In the forgotten decrees a treasure of 8 billion. Draghi lashes the ministers, but 100 have expired. Bills, Covid, work: the list of shame

In the ministries there is a “treasure” frozen by 7.8 billion of Euro. They are the funds allocated by almost 400 standards now “aged” but paradoxically never entered into force: by 2024 they will rise to an altitude 15.4 billion, the equivalent of a financial or the need to stop the rising bills. The same Mario Draghi he lashed cabinet heads and ministers to speed up on the NRP’s target laws and on stock overdue measures to be taken. The Done he went through them all, discovering not only the cost impressive delays, but that inertia also blocks countermeasures to epochal challenges such as the Covidthe energy crisis and the work, let it expire like yogurt. The result is a document that has never been seen before: a list of 393 measures maimed, reforms to the stake and funds never disbursed that fills the beauty of 35 pages (download) in which the image of a paralyzed country is reflected. Examples? The decrees on “National strategy against the energy poverty“, Ditto the one on the reduction ofpublic lighting. Cingolani’s ministry leads the “ranking of latecomers” with 72 unenacted rules, 30 of which have now expired.


The standard he intended is at stake 250 million of compensation to “damaged by vaccines”, Ditto for the support to the relatives of dead doctors that were valid 10 million. In the round of unfinished there is half Basic income, including the part on “Checks on Earnings’ Capital Requirements” which makes detractors say it’s a gift for cunning and scammers. The decree for the “support of the wage parity gender in the workplace ”, which would later be one of the objectives of the Pnrr. I miss the decree to approve the Speed ​​Cameras arrived on time. Whose fault is it?

In recent days, Draghi claimed to have demolished the backlog of his predecessors by implementing 1200 decrees. But organizing the data by proposing government (here the reordered report) it turns out that the top of the class should not teach: on September 2 the legacy of Count I And II was equal to 129 missing decreesthe Draghi government must also implement them 270 of its own, but 97 have now “expired”. Some, moreover, belonged to the Presidency of the Council, which is why not even the prime minister is exempt from chasing his own delays and making amends for missed opportunities. From here we start for a broad, but not exhaustive, review of horrors.

EVEN LATE DRAGONS – Taken from the “handling of current affairs” Mario Draghi lashed the ministers on the delays in the implementation of the laws of their competence. But on closer inspection there are the list of decrees that have never been implemented 18 sizes proposals of the same Presidency of the Council remained in standby, five of which they had a deadline and have expired. Not junk. On 11 September 2021 the Council of Ministers passes a decree with “urgent provisions on the matter of infrastructure investments and security, transport and road traffic “. The decree provided for a 4.6 billion fund to be restarted from 2022 to 2033. But the first 100 million euros remained entangled, and where? A decree with the allotment criteria that belonged to Palazzo Chigi but is expired on March 31 last. On that date, for better or for worse, the deadline by which the Department for Publishing, which is under the Presidency, should have indicated the distribution, also expired 90 million of funds to publishing.

Always Chigi should have defined by December 3, 2021 the procedures for stipulating contracts of the National Security Agency “In connection with the Republic’s safety training system”. The foresaw it law 109 of 2021 proposed by the Presidency, which never adopted the relative decree. Even on the “rights and equal opportunities” front, Draghi is late. The November 5, 2021 signs a decree that promises to bridge the gap between men and women in the public sector work, thus finally giving effect to the fundamental law on the subject which turned ten years old (n.120 of 12 July 2011). Well on February 1st last expired the terms within which the Pcdm itself should have changed the related regulations, a stalemate. The delays attributable to Draghi are not lacking on the PNRR game either. On April 30, the council of ministers dismisses the law n.36 which provides “further urgent measures for the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan“. Article 44 concerns theinstruction and in particular the criteria of “initial and continuing formation of secondary school teachers“. Discipline courses, qualifying credits and so on but the Presidency itself had to issue “by 31 July 2022” the relative decree with the standards of competences and the procedures for carrying out the final tests of the teacher training course. It hasn’t arrived.

In the forgotten decrees a treasure of 8 billion. Draghi lashes the ministers, but 100 have expired. Bills, Covid, work: the list of shame – Il Fatto Quotidiano