LBF Serie A2 Rec.1st round 2022

Put a big match on Wednesday evening, put it in the home of a Limonta CostaMasnaga returning from an easy match victory at Alpo’s home against the super mega favorite for the promotion, Autosped Castelnuovo Scrivia and on paper, mixing the ingredients well, you should get a great match.

A match that is the recovery of the first day postponed due to the European commitments of Costa’s girls: it should have been played a month and a half ago, at that time Castelnuovo was decimated by injuries and who knows how it would have ended.

To tell the truth, the great game was not seen if we refer to the good game, but we saw one with a lot of intensity and physicality and with a lot of nervousness created mostly by an inadequate refereeing couple and tending to push the lead.

In the first two quarters, in reality, the most classic of ciapanò was taking place, with very low percentages, many losses and gross errors on both sides. Castelnuovo went to the break on 22-28 thanks above all to the control of the planks and the several rebounds he grabbed, in the end as many as 19.

Costa in defense decided to make extreme choices that also paid dividends until the key episode of the match, that technician hastily assigned (and unjustly, by the farthest referee who who knows what he heard connecting her one meter from the huddle of Costa didn’t blink) on the dispute/foul episode between the pupils and Marangoni

From that moment on, the match changed because the atmosphere and mood of Seletti’s girls changed. Students, the protagonist of the episode, visibly nervous like all her companions. This led a team made up of expert players like Autosped to take advantage of it by placing a partial 20-0 in 6 minutes then impossible to reassemble.

In the last quarter the Panthers tried to halve the gap but the game was never really reopened. Let’s try to get some ideas from this big match.

Costa will have to work precisely on the mental aspect, his young age and lack of experience are a big limit in the event of bad, dirty and bad matches. Greater self-control and less nervousness, these are the things to keep in mind: there’s plenty of time to improve and then let’s keep in mind that the matches that will decide the season will be played in a few months…

Even on the technical side, however, Seletti’s work will not be lacking: the impression is that when the opponents force Costa to play under rhythm, almost always attacking a lined up defense, everything becomes more difficult.

In my opinion because the strengths of the various players are not yet adequately exploited and in particular of those appointed to hold the cue ball in attack.

The attack today offers few situations that can free up Villa and Villaruel for example, who are the best in shooting from outside, often the attack facing the basket by Fietta and Allievi is preferred, done to conclude and not to create an offload.

The ball could also be placed in the low post from time to time, especially in Osazuwa since she has good instincts in reopening the game unlike Brossman who likes to go one-on-one more immediately.

Against Castelnuovo, also thanks to the good defense, none of this was seen and basically the break came as a result of confusing attacks without guidelines framed by the aforementioned nervousness.

However, there is plenty of time to change the register and the balance of power seen tonight will hardly be those of April-May. Both because the teams grow during the season and Costa is really used to doing this and then because there is always the market that could change the predictions

Castelnuovo, on the other hand, proves to be strong but certainly not unbeatable and this must give motivation to all those teams with promotion ambitions such as Sanga, Costa and Udine.

At the return and even more so in the playoffs things will be different…

THE TABLE: Limonta CostaMasnaga – Autosped Castelnuovo Scrivia 61 – 68

Marangoni 6: very muted first half, well maintained by the pupils. Then it suddenly explodes and collects several points in a short time, proving to be important yes, but not decisive.

Premasunac 5: in the shade for the whole match despite scraping together 12 carambola.

Bonasia 7: always on the move, with his mid-range (and long-range) shot he hurts the Costa defense a lot.

Leonardo 5: impalpable.

Baldelli 7: great game of the ex on duty, energetic and fatal he hurts his ankle after scoring a basket of great importance to the table.

Gianola 6.5: she misses a little too much in shooting but puts in the triple legbreaker, she is forced to often chase Brossman and Bernardi and she gets along pretty well.

Dull 6.5: play an all-court game, running, blocking, scoring, assisting, losing and recovering balls…a little bit of everything.

Cats 6.5: in the first half he is a factor with six consecutive points out of the team’s 28 total. The opponents never attack her in front of the basket, doing her a great favor.

STUDENTS 6.5: until the famous episode of the technician he was 8. Defense on everyone and everything, recoveries from octopus, counter-attacks and slalom concluded with a basket. From then on, however, a game played with the enthusiasm and nervousness of those who feel impoverished. A match that will serve her a lot to grow.

BROSSMAN 4.5: he does too little throughout the game other than a flash in the final quarter. He should attack the various Gianolla and Gatti in front of the basket and instead he limits himself to shooting two shots from outside with little construct and stops.

OSAZUWA 6: not exactly protected by the referees at the beginning where she was soaring on the rebound, she suffers from Premasunac’s experience and she too doesn’t affect as much as she could.

HEAT 5.5: the shot from outside does not fit (also due to bad luck), otherwise a rather anonymous game.

BERNARDI 6: she plays little and never gets the chance to do what she does best.

E. VILLA 6: the first half was painful, in the second she found some more space in attack but she had a very strong feeling that the team should do something extra for her, to put her in a position to perform at her best.

TIBE’ 6: she too plays little, and that little is not unforgettable.

FIETTA 5: game far below its standard. At the beginning Bonasia and Baldelli aim in penetration with little success except picking up two fouls. Then he shuts down offensively and Costa can’t afford it, with his first step he should create advantages for himself and above all for the team.


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LBF Serie A2 Rec.1st round 2022-23: the battleship Castelnuovo conquers Costa after a nervous game