Imperial in defense, the French carried by an irresistible Cléopatre Darleux, stifled the Montenegrins and won their fourth victory in this European championship. The semi-finals are approaching.

11:00 p.m. – Thank you and see you Tuesday

Thank you all for accompanying us to witness the defensive demonstration of Les Bleues against Montenegro. Appointment Tuesday for the match against Germany which could record the qualification of France in the semi-finals of the Euro.

22:45 – Blue wall smashes Montenegro, match recap

The blue wall smashes Montenegro, the summary of the match - France - Montenegro ©Fédération Française de Handball

We have to believe that the France team found the solution against Montenegro. After several years of suffering against players from the Balkans, winning hard in trench fighting, the Tricolores took on their rivals without the slightest leniency, with method and panache. One action sums up what the Blues did to their opponents. Armed arm of the Montenegrin attack, Jaukovic was turned back unceremoniously by Flippes, before Raicevic saw Foppa steal the ball from his hands. At the other end of the pitch, the right-back punished on the counterattack. The match was folded and the Montenegrin public had understood it, finally keeping quiet after trying to ignite the meeting from the hymns where they deployed a tifo on the whole side stand. The hearts of the red people were not enough and their heroines, undefeated since the start of the competition, smashed against the blue wall.

A flawless wall embodied by an irresistible Cleopatra Darleux. The French keeper quickly made it clear to everyone that nothing would happen if she didn’t allow it. Of the first 8 opposing attempts, she stopped 6. In all positions, behind her defense, in the duel as against Jaukovic when she exploded from her line to close the angle, at the first post on the wings, from the end of the fingers, the Brestoise sickened her club teammates and the others, delivering a real demonstration (12/29). Trusted by their goalkeeper, the Bleues took the time to put their game in attack and varied at leisure Foppa to launch his own, then Flippes then Kanor. The left-back gave the small French colony the opportunity to ignite when it soared through the air with its fire support before putting its lightning arm into action, “Air Kanor” had taken off, as a tribute to Daniel Narcisse accustomed to his actions among men.

The three-goal gap at the break did not say the gap that was widening on the ground where the Blues had extinguished Raicevic. The center half with 30 assists was constantly harassed and could not organize the game of his team, reduced to a few flashes. The return from the locker room sounded the death knell for Popovic’s daughters. For almost 5 minutes they were silenced and the rant of the former Montenegrin glory had no effect. Opposite, the French recited their score until taking 10 lengths in advance. A chasm partly filled when they lost the thread. The absence lasted only a handful of minutes, the time for Krumbholz to calmly reframe his players and for Zaadi to relieve everyone. Promised for a tricky match, Les Bleues skilfully executed their plan and delivered a new collective demonstration that brings them closer to the semi-finals.

22:19 – Foppa happy to have done the job

“We gave it our all. It was a match where we knew we had to have an impact and it worked. We wanted to break the rhythm and impose our own. We had targeted Raicevic who posed a lot of problems, cutting the exchange network and it worked fine”said Pauletta Foppa, top scorer with 6 goals.

22:15 – Kanor: “Good job today”

“We had a point of honor to thwart the plans of Raicevic, the mistress of the game of Montenegro. 19 goals (conceded), it’s excellent. We have an excellent goalkeeper, a good defense and counter-attacks. really did a good job today”, rejoiced Orlane Kanor, all smiles at the microphone of beIN SPORTS. The left-back showed that she had recovered well from her injury and was able to reward the public with some impressive jump shots, airing the attacking game of Les Bleues.

22:12 – The semi-finals at your fingertips

Thanks to this fourth victory in this Euro 2022, France is at the top of Group II with 6 points. Due to the results of the other teams, the selection of Olivier Krumbholz can qualify for the semi-finals from the next match. If a draw would be enough against Germany, a victory would ensure them first place and potentially avoid crossing Norway, the reigning world champion.

22:08 – Krumbholz: “The semi-finals are getting closer”

“We ticked a lot of boxes, especially in defence. Cléo (Darleux) was excellent, especially against his club partners. We took the points and a positive goal average. The semi-finals are getting closer and it’s deserved because the team is playing well. We alternated solutions, risk-taking and it paid off. The only thing we can say is that for 10-15 minutes we had trouble in attack but we did well picked up at the end. That’s the main thing”Satisfied Olivier Krumbholz at the microphone of beIN SPORTS, who also praised the ability of his players to set the pace until the end. “There is a very good dynamic”he concluded;

21:59 – Les Bleues crush Montenegro (27-19)

Darleux captures the last attempt on the gong of Alivodic at 10 meters. The perfect summary of a meeting where the Blue will never have trembled (27-19). Imperial in defense and encouraged by the demonstration in the goal of Darleux, they constantly led the score and imposed their rhythm before breaking away after the break. Worn out by the aggressiveness of the tricolor and without its usual solutions, Montenegro will never have been able to represent a threat and will have to remobilize to still believe in the semi-finals, for which France has taken a serious option.

