Isonzo Analysis

Sarajevo, year 1914. The assassination of the heirs to the Austro-Hungarian crown takes place, which begins one of the most violent and deadliest wars in history. The first World War. After a duration of just over four years, the catastrophic results are more than evident; in fact, today it is a fact that is still in the minds of many people.

Returning to the present after this brief introduction, wars have always been a perfect setting for video games. Call of Duty or Battlefield, two of the best-known installments that have gone through all periods of history. First World War, Second World War, Cold War… And even more current wars have been the protagonists of all these installments. Today I come to talk to you about a new game that comes to put us in the shoes of a soldier belonging to the First World War, Isonzo.

technical section

Let’s start with the most striking of a delivery, in this case we find large-scale battles, large maps and quite interesting movement options. In terms of graphic quality, Isonzo is no wonder, but performs very well despite not leaving you with your mouth open. Also, as usual, you can choose between several modes depending on what you want to enhance: Graphics or performance.

In the sound section there are no complaints, we have a good ambient sound and the weapons are fearsome, and more so when you know that with one shot you can be dead. As I said, without being a delivery that stands out in these areas, it achieves its purpose and fulfills without any problem everything that you could expect from a game based on the First World War.


Low confirmed.


As I mentioned at the beginning of the text, we are facing a delivery that offers us large maps, so we are facing a somewhat slower gameplay. Something that is logical, since, in Isonzo, it is very likely that you will die with a single shot, so you will have to have be very careful with every move you make. Think carefully about your strategy and talk to your platoon if you have the chance to play it in a group, flank the enemies, use the trenches, the mortars or the machine guns that you will find on the map.

As for the game mode, it should be noted that we are facing a multiplayer delivery only. You will not be able to enjoy a campaign mode, although seeing the delivery, a well-crafted story would not hurt. In the online we are facing an “attackers VS defenders”. As the name indicates, the way to play is simple: One part of the players will try to conquer land while the other team will do everything possible to prevent the advance of the enemy lines. If they manage to conquer a portion of the map, you will be forced to fall back to the next point. Yes, no vehicles.

Isonzo Review - Isonzo is a new large-scale shooter that takes us back to the First World War. Put yourself in the shoes of the bravest soldiers and fight.

Where I am?

Speaking a little about weapons and classes, you will have several things from each section, they will be six classes available which will give you different “skills” and ways of playing. From an engineer who can assemble command posts or mortars, to the mythical shooter, in charge of visualizing enemies and killing them from far away.

Although it is true that it seems that it has a lot of content, it is not. Both the game mode and the weapons can fall short, since at least at the beginning, they will all work in much the same way. Semi-automatic, with a lot of damage and low cadence, so you better sharpen your aim and be careful when sticking your head out. But what is fun is to create your own strategy to face the enemy, use smoke bombs to attract attention and manage to infiltrate his back. Take advantage of the trenches to move from one place to another without putting yourself in too much danger or, on the contrary, try to go through the middle and middle of the map… But I assure you that you will not have much of a future. By the way, this delivery has dismemberments, something that does not stop giving this Isonzo a good touch.


Hey… Are you okay?


Being a multiplayer only delivery, the duration is simple, everything you want to play. Each game will be different, therefore, you will have to use a variety of strategies. I personally believe that could become repetitivebut that is something that could change in the future with updates and extra content that the development team wants to implement.


Definitely, Isonzo is not a bad delivery. What’s more, I’m sure it will appeal to all those who enjoy more of a slower and more tactical game mode, like the large-scale maps of Battlefield and not the focused action that we have in the Call of Duty series. But it is true that a good story mode would have made the game a much more enjoyable gem. For now we have to enjoy its multiplayer mode and the maps it offers us, we will see how it improves in the future.


Classes available.

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Isonzo arrives through the front door



Isonzo transports us to the time of the First World War. Put yourself in the shoes of the bravest soldiers and achieve victory thanks to the different strategies that you can plan.

Isonzo takes us back to the time of the First World War with “Attackers VS Defenders” modes. Take over enemy terrain or prevent them from reaching your areas, use everything within your reach to defeat the enemy.

The best

  • Smooth gameplay despite the number of players
  • Great possibility of strategies when playing


  • Can become repetitive
  • You can only play multiplayer, a story mode would have been great for this installment
Isonzo Review - Isonzo is a new large-scale shooter that takes us back to the First World War. Put yourself in the shoes of the bravest soldiers and fight.

Isonzo Analysis