Liga MX – Toto Salvio devalued the classic Pumas vs. Cruz Azul: “After having played a Boca

This Sunday, from 5:00 p.m. (for central Mexico), Cougars will receive Blue Cross in a transcendental duel for both, since they seek to get out of an uncomfortable present, in positions 16 and 14, respectively. That’s why, Edward Salvio spoke about it. But Toto took courage from him and took the pressure off by buying this match with Boca-River.

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Toto Salvio took away value from Pumas vs. Cruz Azul

In the preview of the duel next Sunday at 5:00 p.m. (Central Mexico), the attacker gave a press conference in which he left a controversial concept regarding the pressures generated by this classic.

“I understand everything that is behind it and that they are also playing important things for what is sure to be a nice game, but I take it very naturally, the most normal. I believe, in my opinion, that after playing a Boca vs. River everything else is one step below so I understand what is in this game, but I don’t feel pressure, “he said.

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Toto Salvio analyzed the present of Pumas

The University students do not have a good time in Liga MX. Despite this, the footballer who rotates between midfield and attack explained: “The team is fine, it’s calm and we know the responsibility we have during these three remaining games and we’re aware that this won’t be easy”.

At the same time, he admitted that the campus is responsible for the poor sports performance. “But we got ourselves into this situation and we ourselves are going to move forward. Now we had to have a long week to work and we must face this match in the best way, so we have better expectations”, he confessed.

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Why Pumas lacks a goal

Toto Salvio assured that during the week they work hard to improve performance and have more arrivals, but also to gain efficiency in front of the goal. “Just in all the games we had many scoring chances and we didn’t do them for lack of goals, on the contrary they are the failures, we have failed a lot and perhaps we should have been a little finer, calmer and maybe there are some of the details for concrete, but as you can see Juan is already with another confidence, we have to keep improving, insisting and then the goals are going to come””.

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Pumas in Liga MX

In 14 games played, Pumas has accumulated just 14 units, the product of two wins, eight draws and four losses. He only converted 18 goals and received no less than 24. Bad numbers for a team that got stronger to fight for the championship.

Thus, in 16th place, he is not among those located in the Qualifiers zone for the final series.

“It’s good for the teams that are in the last places, let’s say to fight for the championship and not so much for those that are at the top throughout the season, but that’s the way it is and today we have to be in the last, fight to get in, take advantage of it and we’re going to try to take advantage of those last opportunities that we have left because there aren’t many, so we’ll try to give everything”, stressed Salvio.

Cruz Azul, his rival next Sunday, does not face a much better present. In the same number of games, he has 15 units for having won four games, tied three and lost seven times. He converted 20 goals and received 31.

Liga MX – Toto Salvio devalued the classic Pumas vs. Cruz Azul: “After having played a Boca-River…”