Harry Potter: the origins of Lupin’s scars finally revealed?

In Harry Potter, Lupine is one of the most important characters. And we often see his scars. But where do they come from?

In Harry Potter, there are very outstanding characters. This is for example the case for the famous Professor Lupin. The professor of the Forces of Evil but also the friend of Harry’s father. He is seen with scars in the film. But where do they come from?

Harry Potter: The Lupine Story

In Harry Potter, we discover the role of Lupin in the third film of the saga. He then becomes a teacher against the Dark Arts. A very good teacher whom Harry and his friends adore. Moreover, we learn during the film that the latter was James Potter’s best friend.

He and Sirius Black were a group of friends. And they were helping Lupin with a real problem. Indeed, the latter is a werewolf! So his friends were learning to be Animagus so they could help him with his transformations.

During the film, we see him transform into a werewolf. And he can’t control himself. At every full moon, the teacher changes for the night. Luckily, Severus Snape provides him with a potion to help him not transform.

But throughout the film, we see that on the professor’s face, there are scars. But what does that mean? In Harry Potter, physical wounds often show moral wounds. They tell a story.

We already know that to become a werewolf, you have to be injured by this creature. A bite or a scratch. Besides, when Ron’s brother, Bill Weasley is attacked by Fenrir, he will keep a big scratch on his face.

Harry Potter: the origins of Lupin’s scars finally revealed?

The Dark Arts Professor’s Scars

But how is Lupine turned into a werewolf in Harry Potter? Since childhood, he was bitten by another werewolf. But since then, he has managed to manage his curse. Dumbledore himself trusts him. We do not know more about the life of the professor.

We know that he has trouble accepting his situation. He decides to resign for example from Hogwarts when his identity is revealed. He also refuses for a long time to have a child with Tonk. For fear of his curse. Lupine is a tortured character.

We never talk about the exact reason for the professor’s scars in Harry Potter. But they look a lot like scratches. This may mark his history and his fear of the curse. As seen with the Boggart.

Despite the years, Harry Potter continues to seduce and question. The actors remain icons for a whole generation. So that’s why Tom Felton was going out for example a book of his filming moments.

He also tells his friendship with Emma Watson. And the role that the actress may have had in her life. Because after Harry Potter, the actors remained friends. It must be said that they grew up together.

This is why the death of the actor of Hagrid tore Emma Watson’s heart or Daniel Radcliff. The actor left this world at the age of 70. A tragedy for fans of the saga.

Harry Potter: the origins of Lupin’s scars finally revealed?