LBF Techfind 9th round 2022

Bologna, 19 November 2022 – At the PalaDozza in Piazzale Azzarita (941 spectators) the Virtus Segafredo Bologna makes the big match of the day his own defeating Umana Reyer Venezia, 85-71 the final result.

With this victory, Virtus grabs Reyer in second position with records 8-1, and allows the Famila Wuber Schio winner in Lucca for 76-98 to remain alone at the top of the league with an undefeated 9-0 record.

On the last day of the championship before the break of the national teams, therefore, Reyer as coach Andrea Mazzon 13 doesn’t matter… seeing the 3-in-a-row finish 12 straight wins between LBF and EuroCup Women thanks to Virtus Bologna who won the match dominating throughout the 40 minutes of play. The protagonist of the evening was undoubtedly Cecilia Zandalasini who closed the report with 25 points to his credit.

Albeit with several absences on each side (Santucci and Pan in the Reyer house, Barberis and Cinili on the scoresheet but not available for coach’s Virtus Giampiero Ticchi), the departure of the black and white team in the first quarter dictated the match always with inertia in favor of the landlords.

We will return to the field after the national break on Sunday 4 December with Virtus committed to Ragusa against Passalaqua Virtus Eirene offormer Juventus coach Lino Lardo while Reyer will be engaged in the big match against the leaders Famila Wuber Schio at the PalaRomare at 19:30

Virtus Segafredo Bologna vs Umana Reyer Venice 85-71

Partial: 32-23; 16-14; 15-19; 22-15.

Progression: 32-23; 48-37; 63-56; 85-71.

report cards

Del Pero SV

Steps 6.5: between the two halves he knows how to put a lot of his own in terms of energy and solidity.

Rupert 6.5: more than enough performance, it helps the teammates defensively when necessary.

Barberis NE

Dojkic 7: Defensively tames Yasuma, his accelerations hurt opponents so much.

Andre 7: very good at defensive reading, solid.

Zandalasini 8.5: she is the protagonist on the PalaDozza parquet, decisive and unstoppable at times, when she wants to light up Venice doesn’t know how to turn it off. Her triple at 2’18” from the end is that of CIAONE.

Orsili SV

Parker 7: first half of great maneuvers and excellent effectiveness at the basket, defends well on Shepard.

Laksha 6: clear average between an excellent first half as an unstoppable “basketball machine”, then his % drop considerably in the second half where he doesn’t even make half a basket.

Cinili NE

Reyer Venice logo

Villa 6.5: when he enters the iron he actually does magic that he has become accustomed to most, defensively he makes some difficulties against Dojkic and his companions, but not only you, be clear.

Delaere 6: the Belgian national team tries with heart and stubbornness, 6 assists on the scoresheet in 36 minutes of use.

Meldere NE

Cubaj 5.5: it’s very effective in the set shot, but in terms of energy and much more it’s not the same as the previous outings.

Madeira 6: he places two triples in the first quarter, he squeezes himself a lot in his role as a small forward, even if he suffers a little too much defensively.

Yasuma 5.5: the shot doesn’t go (2/9), Dojkic suffers a lot in the long run despite trying over and over again to put some pepper into what he does between the two halves with many winning passes.

Fasina 5: he understands us very little in this match suffering defensively, even if a +2 plus/minus, the only positive of Reyer.

Shepherd 6.5: it’s a good and substantial game for the figures put on the court (18 points, 11 rebounds and 5 assists), but sometimes he exaggerates too much when he plays all-court solos, or hides too often defensively and even in front with low %.

Kuier 7: it takes superb technique and a lot of presence on the two halves of the pitch, the best in Venice for continuity throughout the match.

Franchini NE

Post-game statements

Andrea Mazzon (coach Umana Reyer Venice)

“Tonight we really paid for inexperience in the first few minutes, but I’m proud of the girls for having produced 21 assists and 4 double-digit players on this pitch. Clearly we have to work a lot on what we have conceded, because it is clear that 15 turnovers and 12 triples conceded away from home certainly don’t make you win. It’s obvious that great players make great plays and Zandalisini was phenomenal. Now everyone will be busy for the Fiba window where from tomorrow until Sunday 27 the girls will play 2 games and 2 training sessions a day. I admire these girls who have worked tirelessly and can never stop, as a coach it seems unthinkable not to think about their physical health but this is what we all have to face.

Cecilia Zandalasini (forward Virtus Segafredo Bologna)

“Nice game against a great opponent who hadn’t lost yet. We were good at limiting their strengths, also thanks to the atmosphere at the Paladozza which helped us. We did well on defense, especially on Shepard and Kuier. On the other side we took the well built pitches.”

Giampiero Ticchi (coach Virtus Segafredo Bologna)

“Important victory, before the break against a team that had enthusiasm and confidence. We came from the defeat with Vader and therefore I’m even more satisfied because the girls have put attention and determination “

By Achille Amadi

LBF Techfind 9th round 2022-23: in the name of Zandalasini Virtus Segafredo Bologna wins the big match, Umana Reyer Venezia loses the match and leads the standings