and Nevoy, Francis Cammal and Jean-François Darmois, with the representatives of the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne. The senator then addressed himself, through a letter, to the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron. “We finally had a response from the State, which indicates that a solution must indeed be found, but has none to offer, relates Jean-Pierre Sueur. We plan to return to Matignon, or to the Ministry of the Interior, with the representatives of Vie et Lumière. Jean-François Darmois must contact them.” And when the senator is questioned about a possible absence of State land, which would have been sold since the commitment, he is formal: “I do not believe it in In no case.”

Elodie Pradel

Gens du voyage – After local elected officials, the Gien Merchants Association is mobilizing against a second rally in Nevoy