La Nación / Hard work for the next government

Whoever comes out unscathed in the April 2023 elections will have many challenges and commitments to fulfill so that citizens can continue to accompany them, since in terms of infrastructure works at the country level, public health, education and security, among the main ones, we are still out of date. due to the poor attitude, aptitude and negligence of this administration that did little or nothing in favor of the citizenry, which should be the objective and goal of any efficient and effective government that cares about its people.

Making a quick comparison between the current administration and the previous one, we find notable differences, since this government has almost always put personal and political interest before the common good of our people and that thanks to their vote they have managed to access elective positions, but in the end Their contribution has been negative, since they promise “gold and moro” in the pre-election period and then “if I have seen you, I don’t remember”, being their “greatest merit” being a modern factory for the poor and extremely poor and squandering without regard to state resources.

The current administration is not only for colorados, liberals, the Guasu Front, etc., but for the 7.4 million inhabitants that our country has without exception.

We are facing a problem of a structural nature, which means that everything that can be done in terms of infrastructure works would seem insufficient, to which, now as never before, we must add public health and educational quality, where we are getting worse and worse, having died approximately 20,000 compatriots in a pandemic, which could have been avoided.

In these 4 years and 3 months of government, most of the works carried out corresponded to projects and designs by the previous government, so the innovative and creative spirit of this administration was totally absent.

During their tours to cities and districts in the interior of the country, the pre-candidates can realize the great backwardness that we continue to suffer from, since what has been done the most in this government are paved and resurfaced routes for obvious reasons and the government boasts of this. sir MAB.

External indebtedness levels have increased by more than 84% compared to 2018, together with a historic fiscal deficit equivalent to 3.6% of GDP, a level never before reached, since the State continues to be a very bad administrator where rigid spending (wages and salaries) absorb more than 70% of the tax revenue to continue supporting 300,000 public officials.

The next government will have to forcefully commit itself through the organization and methods (O&M) directorates to purification and reengineering work in all State entities so that the organizational structure can be modified and updated in order to provide the citizens a quality service they deserve.

One of the main economic problems is the lack of sources of work, so in order to partially alleviate this lack, efforts must be made in the next 5 years to create no less than 500,000 jobs throughout the country.

Foreign investments must continue their course in a dynamic way, since they are the ones that will be able to generate jobs in various business segments, among which the maquiladora companies stand out, which have been successful up to now.

The next government should put a special focus on our public health and educational quality at the country level, since it will be of little or nothing to have the necessary infrastructure if, in return, we do not know how to use it with intelligence, talent and good academic training and, above all, enjoying Of good health.

It will be possible if our next ruler has the wisdom and intelligence to form a good work team with suitable and capable people who demonstrate the results that we have been expecting from this government and that have left us wanting, except for a select few who have seen very strengthened its economic-financial-patrimonial position for a comfortable life in the coming years.

La Nación / Hard work for the next government