LBA UnipolSai 7th round 2022

Varese, 19 November 2022 – In his sold-out Palasport “Lino Oldrini” in Masnago, theOpenjobmetis Varese Basketball takes fourth straight LBA win beating Umana Reyer Venezia, 93-90 in the final.

Varese with this success it achieves 5-2 recordwhile Venice (3rd defeat out of 4 away) remains firm at altitude 4 wins and 3 losses.

He had it demonstrated in previous outings the coaching team Matt Brasebest attack of the championship and he proved it tonight by not giving up a single centimeter to the Venetian +5 with 4’41” to go after leading practically the whole race (Varese maximum gap of +12 on 39-27 in the 16th minute).

Thanks to the determinants Colbey Rossthe reentrant Justin Reyes And Willie Caruso, simply decisive in the last actions of the competition, the OJM was able to respond to the Venetian physicality (33-45 the battle lost on rebounds), to the precocious fouls of the two big men Owens (the only clearly insufficient one from Varese) and Caruso, and, precisely, to the Venetian inertia. Driven by the warm and passionate audience of Masnago, she placed energy, right defenses and turned the match decided even by Jordan Parks’ shooting error with 5″ remaining which would have given the possible equal of the race with Overtime.

Now the ranking fully smiles on the red and white who, for one night, are second in the standings on a par with Milan and Derthona (who will play tomorrow): a little thought about the Final Eight in Turin scheduled for next February, you can actually start doing it…

Venice, for its part, pays for the poor defense of the first half by conceding too much to the defense deployed, the bad night by Mitchell Watt (Yankuba Sima it would have helped), the ups and downs of too many players, the 13 balls thrown to the wind against only 3 in Varese, and the usual details on the two halves that cost the victory in the sprint.


Start of the match with Varese who responds with blocks and energy like Reyer, 6-4 after 4′. Justin Reyes is the protagonist of the first quarter (8 points in the period), Tessitori answers first of all, then it is the triples of Spissu and Moraschini who put points in the scoreboard for the gold-grenade (13-14 after 8′), Woldetensae and Reyes close the first 10 ‘on 20-16 in favor of Openjobmetis.

Second quarter, Woldetensae’s triples split the match for Varese who, helped by Colbey Ross and Ferrero, flies up +10 in the 14th minute on 33-23, Reyer time-out. Ross continues the good momentum of the Lombards who with transition and dynamism continue to hurt Venice, the +12 is touched by the Openjobmetis (37-25 in the 15th minute), Willis closes the guest disadvantage on 39-30 in the 17th minute, time -out Matt Brase. Freeman lights up for Reyer, but Umana’s problem is the defensive midfield with Jaron Johnson and Reyes hurting, 45-35 after 19′. Willis and a self-basket from Varese close the gap for Venice closing the first half down 47-39.

Second half of the match, with Allerik Freeman on the shields, Reyer places an important break of 6-13 to make it 53-52 in the 24th minute, but Varese returns to play as he knows with Colbey Ross and Markel Brown, 61-54 in the 25th minute , De Raffaele time out. A very hot Freeman brings Reyer -1 to 61-60 in the 26th minute, Varese replies with Johnson and Reyes, but an excellent Tessitori under the iron leads with Granger turnover and points to give the Venetian advantage (65-67 after 28′), Woldentensae and Brown close a last quarter finished 73-69 in favor of Openjobmetis.

Last fraction of the game: Reyer takes the inertia of the match, Brooks, Tessitori and Parks take the stage and carry Venice forward while Varese suffers from the increase in Reyer’s defensive intensity; despite a coach sanctioned for Granger, it was an unsportsmanlike behavior for Owens that set off a small alarm bell for Openjobmetis, Parks’ dunk brings Reyer 78-83 with 4’41” to go, Brase time-out. But Varese wakes up, Colbey Ross and Justin Reyes change the match again for 86-85 with 3’36” to go, De Raffaele time-out. Caruso nails Varese’s dunk +3, Reyer equalizes with Granger’s solo triple at 1’14”, but after Caruso’s 2/2 from the line, Granger misses the overtaking triple, time-out and ball Varese at 36 ″0 on 92-90. Reyes misses the triple of the victory, Parks misses the equalizer after 5″ scarce, Caruso rebounds with a systematic Reyer foul: Caruso makes 1/2 in the line, Reyer time-out at 2″3 on 93-90. Freeman loses ball in half court e the game ends 93-90 in favor of Varese due to the exultation of the red and white people of Varese.

Openjobmetis Varese vs Umana Reyer Venice 93-90

Partial: 8pm-4pm; 27-23; 26-30; 20-21.

Progression: 8pm-4pm; 47-39; 73-69; 93-90.

