Inter is not there with the head

Let’s face it: no one expected such a start to the championship. Against all odds, Inter and Juventus, the two teams with the most experienced squads, have completely flopped their start to the championship. But if Juventus, after a bulimic market compared to the others, can leverage the timing of insertion of the new signings, some lost immediately due to injury, Inter, apart from the farewell of Perisic which is a lot of stuff, seemed more complete than last year, beyond the absence of Lukaku, in turn a lot of stuff, in the Derby.

No big player has already lost two direct clashes out of two, cashing in even 6 goals, like Inter. The defense, already among the most beaten in the league, is the same one that two years ago was the best in Serie A and last year it wasn’t for a single goal conceded more than Milan and Naples.

What is happening? Everyone, as always, has his own explanation. That dull belly is always the most banal: all the fault of the coach and today Simone Inzaghi inevitably receives the arrows that all the Inter coaches received at the time of him in the first setbacks: Mancini, Mourinho, Conte, to stop us at the last . Even Pioli, in his brief stint at Inter, has meanwhile become a top-coach at Milan.
But I try to rise from the usual down to earth reactions.
We all have always known that Simone Inzaghi, by experience and temperament, is not Antonio Conte and it is no coincidence that between the careers and the engagements of the two coaches there is an abyss that is anything but casual.

Yet last year it was an anthology of compliments for Simone Inzaghi, who, unlike Conte, had passed the Champions League group and had managed to win two trophies such as Coppa Italia and Supercoppa by beating Juve three times out of four, unlike Conte who had defeated them only once in two seasons. Indeed, exaggerating with the spritz as always, between October and December 2021, there was talk of Inzaghi’s game as the most beautiful Inter player ever. Then, having lost the Scudetto on a woolen thread, we took everything back.

Today Simone Inzaghi actually seems a confused and frightened coach, very confused in the initial choices and in the race.

Certainly there is a goalkeeper problem. Handanovic has conceded 8 goals out of 19 shots and his statistics are disturbing so far.
Unfortunately, sometimes the age passes faster than ever and the idea of ​​gradually inserting Onana that they had in the Company today is no longer viable. Until last year, captain Handanovic had held up well or badly, indeed the entry of deputy Radu in Bologna in the end was decisive in no longer having his own destiny for the Scudetto in hand.
Now the question must be addressed immediately, because the confrontation with Maignan in the Derby was terrible for Handanovic, who even in Lecce, at the age of 38, still seemed reactive on Bistrovic and Banda, but now the changing of the guard on goal is no longer deferrable.
However, I don’t think this move will be enough to put Inter back on track for the Scudetto. The ranking remains very short, but Inter seem to have problems in the defensive phase that go beyond the goalkeeper and the coach.

More than a rift between Inzaghi and the team, as someone without any basis ventures, I see them on the same boat, psychologically overwhelmed by yet another very hard summer with many, too many uncertainties transmitted from above, that is from the Suning property, a theme that cannot be resolved to short.
Let’s talk about the 3 defenders, given that they are having an alarming performance and they are the first to be accused, especially for individual errors: Bastoni, De Vrij and above all Skriniar have experienced two months of terrible tensions at a professional level: the latter, in the championship already started, he still did not know if he would continue his career in Inter or PSG. It is easy to say that they are overpaid professionals, but anyone would suffer. So, in my humble opinion, the problems are decidedly more serious than the change of goalkeeper or this or that defender or winger in the starting eleven: certainly clear choices are urgent and this is where the coach must intervene immediately.

At the same time, however, it is necessary to shake off from the state of perennial uncertainty in which a property that is always far away and not very communicative has put everyone, including managers. In short, as I see it, Inter is not with the head these days and the defeats with Lazio and in the Derby, as well as physical, because there is also an undoubted delay in condition compared to the others, are stay mostly mental.
To get out of it, I don’t know if the continuous confrontations between the team, coach and managers will be enough, because the stone guest is always missing: the property, not as a presence, but in its credibility to give stability not only to the Inter people, but also to those who owe it represent in the field.
In all this, the monstrous Bayern is coming to the San Siro for the Champions League, but honestly this cannot be the match to chase the crisis. Self-esteem this time cannot be recovered by magic with just one great result.
Let’s look further, which is better.

Inter is not there with the head