Juan Cruz makes Imanol dislike Betis again

Imanol Alguacil is a great coach and must be a great person. She rectified this week and stopped saying avoidable things about Real Betis to point out that, in fact, he “liked me very much”. Well, she already likes him again a little worse, for sure. The fault is Juan Cruz, the new banner of the Betic quarry that sewed the triumph of Betis against the Real society in the clash of the 12th day of LaLiga Santander. Pellegrini is taking the duels with Imanol to the beast and that should not please the San Sebastian coach too much. In a beautiful football show frantic, he won the game again in the fight for the positions UEFA champions league.

With the reliability that the Betis team is showing at home, this away victory that mends the last commitments away and hits a direct rival in the face puts it in the best possible orbit for The Great Derby next Sunday before the Sevilla F.C.. And on the path, blessed for the Betis, of fighting with all the legitimacy for the Champions positions. Neither casualties, nor strong rival, nor rain, nor milk. This Betis still doesn’t want to put on a ceiling. And if no one puts it on, the sky opens wide.

It was not easy, however, which gives even more merit to the victory. In San Sebastián it rained the most this Sunday and it stopped just at the start of the match. Something similar happened in the field at the beginning: It rained a lot against Betis and after a while it stopped and the clearest day set. These things happen in the weather and in football, especially if the host of the Reale Arena is a team so used to try to overwhelm the opponent from the beginning. Real Sociedad emptied all the waterspout of their football on Real Betis and then cleared after a quarter of an hour.

The eleven of Betis against Real Sociedad (Photo: LaLIga).

Is Real society came to a duel of teams already used to rubbing against the positions UEFA champions league with many casualties and this Real Betis also brought a good handful. Imanol Alguacil has forged a choleric and vertiginous block, play who plays. And its foals They turned the beginning into that, a brutal siege of the Betis team, with a frenetic and very vertical game. Taking the ball well, playing with relative ease in the surroundings of the Betic area. All this thanks to a very well executed high pressure and aided by countless quick misses. Thus, the exit of the ball from Betis bothered him and he was able to give him the first blow twice from Pablo Marín, who saved Rui Silva, and Carlos Fernández, who saved the post.

The game changed in the 17th minute

In the 17th minute, the Verdiblanco team had their first opportunity in their first plaited move. Luiz Henrique failed in the hit in the area, but it was the first sign that the umbrella was opening for so much water. In fact, the party changed there completely. The siege was passed to a much greater control from Betis, who began to like himself sheltered in the ball, his most impermeable shell.

Equity set in on the lawn of Royal Sandsomething more typical of what both teams have been showing for several seasons in LaLiga Santander. And from the locker room he returned with the same thing, gliding across the lawn in San Sebastian the feeling that anyone could give the first shout of “I’m the UEFA champions league“.

From power to power and opportunities for both

The crash he put himself in plan from power to power, with Real approaching with some dangerous counterattacks and claws resolved by Rui Silva, and Betis looking for their way hand in hand with Canales and Fekir. The magician could have scored an Olympic goal, in fact, but the stick prevented him. Vibrant, alternate, disputed…a good football show, which only lacked its sauce. The goal that was suspected in any of the two goals, more in the verdiblanca, things as they are. And there was Rui Silva to witness it.

The kicks that they give to Fekir would devilish anyone. His magic is unique. But neither one nor the other enable him to do things like the reaction that could have cost him the red card in the first half or the absurd swimming pool that was worth the yellow in the second. Already tired and less determined, Pellegrini saw it clearly and removed it for William Carvalho, just after giving him more credit still to young Juan Cruz. The kid has something special and it didn’t take him long to prove it, becoming the most capable to attack against Remiro.

Refills were also needed to keep the pulse of a match of a Formula One circuit. Dancing to the rhythm of an After when you’ve already danced a lot all night is complicated bareback. Well, at the Reale Arena no one seemed willing to go home. And less the freshest, Juan Cruz and Carvalhowhich became the north of Betis in the last section of the match.

Who said tired! The last few bars sounded more like Saturday Night Fever than a Vivaldi waltz. A party man with the competitiveness of those who do not want to understand the meaning of the word tie. And there, in the middle of the Reale Arena track full of balls of glitter and neon, he took off his jacket Juan Travolta Cross to get his left foot to dance and culminate a lethal internship, once again, by Álex Moreno. The music of the Bee Gees was put on by Rui Silva, with a championship stop in the discount.

And also in the discount, Borja Iglesias He was able to stop fighting with the central defenders like an Antarctic bear and was reunited with the goal to close the match and another lethal run by Álex Moreno. Because everything this Betis dances until dawn. And when it dawns, the light makes us see the dream of the Champions League.

Juan Cruz makes Imanol dislike Betis again