The report cards

Colbey Ross 7.5: the numbers (20 points, 4 rebounds and 6 assists) would be enough to justify the vote on the report card… Excellent management of the moment and of the actions that the red and white number 4 put on the field tonight, in both phases of the game. In attack, a real lighthouse of the OJM.

Tomas Woldetensae 6.5: the air of the national team is good for him. Yes, there are several flaws, but he definitely proves solid offensively, where he finds effectiveness in archery.

John DeNicolao 6: a few minutes but of a lot of substance, especially defensive, where he brings his usual concreteness against the physical and dynamic exteriors of Venice.

Justin Reyes8: dispute a total match in all respects trying to dispense that physicality that is missing under the basket: double-double with 19 points and 10 rebounds and always the right thing at the right time. Solid performance and energy in the box that you can’t read from the numbers.

Matthew Librizzi SV

Nicholas Virginius NE

Gian Carlo Ferrero 6: lethal. 7 minutes, a triple but not only, leader and guidance of teammates from the bench.

Markel Brown 7: the insurance policy for Matt Brase and Varese. Very good at raising his defensive intensity right from the start.

William Caruso 7: Willie continues on his growth path that doesn’t really seem to end. He teases Watt who goes completely revved up. With him on the pitch for Varese it is always a sweet melody and this can be clearly seen in the last 4 minutes where he enters and scores the points and decisive plays of the match.

Tariq Owens 5.5: half a vote more for having sacrificed himself on the last possession in recovering that ball that was worth the victory… Yet in the long run it’s too much effort to immerse himself in a tactical and game context. Lots of defensive gaps and in attack he only activates on a couple of pick’n’rolls. You notice too much the difference between when he is on the pitch and when Caruso is there.

Jaron Johnson 7: It limits Willis very well. It drives as silent as it is effective, with its long levers it becomes sprawling in defense.

Reyer Venice logo

Amedeo Tessitori 7: tonic and solid as we have seen in the national team. 11 points and 7 rebounds in just 13′. The figures do not give the absolute impression of his excellent evening.

Marco Spissu 5.5: yes 8 assists, but if he leaves brilliance and cheek in the national teamthat’s a problem.

Jordan Parks 6: the two weeks off did him good to regain his athleticism and technique after the injury to his right ankle against Efes in the pre-season… a pity about the mistake of the possible draw 5″ from the end in a match made up of zompi and so much phosphorus…

Allerik Freeman 6.5: like in Pesaro, one of Reyer’s best, and defeat comes… when you play with high scores it’s good for him who takes many conclusions and finds a way to ignite. 11 personal ones in the third quarter leading a comeback and hopes of victory, but it is not seen in the final.

Yankuba Sima SV: he only played 2’… but using him more instead of the nervous Watt, couldn’t it have been done ?!

Riccardo Moraschini 5.5: he finds the triple in the first quarter final for 13-14, but in the long run he lacks defensive phosphorus and that pinch of confidence to help the team.

Andrea De Nicolao SV: a few more minutes would certainly have deserved…

Jayson Granger 5.5: the tiredness of the transoceanic journey from Puerto Rico for the Uruguayan national team clouded his ideas, he gets a technical foul for protesting, he only scores on a triple solo from the dribble. Defensively Ross and Brown sneak around him.

Matthew Chillo NE

Jeff Brooks 6.5: he puts his physique and other good things in favor of the cause (10 rebounds), seasoned with 3 assists.

Derek Willis 5.5: already commits two fouls after 4′ of match, ends with 12 points for 17 evaluation. But the figures don’t explain his defensive difficulty in the first part of the match.

Mitchell Watts 4.5: too nervous, too harmful and out of phase for Reyer, since she risks a technical foul after less than 4′ with Caruso. Yes, he scores 12 with 4/4 free throws, but objectively he creates more of a problem for Reyer herself in the defensive phase, and not only in that. He comes out for fouls committed, the logical consequence of a negative evening.


Walter De Raffaele (coach Umana Reyer Venice)

“For our part, it was a game with two faces: the first two quarters were quite soft especially from a defensive point of view, in which we let Varese attack. In the third and fourth quarters, on the other hand, we had a more present, more physical match, which then led us to have the inertia at +5 in our hands, however we made quite trivial mistakes throughout the match. Looking at the statistics, in the end the analysis is very simple: the difference was in turnovers, some by us, some lifted right out of the hands, and attacking rebounds for second chances, because Reyes really hurt us. creating situations of open shots that have turned the momentum once again. So credit goes to Varese, who once again managed to play a great match in front of this crowd, while we have to keep working in silence and with our heads bowed”.

By Achille Amadi

LBA UnipolSai 7th round 2022-23: fourth victory in a row for Openjobmetis Varese, Umana Reyer Venezia falls in the sprint in Masnago