Ginseng: what are its benefits and how to take advantage of it?

A true star of Chinese medicine for millennia, ginseng is renowned for its many virtues. It is a natural stimulant that more and more women are using as a dietary supplement. Focus on the thousand and one benefits of ginseng.

Why is it good to consume ginseng?

Nature conceals treasures capable of enhancing the beauty of women and taking care of their well-being. Among the plant species whose reputation is second to none, ginseng is known for its multiple benefits. This plant perennial belongs to the genus Panax, the Greek term “panacos” meaning “remedy that cures everything”. Affectionately known as the “root of life”, it is a species adaptogen. In other words, ginseng acts in a non-specific way on the whole organism. It is a natural tonic that helps the body fight physical fatigue and stress.

Rich in ginsenosides, trace elements and vitamins, it stimulates and boosts the immune system, memory and general well-being. But these are not the only benefits of ginseng. Many men resort to this miracle plant to treat their erectile dysfunction. According to some studies, ginseng could also prevent cancers, treat type 2 diabetes and protect the health of the elderly. Among women, this plant is particularly appreciated for its ability to relieve symptoms of menopause. Finally, ginseng has interesting natural thermogenic capacities. By consuming it, the metabolism is accelerated, which promotes the loss of calories, and therefore weight.

Ginseng cure: when and how to do it?

Ginseng has been used for millennia in Chinese medicine, but today its fame is far from being limited to the borders of the Middle Kingdom. Western pharmacies increasingly market it in the form of capsules. But beware: there is no question of embarking on a ginseng cure just anyhow. To ensure its effectiveness and stay in good health, it is better to seek advice from your doctor. It is also important to respect certain basic rules.

First, given its stimulating action, it is best to consume ginseng in the morning to benefit from its benefits. In addition, the recommended dosage is variable depending on the evil that one wishes to relieve. In Europe, a cure of ginseng generally lasts 3 months. Among Chinese doctors, the recommendations are different. Weakened people are advised to consume ginseng chronically. This virtuous plant can be consumed in various forms. From capsules to paste or powder, each country has its own preferences.

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What are the side effects and contraindications of ginseng?

Contrary to some popular belief, natural products are not without danger. To benefit from their beneficial actions, it is essential to consume them taking into account the advice of doctors. Each natural ingredient has its side effects, contraindications and dosage. In this, ginseng is no exception. Each of its species has its own characteristics and contraindications. For example, Asian ginseng should not be consumed by individuals with high blood pressure.

In case of diabetes, pregnancy or breastfeeding, caution is required. Do not hesitate to ask your doctor for advice. Ginseng can increase the effects of certain substances like coffee and tea. Some studies have also revealed interactions with several drugs, in particular blood thinners, hypoglycemics, certain antidepressants and nervous stimulants.

Ginseng: what are its benefits and how to take advantage of it?