Giorgia and the debts to be paid or already paid

Who will have to “pay” Giorgia Meloni to govern smoothly?

from Gian Franco Bottini

“Broom new, broom better for three days”, a proverb translated from the Neapolitan wisdom of Pulcinella which, as in his style, between the ambiguous and the mocking, suggests that after the third day the results will be related solely to the quality of the broom.

The Meloni government is certainly in the first three days and therefore the only verification that can be done is whether it is really giving the impression of “fucking better”. The first polls would seem to say yes; a more critical examination, even with all the benevolence that must be granted to every newcomer, could however create some perplexity.

For months, with the victory of the center-right and Meloni looming, we have argued that his most demanding “opposition” would have been within his coalition, the famous “friendly fire”. Leaving aside the Berlusconian theaters in the construction phase of the government, immediately after, Salvini began to dictate the government’s agenda in the media, even before it took office, as if to prove that he was the play-maker of the situation. ; in short, to affirm the “prize winner” of him, if not in the form certainly in the substance.

spoils melons debts
Gian Franco Bottini

Laughable “oratory” tacticalready used by him during the infamous yellow-green government, which immediately brought to mind the sickening and depressing spectacle of the other partner, Berlusconi, who tried to give himself importance after a meeting with Mattarella, enumerating with his fingers the things that Salvini himself he was saying, like a primary school teacher does to help an insecure pupil. Just a creak for now; however, if the two continue not to accept to count as the two of spades in a context in which “Donna Giorgia” is by far their “boss”, then she will have some problem and it would be better if she solved it immediately.

Salvini must be convinced that he lost, in the country and in his party, and now he only has to demonstrate that he knows how to be a minister (which is all to be ascertained) with less cabaret and more concreteness, because starting now again in the electoral campaign has already shown that it does not benefit either his future as secretary, nor to consent for his party and even less for Italy; if ever he really cared about Italy.

From the first Council of Ministers we certainly could not have expected, in a flash, the solution of the serious problems that beset us; it would have been enough to classify it as “service” and demonstrate the reassuring equilibrium of those who know that they cannot afford the arrogance of “now the free ride is over”. It seems to us that things did not go exactly like this! President Meloni, so solid in her early attitudes, in this case she has perhaps let herself be carried away from an understandable tiredness or, we hope, he thought of paying off debts right away post-election, not to talk about it anymore.

Some interventions seemed to us to belong to this last logic on the subject of covid, justice and rave partywhich looked like graceful cadeaux, in order, for the Brothers, Forza Italia and Lega. Not to mention the issue of cash. Interventions certainly not urgent, hasty and in some cases poorly packaged, to the point of creating criticism in the same field of the majority.

We hope we have been right about the debts paidand that the usual “push and pull” on a short blanket is not beginning, which has already seen Salvini as protagonist, in his unforgettable presence in the glorious yellow-green government, and which generated the contextual birth of the Citizenship Income and Quota 100, topics now classified as “problems”.

We sincerely hope that the Premier has the helm well in hand and that he immediately understands that supporting this mechanism could drag his government into some further problem that does not appear at the moment. In fact, he cannot forget that among his ministers he has the presence of technicians more from the “area” than from the party and therefore not very sensitive to the diktats of politics. We seemed to notice some of these turn up their noses and you know, the first time you accept (we are “firstborn”!) But then …

We are in the first three days of Pulcinella and therefore ours do not want to be critical but simple reflections, without forgetting, however, that even in these days, when sweeping, the broom wears and in the following days the broom will fuck well or badly also depending on how it has been treated today.

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Giorgia and the debts to be paid or already paid – MALPENSA24