Innovation vs. creativity

Peter Drucker, the great master of management books said that “ALL EFFECTIVE INNOVATIONS ARE SURPRISINGLY SIMPLE”. In fact, I think the biggest compliment an innovation can receive is when someone says, “IT’S OBVIOUS,” only no one thought of it before. Innovation has become an indispensable skill for companies that want to strengthen their image.

Innovation is choosing something that works, improving it a little and making it work better or, in the extreme, in a different way and that also gives us value, simplicity is the basis of innovation, it is the key to those twists of fate that allow that a mobile phone can be operated by directly touching the screen.

The confusion that the concept of innovation generates in many makes them look away from their focus and take the wrong path. And they are wrong for the worse because by not understanding the meaning of innovating they lose competitive advantage and business opportunity.
In the company, in our day to day, we can innovate and this will affect our own performance, that of the team and that of the company. And yes, we can innovate. Let’s not complicate ourselves again by resorting to confusion. It is very common to think that innovation is technology. Not really, which doesn’t mean that technology doesn’t serve to innovate, it’s a great complement.

It is also thought that innovation is only for large companies, hence the loss of business potential by smaller companies as they are not aware of their misjudgment.
Simplicity and genius like smart tablets have popularized simplicity. But sometimes we get caught in a paradox: we want something simple and easy to use, but capable of doing all the complex things we want it to do.
The rapid change in innovation processes and the emergence of new companies with disruptive models are requiring established companies to innovate or die.

Creativity intervenes in this process, which is not the same as innovation, I as a designer and seen from my point of view, someone very creative, may not be precisely someone innovative, although creativity is emerging with “the great idea” , innovating consists of executing that idea and turning it into something applicable and successful. Creativity and innovation are an inseparable pair. Both processes are dependent, when you want to reach innovation. Otherwise, a creative idea can remain just that, an unexecuted idea.

Creative people are those who commonly produce new ideas and that, sometimes, these can be viable, however, they need to carry them out to become innovative people. While coming up with new ideas over and over again takes creativity, creativity falls short when it comes to working to solve a problem through an innovative solution. Someone creative thinks of ideas, but these are not tied to results. In contrast, an innovator is not only capable of generating new ideas, but also has the ability to translate that idea into a new solution that translates into a new product or service that, thanks to its capabilities, can produce results. For all this, it is important to take into account that, although creativity is not enough, it is necessary because it participates in the innovation process in a fundamental way.

Innovation is an imperative to grow, both for companies and for economies. If each company – no matter what size it is – concentrated its efforts on doing things differently from the rest, we would have stronger companies capable of surviving uncertainty.

There is a phrase that I really like when it comes to innovation:
“Innovation consists of seeing what everyone else sees, and thinking what no one thinks”.

Innovation vs. creativity