Johnny Hallyday: his close friends tell his end, words, looks, exchanges…

The tragic departure of Johnny Hallyday has left a great void in the hearts of many people. If his disappearance had greatly impacted the music market, his connection with his fans was not the only one to be broken. His relatives, his companions but above all “his family” were probably devastated by the death of the flagship singer. Having breathed his last on December 5, 2017, the man thus left Laeticia Hallyday, their two daughters, these elders and these intimates the bitter taste of his final absence.

Johnny Hallyday: a star lost forever

On December 5, 2017, the bad news spread like the plague across the world. Johnny Hallyday, the much adored rocker, the idol of an entire generation has succumbed after months of battling cancer. Many were shocked by the event, including Laeticia Hallyday, his wife. Following the disappearance of her late husband, the latter then published a most heartbreaking letter! Moreover, the lines heavy and full of sadness still resonate in the minds of those close to the singer..

Johnny Hallyday paid tribute to his man for his 74th birthday in his huge house in Marnes-la-Coquette! A house to which man is particularly attached. Having lived there so many strong and unforgettable moments with his relatives, they had no choice but to sell it a few years after his death. Living in a place with which we spent pleasant moments, knowing that the person concerned will not return is a real torture. Although the fans had a hard time with this decision, the latter ended up accepting it in the end.

A departure difficult to digest for his loved ones

If Laeticia Hallyday was particularly devastated by the death of her husband, those around her were also struck by the news! Indeed, the disappearance of Johnny Hallyday has affected more than one person. Starting with Fati, her housekeeper, Jimmy, her security guard Jimmy and her driver Karl. Each of his people have also testified about the last moments they lived with the singer. They couldn’t help but shed their tears.

According to Karl, it turns out that Johnny Hallyday fought until the end. Although his cancerous disease cost him a good dose of his energy, the man did not fail to help those close to him. It is also one of his greatest qualities. Benevolence, courage, devotion and hope are examples. He never gave up! Moreover, he even wanted to re-muscle to go back on stage. Although his state of health did not change further, his relatives were unfailingly supportive. “We weren’t going to tell him it was all for nothing,” Karl said.

Johnny Hallyday: what if tomorrow no longer existed?

For Johnny Hallyday, Fati was more than his governess. He considered it as his own family. While the man was at his worst, putting the happiness of others first always remained his goal. The severity of his illness had made him lose his appetite. But when Fati asked him to eat to regain his strength, the man forced himself to do it. As she was about to go home, Johnny had not missed the opportunity to take her in his arms. Knowing that he is not used to making this kind of physical contact, Fati felt that his action had the bitter taste of a farewell.

It was then that Johnny Hallyday hugged Fati with a most emotional gesture on the day of his death. That said, the housekeeper did not hesitate to share her compassion in him before he was in her heart. A statement that he obviously responded to immediately. “I know Fati. I say. See you tomorrow,” he said. But unfortunately, it turns out that for him, tomorrow will never see its days. Hoping to see him again the next day, Fati discovers the bad news the December 5, 2017 !

Johnny Hallyday: his close friends tell his end, words, looks, exchanges…