“Heaven inhabited by devils” opens the doors to esoteric art and charity

“Heaven inhabited by devils” opens the doors to esoteric art and charity

A virtual tour in the ancient center of an esoteric, occult Naples, full of mysteries and legends in search of the infinite struggle between Good and Evil. An engaging journey made possible during the first edition of the Prize: “Naples esoteric city”, held on September 17 at 10.00, at the Agorà Morelli Events Center in Naples. Ideal location to host a charity event in favor of non-profit organizations that work in the area in support of the most needy and in the name of the cultural and touristic awakening of Campania. A cross-section of the transfiguration of human feelings expressed in the portraiture of young artists of the Polyps 3 collective and Art Studio of Casalnuovo is what emerged during the event. Seven works that ‘revealed’ to the public present the link between light and shadow; the top and the bottom; black and white intended not in a dark and terrifying version, but core and common thread of esotericism in a modern key. As part of the ceremony excellently presented by Carlo Regina, there have been numerous interventions that have acted as an ‘expert guide’ to the discovery of esoteric symbolisms, ravines, monuments, palaces, cathedrals, pagan cults and cryptic works of two thousand years ago.

“It is easier to break an atom than prejudice” – underlined Giuseppe Porta, president of the Cinabro Napoli association – Our message is to learn from the past but with an eye to the future. There is an etymological confusion of the term esotericism. To know it, they need propensities and a great desire to know the true meaning. It is important to see and not to look – to listen and not to hear – he added – In Italy even literature, art and painting are full of hidden messages. In the video we have shown, examples of architectural works and metaphysical painters such as de Chirico, Dalì and Michelangelo emerge expressed in labyrinths, stone books, paintings, stylized wombs, checkered floors, eggs, zodiac signs. The contradiction of black and white, the union between man and woman, life and death, pure intellect, divine breath, the dichotomy of good and evil, masculine and feminine and self-knowledge they are the ‘portrait’ of this science. Pulcinella di Dalì, sitting on a chicken egg, The most complex and ambiguous figure in esoteric symbolism and which fully represents the archetype of primordial instincts, is that of Dalì’s Pulcinella. It summarizes the symbol of freedom thanks to the pointed hat (the same model worn by slaves in the French colonies). An almost prophetic message of the birth and rebirth of the ancient devil lost in history ”.

An authoritative jury composed of Dr. Rosa Romano, Ministry of Cultural Heritage as well as art historian, Monia Aliberti, former Councilor for Communication and Tourism Marketing of the Municipality of Naples and Gennaro Regina, artist and gallery owner, selected three of the seven works, in a single edition, during the event. The first three classified for their esoteric symbolic meaning were: “Layers”, “Ad utrumque paratus” and “Ascension”. The remaining 4 masterpieces were: “Partenope”, “Rebirth”, “Thirst for knowledge” and “Kairos”. The artists present: Claudia Mezzo, Paribello Emanuele, Emanuele Jordan, Roberto Romagnolo, Vittoria Filippella, Alessia Sedda and Angelo Russo, have donated the entire proceeds to the association “Nasi Rossi Clown Therapy and to the RSA always operating throughout the territory and that for the occasion they summarized in a very moving video their commitment in various places and at a wide range.

“Bringing a smile to the less fortunate is our main purpose – explained Francesca Colombo, president of the association and creator of the project:” From the lane to the road “. It is important to create a bond with the elderly, children and the homeless mansion. A bridge of solidarity and concrete help in the name of the beauty of the gift! ”.

“A synergy of intentions between the Municipality of Naples, organizations and sponsors that have made the project feasible that aims to listen to the less well-off, peeling the sediments of time and the social stratifications of a reality so fascinating, complex and trivialized by the usual clichés of mere aesthetics – according to the words of prof. Gennaro Rispoli, councilor to the municipality of Naples and director of the Arti Sanitari museum – Funds are needed to fight poverty and give hope to the least. We have promoted a call for similar initiatives and among these: identifying a fixed space to be made available to the Casalnuovo Poyps 3 collective in places such as the Sala dei Baroni or the Pan di Napoli museum ”.

Among the other guests were interspersed: Dr. Salvatore Lange, Culture Commission and Councilor to the Municipality of Naples, Dr. Francesca Beneduce, President of the Equal Opportunities Commission in the Campania Region, Dr. Maria de Martino, Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Sant ‘Agnello and Dr. Antonio Masullo, criminal lawyer, expert and scholar of esotericism, offering their precious contribution with real pills of wisdom and knowledge on the subject.

At the end of the inauguration ceremony of this suggestive appointment, the speakers, the three jurists, the three “Red Noses” were awarded: the president of the association and the public with the extraction of the winning numbers marked on the purchased ticket .

The first stage of a real ongoing adventure full of suggestions, chaos and order that unite reality and esoteric legend. Mysteries of ancient origins destined to shine in the memory of posterity.

“Heaven inhabited by devils” opens the doors to esoteric art and charity – Positanonews