Iborra rescues a point for a Levante that had difficulties in the Carlos Tartiere

The Raise UD’sAdd a new point after drawing against Oviedo in the Charles Tartiere. The locals went ahead with a goal from Sergio Enrichbut Iborra equalized in the second half.

The first scare of the match was taken by Oviedo with a bad combination of Nadal with the defenders, which he took advantage of frankness to get hold of the ball near the area, although the local defense recovered well and came out of the action with flying colours.

The bad news arrived for the I raised in the 12th minute, when Nafti was forced to make the first substitution of the match after an injury to Mustafi, giving way to Shutter instead. Immediately afterwards, Oviedo had the first scoring opportunity with a pass from Borja Sanchez a Borja Cane in the area, although the second did not reach the ball well.

Finally, the prize came for the carbayones in minute 15, when Luke offered a cross to the penalty spot that he picked up Sergio Enrich, who lowered the ball with his chest and controlled without opposition to end up sending the ball to the back of the net and raising the 1-0 to the marker.

Sergi Enrich celebrates his goal against Levante UD (Photo: LaLiga)

Ten minutes later the locals once again had an opportunity to increase the distance on the scoreboard thanks to a corner kick, although Levante defended well and cleared the ball without difficulty.

After half an hour of the match, the Granota team tried to react with a distant shot from Joni Montiel, although this one left very deviated. In this same action came a new scare for Orriols, as Wesley was forced to throw himself to the ground after some discomfort, although he was finally able to continue on the pitch.

In the 39′, Sergio Enrich he was encouraged with a center that he cleared poorly Pepelu, giving the ball directly to Borja Sanchez, that he did not think about it when shooting. Luckily for Levante, the ball skimmed the post and did not end up in the goal.

Pepelu in Oviedo - Levante.
Pepelu in Oviedo – Levante.

In the 42′, frankness took advantage of a center to combine behind with Stonecutter, who did not hesitate to shoot on goal, but the ball went wide by centimeters. However, the action was invalidated due to the winger being offside.

In the 45′, Marco Sangalli He finished off with his right foot from outside the area, but he was attentive Cardenas to stop the ball.

Levante celebrates the goal against Oviedo.
Levante celebrates the goal against Oviedo.

After game time, of fruits went up again on the right until offering a center to Campaign at the penalty spot, but the ball did not reach the Andalusian due to the good intervention of the local defense. In the next action, after several rejections, it was again Iborra the one who could score the second, but the ball went to a goal kick.

In minute 65, Oviedo made the first changes, giving way to Obeng and Hugo Rama by Sergi Enrich and Sangalli. Minutes later, Nafti did the same, changing to Wesley and Montiel by Soldier and Róber Ibáñez.

Pepelu and Wesley at Real Oviedo-Levante UD (Photo: LaLiga)
Pepelu and Wesley at Real Oviedo-Levante UD (Photo: LaLiga)

Things got worse for Levante when, in 70′, Pepelu He saw the second yellow card for an elbow to Borja Sánchez, which left the Granotas with ten players. Oviedo took advantage of this same lack to shoot directly on goal, although the ball went over the goal.

In 76′, frankness offered a cross from the left to a Soldier who finished off alone in the area, but the header went off grazing the post.

Two minutes later he tried Hugo Branch with a shot from the front, but caught well Cardenas, who was attentive under sticks. After this action, Oviedo made a new change, giving way to Javi Mier by Koba Leïn. Levante, meanwhile, was forced to switch to Campaign for Pablo Martínez.

In 82′, Javier Mier finished with the right from outside the area after an assist from Borja Sanchezbut Cardenas was attentive to stop a ball that had been deflected by Paul Martinez.

In 86′, Borja Sanchez He finished off a ball from outside the area that ended up being lost on the right side of the goal. Immediately afterwards, Oviedo exhausted changes giving way to Abel Bretons by Aceves.

Already in the last minute, Oviedo had one last chance at a set piece, although they did not find a prize and the referee decreed the end of the match with the score tied.

Iborra rescues a point for a Levante that had difficulties in the Carlos Tartiere