Latin Grammy Awards: Bad Bunny, Rosalía and Christina Aguilera lead the nominations

The Mexican producer and composer also obtained multiple nominations edgar barrerawho got nine, Raww Alexander with eight and Christina Aguilera with seven. Aguilera is nominated in three of the four major categories, including album of the year for “Aerie”; joins Becky G, Nicky Nicole Y Nathy Peluso in a nomination for Record of the Year and Song of the Year for its theme “For My Girls”.

Rosalia is nominated a total of seven times, once together The Weeknd by “Fame” as album of the year, song of the year and best alternative song for “hentai”along with nominations for Album of the Year, Best Alternative Music, Album, and Best Recording Package for “Motomami” (Deluxe).

When will the Latin Grammys 2022 be?

The 23rd annual awards show will take place on November 17 at the Michelob Ultra Arena at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas and will be broadcast to our region on TNT.

Latin Grammy Nominees 2022

These are some of the main categories of the Latin Grammy 2022:

Record of the year

  • “For My Girls” – Christina Aguilera, Becky G, Nicki Nicole With Nathy Peluso
  • “Sand Castles” – Pablo Alborán
  • “Wrapping” – Anitta
  • “Pa’lla Voy” – Marc Anthony
  • “Little Eyes” – Bad Bunny & Bomba Estéreo
  • “Pegao” – Camilo
  • “Touch you” – Jorge Drexler & C. Tangana
  • “Provence” – Karol G
  • “It’s Worth It” – Juan Luis Guerra
  • “La Fama” – Rosalía Featuring The Weeknd
  • “I congratulate you” – Shakira & Rauw Alejandro
  • “Little Old Ball” – Carlos Vives & Camilo

Album of the year

  • “Aguilera” – Christina Aguilera
  • “Pa’lla Voy” – Marc Anthony
  • “A Summer Without You” – Bad Bunny
  • “Leave” – Stereo Bomb
  • “Ink and Time” – Jorge Drexler
  • “We Are No Longer The Same” – Elsa and Elmar
  • “Traveler” – Fonseca
  • “Motomami (Digital Album)” – Rosalía
  • “Sanz” – Alejandro Sanz
  • “Dharma” – Sebastian Yatra

song of the year

  • “Sometimes Good and Sometimes Bad” – Pedro Capo, Ignacio Cibrián, Ricky Martín, Pablo Preciado, Julio Ramírez, Mauricio Rengifo & Andrés Torres, composers (Ricky Martin Featuring Reik)
  • “Agua” – Rauw Alejandro, Emmanuel Anene, David Alberto Macias, Nile Rodgers, Juan Salinas, Oscar Salinas & Daddy Yankee, songwriters (Daddy Yankee, Rauw Alejandro & Nile Rodgers)
  • “Something Is Better” – Mon Laferte, composer (Mon Laferte)
  • “Baloncito Viejo” – Camilo, Jorge Luis Chacín, Andrés Leal, Martín Velilla & Carlos Vives, composers (Carlos Vives & Camilo)
  • “Kisses On The Forehead” – Fonseca & Julio Reyes Copello, composers (Fonseca)
  • “Find me” – Carla Morrison, Juan Alejandro Jiménez Pérez & Mario Demian Jiménez Pérez, composers (Carla Morrison)
  • “Hentai” – Larry Gold, Noah Goldstein, Chad Hugo, David Rodríguez, Rosalía, Jacob Sherman, Michael Uzowuru, Pilar Vila Tobella, Dylan Wiggins & Pharrell Williams, songwriters (Rosalía)
  • “Indigo” – Édgar Barrera & Camilo, composers (Camilo & Evaluna Montaner)
  • “Pa Mis Niñas” – Christina Aguilera, Jorge Luis Chacín, Kat Dahlia, Becky G, Yoel Henríquez, Yasmil Marrufo, Nicki Nicole & Nathy Peluso, songwriters (Christina Aguilera, Nicki Nicole, Becky G Featuring Nathy Peluso)
  • “Provenza” – Kevyn Mauricio Cruz Moreno, Carolina Giraldo Navarro & Ovy On The Drums, composers (Karol G)
  • “Red Heels” – Juan Jo, Manuel Lara, Manuel Lorente, Pablo & Sebastián Yatra, composers (Sebastián Yatra)
  • “Tocarte” – Jorge Drexler, Pablo Drexler, Víctor Martínez & C. Tangana, composers (Jorge Drexler & C. Tangana)

Best New Artist

  • Angela Alvarez
  • sofia fields
  • Candy and Paul
  • Clarissa
  • Silvana Estrada
  • Pol Granch
  • Nabalez
  • tiara
  • Voucher
  • Yahritza and His Essence
  • Nicole Zignago

