“La Mano de Diego”, calculator and confidence in La Scaloneta: this is how the Argentines lived the tie between Mexico and Poland at the Fan Fest

* Special envoy to Doha, Qatar

The Doha revolution suddenly fizzled out. The wall fell in the most unexpected way. Those faces of ecstasy and joy were now lost looks. The fans also felt the unexpected hand of Saudi Arabia. The streets of Qatar did not have the usual noise that the Argentines had been able to install as a soundtrack in recent days. To top it off, as usual in a World Cup climate, the fans had to endure the charges of their winners in every corner where they came across. “Where is Messi?”, they repeated before each shirt albiceleste. “Two World Cups”, they finished off on the other side muttering anger.

The truth is that many decided to grieve in the fan festivalthe meeting point in corniche where all the games are shown on a giant screen and is one of the few places in this country that sells alcohol. Beer, in this case. They hardly even returned to their lodgings. They settled there, but it was not a casual decision. The game that was played at 7:00 p.m. in the organizing country was essential to know what the national spirits would be like in the following days: Mexico-Poland.

Neither of them managed to break the zero, taking into account that even Guillermo Ochoa saved a penalty from Robert Lewandowski in the second half. Precisely that play marked a paradox. Some fans with the light blue and white shirt lamented, but others celebrated the cover. Would the draw work? Or was it better that there be a winner?

Seeing today’s adverse result, the tie serves us. But Argentina has to always go out and win. This helps us to go with another attitude on Saturday. With what I saw today of Mexico and Poland, I am calmer. Arabia has a very good team, structured, organized. With three very interesting players, number 10 (Salem Al Dawsari), number 22 (Nawaf Al Aqidi) and number 4 (Yasir Al Shahrani) who was injured”, analyzed Pablo, a fan who came from Jujuy.

Beyond some shouting before arrivals in one arc and another, the tone at the end of the other Group C match was similar: the tie was the most expected score. None dared to choose, for example, a victory for Poland that -in case of an Argentine success vs. Mexico– could give us a one-on-one against the Europeans for the ticket to the next round on the last date. “The tie is fine, because it depends on Argentina. He has the two rivals who have just tied. Poland quite weak, Mexico a little better. We should pass… It serves to realize that anyone beats anyone. you have to keep trustingbut today’s blow was hard, it hurt a lot”, Camila and Tomás (from Tandil) came to the Fan Fest to “have a beer” with the idea of ​​getting over the bad taste of Qatari midday.

“The staggered Perhaps he was confident because Saudi Arabia is a team that is not very renowned and did not come out with the best it had, but this Saturday they will be much more psyched everywhere. I’m not telling you that the tie was celebrated, but it fell like a ray of hope”, Said two friends named Gonzalo who traveled to Doha from Santa Fe and who joked that the penalty saved by Ochoa “capable that Diego was”.

Felix, another fan who landed at the Fan Fest, was clear with his defense of the Scaloni team despite the defeat: “Football is one of the few sports that the best does not win. There were three shots in their goal and two were goals. Six yellow cards for them, they kicked us to death. And the best player on the court was the goalkeeper, he did not want to enter and did not enter. Mexico-Poland was a horrible match, but it was the best result for us”.

On Saturday it will be the turn to turn the page and with no less detail: Argentina will jump onto the field against Mexico knowing the result of Poland-Saudi Arabia, which they face before. Although something is clear: those of Scaloni must not play with some minimum margin of error. “It was the result we wanted the tie. None come off. You are one victory away from passing one and it may be that with four points you will pass. We continue with hope and enthusiasm. Let’s go to the Scaleneta to full”, encouraged Agustín, Darío and Guillermo who left the Fan Fest at the end of Mexico-Poland to turn the page on a day that was a blow that left everyone in Doha groggy.

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“La Mano de Diego”, calculator and confidence in La Scaloneta: this is how the Argentines lived the tie between Mexico and Poland at the Fan Fest