Licata, the first bad: Castrovillari imposes itself in terms of Chronicle and Scoreboard

At the “Saraceno” of Ravanusa the 1st day of the Serie D group I 2022/23 championship is staged between Licata and Castrovillari. The Gialloblù’s championship got off to a bad start, falling at home – on Ravanusa’s neutral – against a well-organized Castrovillari. CLICK HERE to see the ranking. Followed by news and match report.

FIRST HALF: Castrovillari got off to a better start and in the 4th minute suffered a good chance with Anzillota kicking from outside the box, but Valenti is careful and rejects with his fists. At 7 ‘great opportunity for Licata with Minacori, who jumps with his head on a cross from Pino, but his conclusion comes out of a whisker to the right of Caruso. A minute later it is Ouattara who becomes dangerous in the area: the African striker frees himself well and shoots with his left, but his shot goes high. Wrong goal, goal conceded: the hard law of goals is confirmed e at minute 9 Castrovillari took the lead. Great action from the Calabrian club, with three first touches to launch Anzillota in depth, that face to face with Valenti makes no mistake and makes 0-1. At 11 ‘Licata’s timid reaction with Rotulo, who kicks from 25 meters, but the ball goes out of the mirror. At 16 ‘another great opportunity for Castrovillari with Azzaro, who, face to face with Valenti, kicks to cross, but the ball comes out by a whisker. A minute passes and Licata is still close to equalization, again with Rotulo, who gets rid of an opponent and kicks around, but his conclusion comes out a little. To see another dangerous action you have to wait for 36 ‘, when Longo converges in the middle from the left, he focuses and kicks, but his shot is strangled and weak. The first half ends with a free kick from Rotulo in the middle, with Calaiò hitting his head but his conclusion goes high. 1-0 for the Calabrians at the end of the first half, Anzillota decides.

SECOND HALF: As in the first half, Castrovillari starts better and in the 50th minute goes very close to doubling with Azzaro, who kicks very hard from inside the penalty area and hits the full post against Valenti beaten. The Calabrian outside is desperate. Second half that in the first part does not give a lot of emotions, with many inaccuracies on both sides. Licata too hasty in search of a draw, Castrovillari tries to restart but with poor results. At 63 ‘on Rotulo’s corner cross, the new entry Frisenna tries, but the ball is rejected by Caruso who is then fouled. At 68 ‘sensational opportunity for Licata with Baldeh: Minacori spits with his head, Baldeh controls very well and kicks very powerful with his left, but the ball hits the intersection of the posts and goes to the bottom. At 70 ‘Licata claims a penalty kick for a foul by Moi in the penalty area, but the referee signals to continue amidst the vibrant protests of the Gialloblù. A minute later another opportunity for Licata that goes very close to equalizing with Minacori, good at exchanging with Rotulo and then concluding from a tight angle, but Caruso opposes and puts in a corner. At 76 ‘Frisenna tries from 25 meters, his conclusion is deflected and touches the post to the right of Caruso. On the next corner Licata is still close to equalizing with Frisenna who anticipates the opposing goalkeeper, but commits a foul. In the 81st minute, Caruso overcame on a free kick beaten very well by Orlando from the edge of the area, decisive for the goalkeeper of the Calabrian club. After two minutes, Castrovillari also has the opportunity to close it with Dorato, who however puts a slip to the side on a perfect cross from Bonofiglio. Licata continues to press and in the 88th minute touches the net with Orlando, who after a good personal action by Frisenna receives in the area and kicks first, but the ball comes out on the bottom to the right of Caruso. At 91 ‘Rotulo enters the area, jumps two opponents and puts in tow for Izco who arrives in the race and puts his left foot through the roof. The Argentine outside is desperate. Thus ends the challenge between Licata and Castrovillari on the neutral of Ravanusa: the Calabrians celebrate, while the Gialloblù of Romano are disappointed.

LicataCastrovillari 0-1: 9 ‘Anzillota


LICATA (3-5-2): Valenti; Rubino (57 ‘Izco), Calaiò, Orlando; Pino (53 ‘Saito), Marcellino (53’ Frisenna), Mudasiru, Rotulo, Cannia; Minacori, Ouattara (61 ‘Baldeh). Available: Galesi, Vitolo, Puccio, Cristiano, Bertella. Annex. Pippo Romano.

CASTROVILLARI (4-3-3): Caruso; Anzillota (78 ‘Aceto), Foreigners, Moi, Brignola; Found (78 ‘Caruso), Cosenza, Asllani; Azzaro (63 ‘Bonofiglio), Dorato (88’ Mirabelli), Longo (73 ‘Potenza). Available: Goliath, Filomia, Mirabelli, Potenza, Visciglia, Pittari. Annex Carmine Pugliese.

REFEREE: Aloise di Lodi (Di Bartolomeo-Spoletini).

MARKERS: 9 ‘Anzillota

NOTE: Amonites Asllani, Azzaro, Caruso, Foreigners, Frisenna

Licata, the first bad: Castrovillari imposes itself in terms of Chronicle and Scoreboard