Best Pop Vocal Album

  • “We Are No Longer The Same” — Elsa and Elmar
  • “Love We Deserve” — Kany García
  • “Clichés” – Jesse & Joy
  • “The Rebirth” – Carla Morrison
  • “Dharma” – Sebastian Yatra
  • Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album
  • “Aguilera” – Christina Aguilera
  • “Traveler” – Fonseca
  • “20 Years Philharmonic” – Marta Gómez
  • “Life” -Kurt
  • “Frequency” – No Flag

best pop song

  • “Baloncitoviejo” – Camilo, Jorge Luis Chacín, Andrés Leal, Martín Velilla & Carlos Vives, Composers (Carlos Vives & Camilo)
  • “Besosenlafrente” – Julio Reyes Copello & Fonseca, Composers (Fonseca)
  • “Indigo” – Édgar Barrera & Camilo, Composers (Camilo & Evaluna Montaner)
  • “Laguerrilladelaconcordia” – Jorge Drexler, Composer (Jorge Drexler)
  • “Red Heels” – Pablo María Rousselon De Croisoeuil, Manuel Lara, Manuel Lorente, Juan Josep Monserrat Riutort & Sebastián Yatra, Composers (Sebastian Yatra)

Best Fusion/Urban Performance

  • “For My Girls” – Christina Aguilera, Nicki Nicole, Becky G With Nathy Peluso
  • “Holy” – Christina Aguilera & Ozuna
  • “I came back” – Adventure, Bad Bunny
  • “Titi I Wonder” – Bad Bunny
  • “This Is Not America” – Resident Featuring ibeyi

Best Reggaeton Performance

  • “Desperate” – Rauw Alejandro & Chencho Corleone
  • “Wrapping” – Anitta
  • “Yonaguni” – Bad Bunny
  • “Nicky Jam: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 41” – Bizarrap & Nicky Jam
  • “Sorry Bb:/” – Tainy, Bad Bunny & Julieta Venegas

Best Urban Music Album

  • “Breathe” — Akapellah
  • “Trap Cake Vol.2” – Rauw Alejandro
  • “The Favorites 2.5” – Archangel
  • “A Summer Without You” – Bad Bunny
  • “Animal” – Maria Becerra

Best Rap/Hip-Hop Song

  • “Love” – Akapellah, Composer (Akapellah)
  • “Dance Crip” – Santiago Ruiz, Brian Taylor & Trueno, Composers (Trueno)
  • “Demuseo” – Bad Bunny, Composer (Bad Bunny)
  • “El Gran Robo,pt.2” – Phanlon Anton Alexander, Geovanny Andrades Andino, Daddy Yankee and Lito Mc Cassidy, Composers (Lito Mc Cassidy, Daddy Yankee)
  • “Freestyle 15” – Farina, Composer (Farina)

Best Urban Song

  • “Desperate” – Rauw Alejandro, José M. Collazo, Chencho Corleone, Jorge Cedeño Echevarria, Luis Jonuel González, Eric Pérez Rovira, Jorge E. Pizarro Ruiz & Nino Karlo Segarra, Composers (Rauw Alejandro & Chencho Corleone)
  • “Losientobb:/” – Bad Bunny, Tainy & Julieta Venegas, Composers (Tainy, Bad Bunny & Julieta Venegas)
  • “Mamiii” – Luis Miguel Gomez Castaño, Becky G, Karol G, Ovy On The Drums, Justin Quiles, Elena Rose & Daniel Uribe, Composers (Becky G & Karol G)
  • “Ojos Rojos” – Samantha M. Cámara, Nicky Jam, Vicente Jiménez, Dallas James Koehlke, Manuel Larrad & Juan Diego Medina Vélez, Composers (Nicky Jam)
  • “Titi Me Wonder” – Bad Bunny, Composer (bad bunny)

best rock album

  • Prudish – Marilina Bertoldi
  • A Weird Vacation – He Killed A Motorized Cop
  • Each time corpse – Fito and Fitipaldis
  • 1021 – The Blind Worm
  • GDPR – Wiplash

best rock song

  • day thousand Eruca Sativa, (Eruca Sativa)
  • Waiting for a sign – Bunbury, (Bunbury)
  • Finisterre – Juan Manuel Latorre, (Vetusta Morla)
  • The best of our lives – Fito Paez, (Fito Paez)
  • We do not forget – Molotov, (Molotov)
  • Get well – WOS & Facundo Yalve, (WOS)

Latin Grammy Awards: Bad Bunny, Rosalía and Christina Aguilera lead the nominations