José Chávarri points out that Melgar has “emotional fatigue” after the Copa Sudamericana

The Al Ángulo panel analyzed the Alianza Lima-Melgar and tried to justify why the Arequipa team has limited its level of effectiveness. (Video: Movistar Sports)

Melgar could not visit Matute. Lima Alliance took a 2-0 lead during the first six minutes of the match. The ‘Lion of the South’ that a few weeks ago was considered indestructible for the impeccable performance he was showing in the South American Cup, is now questioned for the short performance in the local tournament. “Emotional fatigue” is the term that José Chávarri, a sports commentator, uses to refer to the current context of the Arequipa team.

“I consider, as a simple interpretation, from the emotional point of view, I see the players very mechanized, I don’t see creativity, I see too much mechanization of the movements. I feel there is emotional exhaustion, mental, or whatever you want to say, ”the communicator sentenced in the first instance in the Al Ángulo program. “Because it is not possible that players who, until recently, had been performing important performances, at a national and international level, have fallen in that way or practically no one is saved”, he added in the live debate.

Alianza Lima defeated Melgar 2-0 in a match pending on date 6 of the Closing Tournament of League 1

It should be noted that Melgar returns to fully focus on the Decentralized championship after having played, repeatedly, double-header as part of his presence in the South American Cup. After losing both the first leg and the second leg against Independiente del Valle, the squad ‘red and black’ could not advance until the long-awaited final. Which would not only be a historic event for the current squad and the sports institution, but would also have marked a ‘feat’ for Peruvian football.

The dream was cut short, therefore, the only goal to achieve should be the local tournament. However, the lack of effectiveness is recurring and within the justifications, the lack of motivation and the great disappointment that the ‘Domino’ in Quito and in Arequipa.

Summary of Melgar 0-3 Independiente del Valle for the semifinals of the South American. (South American Conmebol)

On the side of specifically day six, the same one that was rescheduled for reasons of priority in South America, was also affected by the apparent bad approach of the technical director. “The victory is absolutely deserved and all credit to Alianza who played a very good game. By contrast, he had no low points and those who entered did very well. But I did not understand from the beginning, even before Alianza scored a goal, in the three or four minutes, how a coach like (Pablo) Lavallén could make the mistake of putting Deneumostier in that position”, noted Chávarri after analyzing the clearly sporting side of the squad ‘Mistian’.

“They have done to Melgar four goals in ten minutes”, Horacio Zimmermann pointed out as an aside in the debate on the current situation of Melgar. “If we count the last ones from Cienciano and those from Matute. Alianza’s difference is that it scored today. The opportunities that he was able to generate after that first emotional momentum with which he came out in the previous games led them to the result. Alliance asked for victory, taking into account that it faced what we consider the best team in Peru in the year 2022″, concluded the sports journalist.

Melgar tied 2-2 with Cienciano in Cusco.

César Vallejo vs. Melgar: Saturday, September 24 at 3:30 p.m. at the Mansiche stadium

Melgar vs. Binacional: Thursday, September 28 at 3:30 p.m. at the UNSA Monumental Stadium

ADT vs. Melgar: Wednesday, October 5 at 3:00 p.m. at the Municipal Stadium in Tarma

Melgar vs Ayacucho: Saturday, October 8 at 7:00 p.m. at the UNSA Monumental Stadium


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José Chávarri points out that Melgar has “emotional fatigue” after the Copa Sudamericana