How to watch TV online without installing apps and without DTT

We explain what steps you must take to watch DTT without an antenna and only with an Internet connection from a Smart TV, a media player or any other device.

You don’t watch TV like you used to. The irruption in our lives of services such as Netflix, HBO Max or Disney+ have changed the way of consuming content for many people. The truth is that the main television networks They have adapted well to this new current. They have done so by developing mobile applications and platforms to view programs on demand. A good example of this is RTVE Play, an application that we already told you about. Now, all this does not mean that the live broadcast is dead. Not much less.

Today DTT continues to be a influential media outlet. When it comes to watching live channels, are there any options to do it without installing apps? And better yet, can it be done without connecting the TV to the antenna? In this article we show you a service that allows you to access more than 500 live channels without paying a single euro with a simple web browser.

DTT Channels to the rescue: watch DTT via the Internet and without installing anything

How to watch TV online without installing apps and without DTT

Watching DTT with a Smart TV that has a browser is possible thanks to portals such as TDT Channels. Read on to find out how to do it

DTT Channels is a website that compiles the official live broadcasts of the different DTT channels. The list of chains that you can see from this portal is immense, far exceeding half a thousand. Here are some of the most important live shows you can see:

  • the 1
  • the 2
  • Antenna 3
  • Four
  • Telecinco
  • the sixth
  • neox
  • Not going
  • Mega
  • Atreseries
  • FDF
  • Energy
  • divinity
  • be mad
  • The Bull TV
  • mtmad 24h
  • have
  • DMAX
  • Paramount Network
  • cinema
  • Channel
  • 24h
  • Nius
  • euronews
  • The country
  • The vanguard
  • EFE Agency
  • Digital Freedom TV
  • TV business
  • 7NN News
  • The confidential

Furthermore, the platform includes regional and local channels. And you may think that the main ones are present, but nothing is further from the truth. So that you realize the potential of TDT Channels, here are the Andalusian broadcasts:

  • Canal Sur Andalusia
  • South Channel 2 Andalusia
  • 7TV Andalusia
  • Sherry TV
  • 101TV Malaga
  • Mijas 3.40TV
  • Cadiz Wave
  • M95 Marbella
  • Huelva TV
  • Sierra de Cadiz Channel
  • Channel 45 TV
  • PTV Malaga
  • Cordoba TV
  • Northwest Coast TV
  • Teleonuba
  • Condavision
  • CanalCosta
  • Uvitel TV
  • Interalmeria TV
  • Yours La Janda TV
  • More Sherry
  • TV Center Andalusia
  • Canal San Roque
  • Onda Algeciras TV
  • Estepona-TV
  • TV Lebrija
  • Donana Channel
  • Onda Jerez TV
  • Wave Mosque 7 TV
  • Axarquia TV
  • PTV Linares
  • Telecija
  • MarbellaTV
  • TG7
  • Malaga 24h TV
  • Torrevision
  • telequivir
  • Telemotril
  • ten TV
  • RTV Rate
  • Costa del Sol TV
  • Bailen TV
  • 101 TV Antequera
  • 8TV Jerez
  • Salt TV
  • 9 the Hill TV
  • Vivamóvil TV
  • TV Carmona
  • Malaga Channel
  • 101 TV Axarquia
  • PTV Grenada
  • TeleGilena
  • TV Fuengirola
  • Islatel
  • PTV Seville
  • PTV Cordoba
  • Coin Channel
  • TVM Cordoba
  • 8 TV Cadiz
  • TV songbook
  • TV
  • The TV Factory
  • Wave Cadiz 24h
  • Andalusian Parliament

It’s not bad at all! Imagine for a moment that we had quoted the channels of all the autonomous communities. This guide would never end.

Ok, now that you know you can almost certainly see your favorite networksIt’s time to find out how take advantage of TDT Channels on your TV, computer or mobile phone.

How to use TDT Channels step by step

To use TDT Channels you only need a modern browser be able to play content online. It doesn’t matter if you’re in front of your Smart TV, a Fire TV-style media player or on a mobile: as long as you have a compatible browser, DTT channels will be available to you.

The first step, how could it be otherwise, is to access the TDT Channels website. The full URL is On the main page, click on the button Watch online.

How to watch TV online without installing apps and without DTT

The first step is to access the television section. eye! It is also possible to listen to the radio with this website

Next, in the side finder, write the channel you want to play or select one of the most popular that appear on the screen. To refine your search, check a filter of those included in the lower dropdown.

How to watch TV online without installing apps and without DTT

Selecting a channel from the more than 500 that the platform includes. Actually, the hard part is choosing what to see

After selecting the desired broadcast, it will start playing in the center of the screen.

How to watch TV online without installing apps and without DTT

The broadcast has the same quality offered by the owner of the content

The player, who is the one included natively by the browsertypically supports the following options:

  • Pause playback.
  • Increase or decrease the volume.
  • See the broadcast in full screen.

In the upper right, in some channels, you have several broadcasts. This will come in handy for when one of the main ones does not work correctly.

Take advantage of official applications

The premise of this guide is to tell you how to watch DTT without an antenna and without installing anything. This website perfectly meets this objective, although it also offers official applications that are more comfortable to use. Take a look at this page to discover on which devices you can install TDT Channels or an alternative application.

Is TDT Channels legal?

How to watch TV online without installing apps and without DTT

This is what TDT Channels looks like on Android. It is highly recommended to install this app if you want to send the content to a Chromecast or to watch TV anywhere

As you have been able to verify, taking advantage of TDT Channels is very easy. In fact, the only requirement is to have a browser that is compatible with the playback of multimedia content. Nevertheless, you may be wondering if it is a legal site. Its creators explain the following on its official page:

“The broadcasts are official and connect directly with the official service provider. We do not store or modify any content and everything is reproduced directly from the broadcaster’s site. So you can rest assured that you are not committing any irregularity.”

And they add:

“The project does not store any stream, only web links provided by the broadcast distributor itself officially, through its own website or public service. In addition, no type of public or private signal is or will ever be broadcast, transmitted or transmitted from its servers. The project is limited to offering public broadcasts, which are provided by the same distributor, channel or television group in an official manner, through its own website or public service”

Also, you should know that this is a totally free and open source project. If nothing changes, it is possible to use TDT Channels with complete peace of mind.

How to watch TV online without installing apps and without DTT