Here it all begins: Laetitia makes an unexpected announcement to Tony

Yet delighted with her reunion with Tony, her childhood sweetheart, Laetitia (Florence Coste) will against all odds make a radical decision in the next episodes of “Here it all begins” in order to preserve her relationship with Guillaume.

While she seemed determined to take advantage of her newfound friendship with Tony (Kevin Dias), Laetitia Rigaut (Florence Coste) will make a decision that is unexpected to say the least in the next episodes of Here it all begins.

Recently arrived at the salt marshes, where he now takes care of deliveries for La Table des Rivières, Tony was quick to reveal the real reason for his coming to Calvières: he wanted to reconnect with Laetitia, with whom he had lived an idyll. brief but strong eighteen years ago.

And if the two friends have decided to live their reunion to the full, chaining outings for two and aperitifs, Guillaume (Bruno Putzulu), who has been in a relationship with Laetitia for several months now, has not seen a very good eye Tony’s return to the life of the woman he loves. To the point of being very jealous and doing everything to keep the young man away from them.

“Tony’s arrival above all allows Laetitia to reconnect with her youth, at a time when she was totally carefree and lighthearted”recently confided to us Florence Coste about this intrigue with the false air of a love triangle. “Tony comes back and their complicity is reborn immediately. I really think that for her, there is no ambiguity in this relationship. There is only a great complicity”.

“This fun and light side is something that Guillaume does not bring to her. She needs this wind of madness because it is part of her personality. Laetitia is really on this line of conduct there. Tony not at all but she doesn’t realize it [rires]. Guillaume, for once, will be very jealous of this relationship while Laetitia nevertheless has the impression of being super fair and that everything is clear. She doesn’t understand how Tony and Guillaume react. It will be complex to manage for her and in particular this jealousy of Guillaume which will be very very intense”.


Laetitia decides to move away from Tony

Despite Guillaume’s behavior and Kelly’s (Axelle Dodier) fears of seeing her mother fall back into the arms of her childhood sweetheart, Laetitia had refused to cut ties with Tony. But to believe a new excerpt from Here it all begins put online in advance by TF1the one who occupies the position of assistant to the headmaster at the Auguste Armand Institute will finally change her mind in order to save her couple.

In this sequence which has not yet been broadcast on the air, Laetitia arrives at La Table des Rivières and explains to Tony that she will have to take some distance for the good of her relationship with Guillaume.

“He has trouble with our friendship”explains the young woman to Tony, referring to Devaut. “He sees that we spend a lot of time together and that doesn’t help to reassure him. I wouldn’t want him to get the wrong ideas. I think we should see each other less. until it calms down”.

Tony, who was certainly secretly hoping for a flashback between Laetitia and him, seems to have trouble accepting this announcement but looks good. “I’m not going to tell you that it makes me happy, but I understand, don’t worry. It would be stupid if he tortured himself for nothing and it fell on you”.

If, for now, “one-on-one drinks, it’s over”Laetitia, however, wants to reassure his friend: he has nothing to be ashamed of in this story. “You haven’t done anything. It’s just that Guillaume is the most stable relationship of my life. I have to take care of it”.

Linked by their past history, will Laetitia and Tony manage to stay away from each other? Nothing is less sure. Especially since the question of Kelly’s paternity could well come back to the fore in the sequel to Here it all begins.

Here it all begins: Laetitia makes an unexpected announcement to Tony