Thursday, November 03, 2022

ANDThese matches are not for everyone, facing a University Stadium not nearly full either, but it doesn’t matter to Diana Evangelistwho already gave a title to scratched (goal in the Apertura 2019, although it was not in that stadium).

holed out tigers at home a couple of months ago and wants to repeat at the Ida crossing, the one that starts from the 8:06 p.m.. “things work out for me”, he said about visiting the neighbor. There are Classic.

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a while ago scratched stopped feeling less. Although it was difficult for him to gather courage and he had to stumble twice before getting up (the first two Finals), he fell again two more (2020 Opening Final and the 2021 Closing Semi), he also knew how to hurt the felines by snatching a couple of trophies, the last one, beating him under the nose of the Incomparables and on penalties. “The matches are intense with Tigres“, warning.

The Classicthe semifinalsthe distance between the four classified and the rest of the Leaguethe hunger to be champion again, the duel with Villarrealthe importance of his speed and goals from burkenroadall in an interview with the different player who has Eve Mirror.


In Guadeloupe they were in charge of installing the danger of going to play academic. The coach herself spoke of the hostile environment that they make them feel, but to Evans all of that turns in favor. He doesn’t mind the boos, feeling like a visitor, because he uses it as motivation. And the last game was clear, with that goal that he defined over the goalkeeper Cecilia Santiago.

One more Clásico, it will be 30 already. Crazy, right?

Yes, and all of them have touched me, since the Cup. I am happy that it is once again an opportunity for my professional career to face a match of this magnitude, and in the Semifinal. In itself, the matches are intense with Tigres, and now in a Semifinal, twice as much. Mentally prepared for what is to come and physically too”.

You had to score important goals. When you play a Clásico, do you get that extra bonus?

I really like playing a Clasico because it gives me extra motivation. Playing at Universitario is very nice, when people yell at you and boo you, that becomes more motivation than turning off or scaring you, for me, it motivates you. I like to play there, and things go well for me. I always try to be like this, to overcome what I have done, it fills me with motivation and I want to continue growing as a player, and that helps you”.

The clearest example was the last game with that great goal…

Yes, I was a bit desperate because the balls didn’t reach me, and on that occasion I said that I had to put it in, that’s how it happened and it was a nice goal. It’s helping the team, we didn’t win, but we had an important point to stay up in the table”.

When they played in the Regular Phase and Tigres tied at the end, did they know that they were going to face each other in the Liguilla?

We always think game by game. We wanted to win that one, they scored a great goal for us at the end, and with the draw we continued to stay on top. It wasn’t a bad result, but we always want to win. Now, in a Semifinal, we have to win to qualify for the Final, which is the main objective of this team, which is to be champions”.


They appear on a ship Chivas, Rayadas, Tigres and America, in whatever order, and the rest of the teams stayed on the shore. Precisely, these four are the only ones who have ever raised a glass and who set the trend for League. In duels of Rooms the differences became clear, which are getting bigger.

The logic was given in the Semifinals with the first four. Is there still that gap between these teams and the rest?

There is still a difference, as there is in Spain and other countries, that’s right, but I think the teams that qualified grew a lot. America, Chivas is a team that demonstrated its championship, they grew as players and as a team. The difference is that these four raised their level, also Pachuca who plays very well, Cruz Azul who qualified and was there, for Chivas it was not easy. Yes, there is still a difference, but there are some teams that continue to grow, raising their level. As time goes by, those teams that raise the level will expand. We classify the best four and it will be a very close Liguilla”.

What explanation do you find that the tournaments pass and these two teams (Tigres and Rayadas) always arrive at defining instances?

It is the seriousness of the project. The institutions gave it the seriousness it deserves, that’s how it was from the beginning. How many royal endings were there? And we go on and on. It is that, the seriousness of the project and that we were constant as players. There is a base in the two teams, that, the work, the perseverance, in addition to the seriousness that the institutions put on the women’s teams”.

How much does a Semi like this wear? Facing a Final.

Yes, it wears you down physically and mentally. You have to have that ability to recover from this wear and tear. In addition, the matches are followed, it is physically expensive, the coaching staff takes care of that. It wears down, but one must have the ability to refocus and move on”.


The years go by and the knowledge between each other is greater. The margin of error is getting smaller, and they know each other’s moves by heart. Evangelist will have a complicated fight with another brave like Natalie Villarreal. What is the password? Speed. and the goals of Burky.

Duel with Natalia Villarreal in the band. Are the movements studied?

Yes, of course, all teams are studied. We do video analysis, we know with what strength we can attack the opponent. Of course it is studied, analysis is done, but one on the court also decides. The circumstances are different, the approach, everything happens on the pitch, I hope it goes well for us”.

What do you see as different about this Tigres compared to the one they faced in recent years?

Tigres evolved a lot in terms of their way of playing, they changed coaches, some players also changed. With our strengths we can have a game more together, built, go at baseline speed, Tigres is not so strong in speed and we have very fast players. Speed ​​is an important factor for us, we can build and attack at speed, be deep, vertical, that will help us. And the forcefulness too, is important, we cannot arrive 15 times and put in one or two. We have to put what we have”.

You talked about overflow, forcefulness, and they have their centre-forward at a perfect moment. Did you expect this Burkenroad moment?

We always expect a lot from our players, this tournament happened because Christina was always there. A 9 has to be there, where the ball falls and you can put it. Our function (midfielders) is to assist, put in crosses, and for the forward to score as many goals as she can. Christina did well, I saw the goals, first, left, right, header, she is a complete player and she was always there, that’s why she helped us a lot. I hope that Friday will have that forcefulness and help us”.

Is it easy to overwhelm knowing you are going to win? His height is tremendous…

There are times that we don’t even look at her, we know how she plays, what position she is in. You have to command the center and she has to be where she should be. That helped us, her positioning to head or first”.

Do they see each other in the Final?

This team wants to be a champion, and if it’s not a champion, I’m not telling you it’s a failure, but the goal is not being met. Of course we’ll see each other in the Final, and it’s not easy. Like the two championships we won, it wasn’t easy, but that’s right, if it were easy, victory wouldn’t taste good. It will be complicated, but see you in the Final”.

Why does Rayadas deserve to go to the Final?

Because it was a constant team, which did not stop working. We had adversities and we always overcome them. The perseverance of this team, the work, the discipline… we deserve another championship. I always believed that work has to bring results, we have to win because we want it, we look for it. We prepare for this tournament, the one that follows and many more years. We deserve it for working and being disciplined”.

How is the issue of the knees coming? Better?

Yes, it was a complicated issue, it was difficult, but I felt good, I went from more to less and tried not to have those peaks that were so high or low, I tried to be constant. Physically I feel good and ready for four more games”.

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