Kroos: It’s not easy to win away from home and we’ve done it three times in a row | Real Madrid CF

NEWS STORY. 08/29/2022. Eduardo Olivera

“I’m very happy to be back and to be able to help the team,” added Rodrygo.

Real Madrid picked up all three points in their trip to RCDE Stadium. Toni Kroos analyzed the success against Espanyol: “It’s normal that we suffer, especially away from home. We controlled the game very well until their goal. We regained control in the last half an hour. We felt that they were starting to get more tired and we took advantage of that. It’s not easy to win away from home, but we did it three times in a row. We’re very happy.” .

“It’s important to know how to suffer. We always have quality opponents and that’s what we’re going to have the right to every four days now. There are times in the season when you have to suffer and we know the TO DO”.

Benzema’s game
“For us it’s only important that someone win individual awards. The most important thing is what he brings to the team and he always does. He did that tonight and there’s no no need to talk about how important it is”.

Rodrygo: “The mister called me to attack in the back”
“I’m very happy to be back and to be able to help the team. La Liga has started and I’m happy to have provided an assist and the victory”.

“In the first half we were better than them, but in the end they scored a goal. In the second half it was a little more difficult, but the mister called me to attack in the back, it’s where they had difficulties. That’s what I did and everything went well”.

His assist
“Benzema thanked me for the assist. It was an action where I knew where he was going to be, because he always makes a move there. We just have to put the ball to him there and he Mark”.

Courtois: “We have shown that we are physically good”
“In the first half I had little work until the goal. From there they were better in the game and in the second half everything was more balanced. Happy with the victory, we showed that we are very well physically. Good game and good victory”.

“We knew they were dangerous from a corner. They had a good one, but without managing to create any danger. Their goal changed the game, they gained more confidence and went for the game. They had more chances in the second half and so did we. Luckily we put the 1-2”.

Tchouameni’s assist
“People who know him from Monaco know that in addition to his physical appearance, he is very good technically. very well in every training session and in every game. In addition to playing well defensively, he shows that he can contribute offensively. It’s important, it’s good and I’m happy for him. He will continue to improve and it will be important for us”.

The duel of leaders against Betis
“Betis are playing very well, last year we had some complicated games against them. They are a team that plays very good football, they have a lot of experience and we will have to press hard and be careful, it will be a good game. Then we have the Champions League, that’s why I hope we win our first game at home. It will be tough, but we have a good week ahead of us to work and be ready”.

Kroos: It’s not easy to win away from home and we’ve done it three times in a row | Real Madrid CF