Gilles Belzons, president of the Narbonne rugby club, indicted for incestuous sexual assault

In December 2021, the youngest of Gilles Belzons’ three children, aged 8, was placed in a foster family at the request of a children’s judge in Aude. A decision to protect him in particular from his father if the accusations against him were confirmed and to keep him away from his mother for fear that the latter would direct his remarks. The president of the Narbonne rugby club (Pro D2) is accused, by his ex-wife, incestuous sexual assault as revealed France Blue Herault
in March 2022.

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The former rugby player from Béziers (ASBH) claims since his innocence.
But at the beginning of last July, the 50-year-old was indicted for incestuous sexual assault and implicated for rape with the status of assisted witness. The suspected facts begin in May 2018 and over a period of two years. No judicial review was ordered and Gilles Belzons can always meet his son in the context of publicized visits.

Gilles Belzons benefited at the start of the investigation from the status of assisted witness for all of the charges. But this status changed at the beginning of July, probably due to new elements. This indictment for sexual assault means in the criminal sense that there is serious and concordant clues. In its final indictment, the Narbonne prosecution would have asked for a new dismissal. The instruction is not yet complete. The judge is due to deliver his findings in the coming weeks.

The latter was seized, just a year ago, by the former companion of Gilles Belzons. This liberal nurse became a civil party after the dismissal pronounced at the end of the preliminary investigation. No prosecution had been initiated in 2021 against the president of the Narbonne Rugby club despite numerous alerts from health professionals who were concerned about the child’s state of health. Since the age of six, the child has confided in about twenty times, specifying, with the same words, his sufferings.

Gilles Belzons obtains custody of his son, three weeks after his indictment

Today, an association is worried about the alleged victim. Gilles Belzons indeed comes fromhave sole custody while the investigation is still in progress. This decision was rendered on July 29, 2022 by the family court judge. That’s to say three weeks after notification of his indictment. This judgment has been appealed and will be examined next November before the special chamber for minors. In the meantime, the child remains with a foster family. His parents can see him for one hour, twice a month and under supervision.

The civil party claims a judicial change of scenery “because of the risk of collusion” deplores Me Myriam Guedj Benayoun. The suspect, nicknamed “Bébelle” is a notable in the Narbonnais, co-president of the Narbonne Rugby Club (Pro D2), owner of three restaurants, he is also a former professional rugby player who played in Montauban and Narbonne. Last July, the Court of Cassation rejected this request, on the grounds that the instruction was about to be completed. On the other hand, no decision has yet been rendered concerning the motion for relinquishment concerning the file of the children’s judge.

“My client is not a danger to the child. We consider that the placement of the child must be done with the mother in the context of her interest and until the end of the instruction”


An association fighting against feminicide denounces what it considers to be a dysfunction of justice

This custody at the father’s is strongly denounced by Emmanuelle Piet, the president of the Monitoring Committee against sexist and sexual violence. This association, created in 1985, filed a civil action in the summer of 2022. The telephone platform
of the CFCV (0800.05.95.95) receives an average of 5,000 calls each year from female victims of rape. “This placement with the father while the instruction is not over is abusive” deplores the president of the association referring to the recent affair Pauline Bourgoin


A complaint filed against the child’s former school

The lawyers for the civil party have just brought complaint against the old school of the son of Gilles Belzons for non-disclosure of facts. The staff would not have seen fit to report them. The child reportedly spoke to staff about his suffering three times. A complaint for forgery in public writing has also been filed against social workers and educators exercising for Social Aid for Children dependent on the departmental council of Aude. The alleged victim would also have confided in an educator.

The civil party struggles to bring out the (his) truth

For the defense, the charges do not hold and does not have the same reading of this indictment. The complainant’s pressures are such explains Jean-Marc Darrigade, defense lawyer, “she screams conspiracy, including institutional, so to silence this kind of innuendo, it was decided, within the framework of the instruction, to grant my client the status of indicted so that everyone can give their observations within the framework of this instruction”.


There are no new items in this folder which militates in favor of the transition from the status of assisted witness to that of indicted, if not the context of the conspiracy denounced by the civil party. She is in a logic of harassment, of relentlessness each time that a person gives an opinion which is unfavorable to her, that she files a complaint against the latter considering that she has either done her job badly, or at worst committed criminal offences. We are now at a multitude of complaints” (Jean-Marc Darrigade).

Gilles Belzons denies the charges

The day after the publication of our article (March 06, 2022
), Gilles Belzons had summoned the press to one of his restaurants in Narbonne : “Yes, it’s true that my son said that I had sodomized him. Then he went back on his accusations. It’s the mother who engineered everything, who manipulates him, dictates to him what he must say She even explains to him when he should cry. She indoctrinates our son. She multiplied consultations with psychologists until she found one that went in her direction. She made medical certificates of convenience. Justice understood that it was harmful for him, that’s why today, he is placed in a foster family”

I’m facing a woman (his ex-girlfriend) who wants to destroy what I’ve built and smear my name. I don’t know why she’s doing this, no doubt she couldn’t bear, when she left me, that I couldn’t hold her back.

The mother of the child did not wish to answer our questions because of education and for the sake of his son. According to our information, she filed an appeal with the Superior Council of the Judiciary.

At the end of the preliminary investigation, a dismissal had been pronounced by the parquet floor of Narbonne against Gilles Belzons. What will it be this time around? The investigating judge could issue his order for dismissal or dismissal by the end of the year.

Gilles Belzons, president of the Narbonne rugby club, indicted for incestuous sexual assault