Lazio, Lotito stings the fans: “Accustomed too well, Roma fans happy even if it goes badly”. The social protest explodes: “Go away”

A storm broke out in Lazio between Lotito and the fans. This was triggered by the president himself, Claudio Lotito, who, speaking in Viterbo at an electoral appointment, beat the Biancocelesti supporters last night for their attitude towards him. On social media, the reaction of the fans was not long in coming. Confirming a relationship that remains difficult. «The fans are right from a passionate point of view to say that the team is their heritage but in terms of management it is not like that. When you bring the facts, people do not retrace their steps, but they always want more “, Lotito said last night, reiterating that” do not sell dreams but reality “, yet despite the trophies won, the love between him and the fans does not it never blossomed.

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“When we won the Super Cup with Treble Inter Milan, the next day there was no one at the stadium – the patron recalled -. The Lazio people are special, maybe I got used to them too well ». And here the Biancoceleste number one made a comparison destined to cause discussion, bringing up the Roma fans, “happy even if it goes badly: at the beginning of the season they leave to win the championship, then they settle for other positions”.

The Lazio ones, on the other hand, “are different, they suffered, they were impoverished, but they were emotionally involved”. However, according to Lotito, “some people used to milking the cow found a president who said ‘stop, you can’t'”. Yet another emphasis by the president provoked the reaction of the fans: from the direct ‘Vattenè, we move on to those who suggest Lotito to “ask himself why the Lazio player no longer goes to the stadium even if the results arrive, instead of making comparisons with the Romanists. Given that when Lazio risked C, Lazio still filled the stadiums ». On Twitter a fan writes: “Lotito, maybe it’s time to go away.” Another: «Hallucinating. Happy for the victories, but Lazio are 6th in Italy for takings: in 18 years they have come 9 times under 6th place; only 2 times in UCL causes bad markets. Lost 18 derbies vs 13 ». And again: “The mere fact that Lotito confuses the Super Cup victory not with the Inter who won the Treble, but with the one that will win it that year, gives the measure of the character who bends the facts to his own advantage.”

The tension between the patron and the fans therefore spoils the atmosphere at the beginning of the transfer market: the great goal of the eagles is Marco Carnesecchi, revelation with Cremonese in Serie B and owned by Atalanta, however, recovering from a shoulder injury: Lazio are reflecting , she intends to buy but wants to understand if the boy will be operated on. Attack chapter: Jovane Cabral, who despite the few appearances with Sarri’s team could be the same redeemed by Sporting Lisbon, ended up in the crosshairs of Olympique Marseille, who made an offer of five million to the Lusitanians.

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Lazio, Lotito stings the fans: “Accustomed too well, Roma fans happy even if it goes badly”. The social protest explodes: “Go away”