Giorgia Meloni “takes” Milan. Anecdotes, common sense. There is an air of victory

The northern capital crowns it, here where Grillo was carried on his shoulders with the boat, where Salvini swore on the Gospel. Now he wants to take over the whole country

Milan. Hon. Meloni takes the stage at 18.08, greeted by a riot of flags. She is wearing a long blue skirt that reaches down to her feet and a white women’s blouse. As she picks up the microphone, everyone is silent. Her parents have placed her on a stage under the Arengario – looking at the Madonnina, on the right. Her words echo throughout the square, appropriately propagated by some boxes placed under the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. Someone wonders how all that voice can fit in just 163 centimeters.

We are in Piazza Duomo and, thinking about it, it almost shivers. It is a square of immense symbolic importance. The square where rising leaders are crowned. The same square where, in March 2010, Beppe Grillo was carried in triumph on a dinghy by his adoring supporters. The same square where, in May 2018, Matteo Salvini waved the rosary, quoted Pier Paolo Pasolini and swore on the Gospel that he would save Italy.

To hear the woman of the moment speak, in dribs and drabs, a thousand people arrive (estimate obtained from the number of chairs). Then it becomes two thousand, then maybe three thousand, then honestly we lose count. Old militants who already voted for Almirante. Workers and professionals. Converted former communists. Many young people. This Filippo, 19, a Roman, mechanical engineering student at the Polytechnic, has seen fit to combine pleasure with pleasure and holds a sign with the words “Parent 1 seeks parent 2” (very photographed, journalists eat it with their eyes) . There is even a small – and very brave – group of girls wrapped in the LGBTQIA + flag who came to challenge the future prime minister. When those scream, tension rises, tempers heat up, someone fears a fight. The brawny guys from the police service – poor things – go out of their way to appease the militants: «Don’t answer, please. We are all here to listen to Giorgia ».

Because in the meantime, Giorgia is speaking. And how. What does she say? That, good or bad, you know. Today, perhaps, it is interesting to try to observe how she says it. Already. As the Hon. Melons?

Its first characteristic is anger. Although Rosario Fiorello, who years ago, when she was very young, hired her as a babysitter for her daughter, ensures that she is very nice, her tone always hers that of her a bit of resentment of someone who has suffered a serious injustice. A pose? Perhaps. Certainly, on stage, Meloni is never light, she is never carefree. She never gives up. Even when you allow yourself a joke – “They say that the Brothers of Italy lacks a structured management team … actually I don’t have Azzolina!”, Huge applause – Giorgia seems more angry than ironic.

Its second feature is preparation. Here lies the difference with Salvini. He is perhaps better than her, in rallies, at physically giving all of himself to people, at immersing himself in the crowd, at being loved, touched and photographed like a thaumaturge king. But his rhetorical strategy involves mixing common sense with his anecdotes about his years in the infantry, with jokes about Milan, with the very Milanese “ciumbia!” exclaimed when they are comfortable, with a certain indifference (“I don’t understand why, with the most beautiful sea in the world and the most beautiful mountains in the world, people go on vacation abroad”, give way to the elderly ladies », and so on). Meloni’s strategy, on the other hand, is to mix common sense with preparation. The impression, hearing it, is the same as one felt in high school when a classmate came to the question very well prepared and even the most surly professor could only give her 10. For a good three-quarters of an hour, he harangues the crowd talking about very complicated topics: the tax wedge, the relationship between the production rate and the employment rate, macro-economic indicators. Now, we do not know if the thousands of people who arrived here in Piazza Duomo to hear it have read the background of the last few days, according to which the Hon. Meloni is conducting continuous talks with the managers of public companies, with the most important Italian bankers, with the president of Confindustria, with members of the board of directors of the ECB, with Mario Draghi himself.

But certainly his constituents perceive the difference between such speeches and those of the opponents, who come up with the usual trite and contrite phrases, and rely on tiktokers to reassemble.

“Everyone says we have already won. But I know that nothing has already been written, on September 25 we are going to vote! ” Giorgia shouts again, with her loud voice. But she knows very well: the predictions are all for her. Someone, however, has pointed out a truly sensational coincidence. The expected date for the inauguration of the new Chambers is 13 October. Considering the time required for the establishment of parliamentary groups and to elect the new presidents of the Chamber and Senate, it is estimated – unofficially – that Mattarella could begin consultations on 25 October. This means that, by a curious joke of Fate, his government, certainly the most right-wing of the last sixty years, perhaps even the most right in the history of the Republic, could come to take office on October 28, 2022, the day of Great Centenary (or maybe October 31, exactly one hundred years after the government oath of that other gentleman whose surname began with M).

The rally ends at 7pm, when the sun has gone down. As expected, the party candidates take the stage – from our position we recognize Giulio Tremonti, Ignazio La Russa and Daniela Santanché. Part But the sky is always bluer by Rino Gaetano. Then the Brothers of Italy leaves. Moment of general emotion. The flags fly for the last time. One of the young LGBTQIA + protesters is heading home and cannot help but shout at the top of her voice “Italy is fascist” at the point where Goffredo Mameli inserted the words “Italy has awakened”. A robust, pissed off voter with Raybans stares her and her friends with her eyes and annihilates them with a word: “Geese.”

It is now very close to 25 September. Victory is just a step away. And looking around, in Piazza Duomo, you can see it very well. The thousand, two thousand, three thousand present here – and who knows how many others throughout the country – go to meet you with a cold, restrained determination, but all vibrant with secret hopes. Never before have they felt that fate is in their hands. And that it will be the masterpiece of their invincible will.

Giorgia Meloni “takes” Milan. Anecdotes, common sense. There is an air of victory