21:58 – Ondono in finesse (27-19)

On a new loss of ball in attack of the Montenegrins, Toublanc leads the counter and sends Onodono to score his first goal. A goal full of touch, the Nantes player breaking her wrist at the last moment to lob the opposing goalkeeper (27-19).

21:56 – Good anticipation from Flippes

While Radicevic wants to launch Grbic for kung fu, Flippes anticipates and knocks out the Montenegrin attack by intercepting the ball in the air.

21:54 – Foppa’s counterattack (25-18)

Grbic wants to give his pivot but his pass is in the wrong timing. Darleux raises on Foppa who will score his 6th goal in 7 attempts tonight (25-18).

21:51 – Interception by Foppa, goal against (24-17)

The French are more active in defense like Flippes who pushes Jaukovic. Behind, Foppa steals the ball from Raicevic’s hands and sends against his right back who scores easily (24-17). The Montenegrin public fell silent 5 minutes from the end of the match.

21:50 – Precious Zaadi (23-17)

After several borrowed attacks, Zaadi returns to the field and reassures everyone by piercing the defense on the right (23-17).

21:48 – Les Bleues in check (22-17)

The French accuse the blow and no longer find solutions on both sides of the field. They have just collected a 3-0 after the blocked shot from Sercien-Ugolin and the off target from Lassource shifted to the wing.

21:47 – Annoyed Blues

The game was stopped in Skopje where Krumbholz and his players complained about the behavior of the Montenegrin fans who shouted and sent balls of paper on the field.

9:45 p.m. – André cashes two in a row (22-16)

After losing his penalty duel against Radicevic, André did not have time to get out and found himself abandoned by Edwige and Toublanc who let Brnovic take support close to the area and score (22-16).

21:44 – Acrobatic Kanor (22-14)

On the left, Kanor creates her own goal by coming into the interval opened by Foppa. She deceives the opposing door acrobatically (22-15).

21:42 – A hole in defense (21-14)

The French are less aggressive on these last actions and this allows the Montenegrins to pick up the pace, like this circulation of fast balls for Jaukovic to shift Papicevic. The left winger beats Darleux between the legs. Time-out requested by Krumbholz who calls his daughters to order (21-14).

21:41 – Montenegro on a good run

Before this match, Montenegro remained on 5 consecutive successes. Only one team has managed to beat it this year: Norway. The Montenegrins failed twice in qualifying against the reigning world champions (27-32 and 23-40).

21:39 – Raicevic passes in the axis (21-12)

In the central sector, Raicevic takes advantage of the position of Alivodic, who retains Edwige, to infiltrate and go to score closely, Flippes not being able to close the door in time (21-12).

21:37 – Sercien-Ugolin scores (21-11)

Les Bleues are suffocating their opponents. On the right side, Sercien-Ugolin bypasses the counter and with a cross shot finds the opposite skylight to give his side a 10-goal lead (21-11).

21:36 – André also shines

André enters again from the penalty spot and defeats Radicevic by stopping the attempt on his left (19-11).

21:34 – Break against (19-11)

After a good lob from Valentini on the left after a judicious shift from Nze Minko, Les Bleues punish against the loss of the ball in the central sector of Raicevic with a lobbed ball from Toublanc. Popovic asks for a time-out to halt the bad Montenegrin dynamics (19-11).

21:32 – Darleux continues his work

Darleux is impassable in this match and this time, she fends off Papicevic’s shot to the left wing. The Montenegrins only scored two goals in 12 minutes in this second act (17-11).

21:31 – Radicevic lacks accuracy

On the conceded penalty, Darleux gives way to the young André and her 1.84 m. Radicevic wants to surprise by trying a daring lobe but his ball lands just behind the bar (17-11).

9:30 p.m. – The Darleux show

The Montenegrins set the pace and Jaukovic takes the interval on the left. In extension, she shoots uncrossed but Darleux explodes in her zone and takes out the attempt of the Montenegrin. On the counter, Foppa signs his 4th goal (17-11).


HANDBALL. France – Montenegro: intractable these Blue, the summary of the match