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Why are you complaining, Donna Melancholy? Don’t you understand that you are a happiness without your knowledge?

The only lasting happiness.

And the only sustainable one.

The only presentable.

Where has happiness gone? Once it was also in the Constitutions; today, perhaps, it is no longer even in the songs. I have no idea what Happiness is, but I know very well what unhappiness is. Since Happiness is a limit concept, like Freedom, Democracy, Good, and it can only be defined in the negative.

It is important to have a limit concept: it authorizes us to plan for a long time and not to make calculations of convenience. In short, it is something that is worthwhile for, even if we will not see the completion of the project. So, concept by concept, why not spend yourself for Happiness? I imagine it as a high peak and eternally covered by clouds, so that its contours cannot be distinguished; however, it is certain that from up there you can enjoy a priceless panorama.

Now, this is precisely the important thing: to get going. Meanwhile, when you decide to leave, you have already changed your life, since it is a decision that engages and tests. In addition, it puts you on a linear and no longer circular itinerary.

You understand that hatred and hatred only make you waste time and that illness is a long detour, not an obstacle …

Happiness is not satisfaction …

We are all on a circular path, that of Satisfaction, which works like this: discomfort – desire (usually induced) – purchase – satisfaction – addiction – discomfort and so on. We struggle in the hamster wheel to always find ourselves in the same place. For this we must instead take the linear path of Happiness, where every step is always forward and even a fall is progress.

On the path to Happiness you are forced to know yourself and evaluate things. You have a reference and a criterion. Understand that hatred and hatred only waste time and that illness is a long detour, not an obstacle.

… And it’s not even joy

Now, everyone can choose the navigator they want, towards Happiness, whether it is the Epicurus’ Letter or the Ethical-Philosophical Treatise of the Society of the Magnaccioni, but the first step is always awareness, which is never joyful. Joy has nothing to do with it and can only be a pleasant stop, destined to immediately become a memory. Whoever sets out must know that he will have many sad days ahead, but each day the sadness will be different, until it becomes something else. And, as he goes on, the flora will change; new flowers and new smells will be discovered.

The fauna will also change: new people will be discovered, under the old ones, who, like the best mushrooms in the shade, will be sought under the sediment of ordinary prejudices.

Then, what will be found at the top, nobody knows; but everyone will know what he left downstream.

At this point it remains to be asked why we have traded Happiness for Satisfaction. Probably because in the latter there is honey: it is comfortable, repeatable, does not require mental effort and always has the good smell of novelty.


The first step is always awareness …

Instead, it is very clear why Happiness does not appear in the discourses of Power.

The Man in search of Happiness does not need a guide, he is autonomous, he becomes stronger every day and less blackmailable. Sure, you can hurt him: but he has a method, and he will know how to get out of it. But, above all, the man on the road does not want to waste time. He may happen to queue at the CUP but the next day he will demand that the matter be resolved. He has an idea of ​​the Best and pursues it.

Happiness is an individual journey within a shared road map. It is a matter for politics. If the parties do not have it in their programs, it is because, for better or worse, it should be talked about.

And have you ever seen that, God forbid, it occurs to us to take the first step in the right direction?

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Happiness: no, it is not satisfaction. And it’s not even joy • First Page Online