Jorge “El Maromero” Páez is not on the street!

I always admired the self-confidence, charisma, sympathy and versatility of Jorge Páez, better known as the Maromero, without forgetting his professionalism and historic record of 99 fights.

I’ve been living in Las Vegas for almost eight months, and I’ve found great friends, like Jonathan Huerta, who —by the way— introduced me to the native of Mexicali. From the first meeting, Páez overflowed sympathy and humility. Come on, Maromas is the same as the one I admired in the ring and —luckily— today I can call him a friend.

Despite the fact that satraps, currents and low communicators have published versions that Jorge Páez is having a hard time financially and without a family, I can assure you that the former 126-pound monarch lives very well financially and surrounded by family and friends, who We enjoy your nonsense.

Life would not be enough for me to write his anecdotes, because with a character of the stature of Maromero, if there is anything left over, they are anecdotes. Jorge rubbed shoulders with the biggest stars of sports and entertainment; In fact, at the height of the young Gloria Trevi’s career, the Monterrey native had the man born in Mexicali, Baja California as her co-star. That film was called “Old Shoes” and was released in 1993. In addition, the former IBF featherweight world champion also had his time in Hollywood, participating in the 1994 film Dirty Money.

On television, he participated in the telenovelas “Vivan los ninos” and “La Última Esperanza”, alongside the missing and beautiful actress Mariana Levy, may she rest in peace.

Jorge Páez shocked the world during his walk to the string before the fight against José Vida Ramos. That September 30, 1995, the charismatic, original and only fighter, went out to the ring dressed as a wedding, surprising the world for the clothing, which was justified, because that night he would marry his current wife, Griselda Páez.

If we are talking about impossible to break records, Jorge has in his fists to be the protagonist of the last fight in the world agreed to 15 rounds. His rival was Calvin Grove, whom he faced on August 4, 1988, crowning himself IBF champion.

For the singer Jorge Coque Muñiz, the name of the Maromero will always accompany him as a stigma, because when he sang the Mexican National Anthem before the Páez vs. López fight in the Monumental Plaza de Toros México, he completely forgot the lyrics, in one of the most embarrassing moments of his career, but with a positive and even mocking result. That night, Maromas did not need the judges, since he dispatched José Mario early —in two episodes.

Jorge Páez told me that he was never aware of his fame and how far he had come when he was a world boxing star. He shared with me when he arrived late at an airport and the aircraft was already in motion. The cachanilla remembers how the people on the ground of the airline recognized him and immediately requested by radio that the plane return, so that the champion could get on.

I close by promising more anecdotes about Jorge Maromero Páez, remembering that 1994 fight against Óscar de la Hoya in Las Vegas, where although he lost to the Golden Boy, it meant the jump to the big boxing leagues for the native of East Los Angeles.

I reiterate that Jorge Páez is doing very well in every way, he has no health, financial or family problems. He is simply given over to his religion.
And, if some unfortunate dared to publish that Jorge was wandering the streets begging for alms and living in a mobile home, it is completely false.

Soon, more from the legendary Jorge Maromero Páez!


Jorge “El Maromero” Páez is not on the street!