Independiente vs Velez Prediction of the Professional League | 08/28/2022

Two teams that are called great and that in other times this match was considered a classic, today both are in the last places of the table trying to get 3 points to get out of this situation.

Avellaneda’s team hasn’t fought a tournament for years, far from being the Independiente de América that dazzled in past decades and in this century has not achieved great achievements. The present does not escape and the red devil is in the last positions of the table, he urgently needs victory because his fans no longer have patience.

The only current advantage of Vélez over that of Independiente is its current status in the Copa Libertadores, the fort is in the semifinals and is the only Argentine team among three Brazilians that is in that instance. But if we forget about that Vélez’s present is even worse than that of Independiente since it is second to last in the standings.

Independent Preview vs Vélez

The Red Devil is in the 25th position out of 28th teams in total, of 15 games they only won 3, drew 5 and lost 7, scored 14 goals and they scored 18. Currently, he has not won 4 games and needs to add 3 to be able to climb the standings and try to get into an international cup for the annual general table.

Vélez is second to last, only Lanús is behind. He currently has 11 units and has only won 1 game out of 15, tied 8 and lost 6. A reality that will surely bring problems with the average in the future. He has not won 11 games for the local tournament, clearly his mind is set on the Copa Libertadores.

To consider

  • Vélez and his negative streak: The Liniers team has gone 11 games without a win and their present is starting to worry the fans.
  • Independiente and their games without winning: The cast of Avellaneda has not known victory for 4 games, although they are much less than Vélez, it is a number to take into account.
  • Away Velez: Vélez only won one game and it was at home, which means that since the last tournament he has achieved an away victory.

Prediction Independiente – Velez

Both arrive so badly that we do not imagine a victory for either of them, the poor present of the two teams means that adding the victories of both give the same number of games won as Barracas Central, which is 22nd in the table. For these reasons, no advantage will be taken.

Other predictions Independiente vs Velez

  • Cautious bet: -2.5 goals ($1.53 in Betson). The low level of the two teams will surely make it not a match with many goals, this means that if we bet that they will not pass 2.5 goals, we will surely win the bet.
  • Nothing to lose: Both teams will not score ($1,667 in 888sport). If we want to win some money we must play with this bet that surely will not pay off. It is difficult for the two to score in the bad way that they come.
  • Funbet: Exact result 0 to 0 ($7.50 in Betson). The reality of both is reason enough to think that it will be a flat, boring game with few arrivals on goal.

Independiente vs Velez Prediction of the Professional League | 08/28/2022