Kouame responds to Milik, then Perin saves Juve: 1

Second goal in 2 games by the Pole, then the goalkeeper rejects a penalty by Jovic in the final of the first half and a shot by Amrabat in the 88 minute

by our correspondent Fabiana Della Valle

New team, old problems. Juventus revitalized by the market, with Milik, Kostic, Paredes, Di Maria and Bremer all together from the start, leaves two more points in Florence after those thrown away (Allegri dixit) against Sampdoria and Rome. Saved by Perin on the penalty, the Lady avoided the knockout blow but did not raise the level in the second half. All this with Vlahovic inexplicably on the bench for 90 ‘: the pre-PSG rest is fine, but at least for one segment in the second half the Serbian (4 goals in 4 games) would certainly have been convenient. Fiorentina did well to recover after the disadvantage and a bad start and not to be demoralized after the missed penalty, even touching the 2-1 in the final, avoided only by a Perin in Superman version.


Allegri inevitably also looks to the Champions League, so in addition to Vlahovic he spares Miretti and throws Paredes and Di Maria from the start, Bonucci recovered but goes to the bench. In attack there is Milik, with Cuadrado returning to do the right-back and Danilo central left as with Roma. Italian, without Bonaventura (family reasons) and Duncan (injured), focuses on Maleh and Piazza Jovic at the center of the trident with Kouame and Sottil, all three protagonists, for better or for worse, of the first half. Yes, because Fiorentina goes under immediately (in the 9th minute) but then not only finds a draw but also has the opportunity to take the lead, but fails. Before, however, there was the 1-0 signed by Juventus, the result of a beautiful maneuvered action that seemed the appetizer of a game finally as a Lady: Di Maria for Locatelli, who does the most beautiful and decisive thing by triggering Cuadrado on the right, cross for Kostic who puts in the middle for Milik: belly touch and goal. For the spare attacker 2 goals in a scarce fifteen minutes, the feeling with the goal is certainly not lacking.


Too bad that Madama, instead of pushing to try to close, allows Fiorentina to go up and regain courage. And above all around half an hour she falls asleep on a corner in her favor, a carelessness that will cost her dearly: Di Maria lets herself be overridden on the postponement, Sottil cuts the field for Kouame who is not wrong on the diagonal. On the open field, the Viola does not forgive. Bad for the Argentine, but also the defense that is discovered. Shortly before the break the key episode: penalty kick granted (after consultation with the Var) for Paredes’ hand ball on a Sottil cross, while Jovic goes to the Italian spot and turns his back, perhaps because he has a bad feeling: and in fact Perin, who every game never misses an opportunity to prove that he is much more of a deputy Szczesny, deflects her with his right arm just enough to deflect the ball.


Thanks to his number 36, Juventus remains in the game. Not only that: in the finale he performs another miraculous intervention on Amrabat, saving the result. In the interval Allegri, realizing how much the team has suffered on the right and that Di Maria, who has just returned after the injury, has no more, runs for cover: De Sciglio full-back and Cuadrado higher. The Italian, on the other hand, loses Milenkovic, forced to leave due to physical problems, and sends Quarta to the field. Disappointing Kostic, who in fact is replaced by Kean, undertone McKennie and Cuadrado (also replaced by Miretti). Fiorentina, which in the meantime enters Ikoné and Mandragora, tries to win it more than Juventus, which instead closes in its area and thinks only of resisting. A fact above all: apart from the goal, the bianconeri have never committed Terracciano again. Allegri always says that the league titles also pass through suffering: ok, but to win a game you also need to build and Juve continues to be a mysterious object: the second half played too much as a provincial.

Kouame responds to Milik, then Perin saves Juve: 1-1 in Florence (Vlahovic 90 ‘on the bench)