Ligue 1: AC Ajaccio hit, but not sunk

Dejected after their home defeat against Lorient, a match on which they had high hopes, the ACA players and staff do not intend to give up and now have a few days to “recover their heads”. at the place “before the arrival of Nice.

There are defeats that hurt more than others. That of Sunday at home against Lorient is undoubtedly to be classified among those which put a big blow on the head. It was only necessary to observe the closed faces and the low heads of the Ajaccien players at the end of the meeting to understand it.

Once again, and it’s finally the same observation since the opening of the championship, the ACA was not ridiculous, far from it. The first half, for example, was very consistent, the team is solid and united and is on an equal footing with each of its opponents. But as has been the case for six days, the slightest error is paid for in cash and in one of its rare situations – a collective movement of great beauty – Lorient opened the scoring. Enough to win as the Ajaccian team is having difficulty approaching the opposing surface. El Idrissy, Botué and Nouri did not really exist and despite a multitude of centers, very few opportunities are to be credited to the ACA. “At this level, we did not put the necessary commitment into the opposing area but we also technically sinned with crosses that did not arrive”said Olivier Pantaloni after the meeting.

“The goal, a stroke of the stick”

As a symbol, the most dangerous players are perhaps called Vidal, from the head, and Marchetti twice from 20 meters. Either a central defender and a holding midfielder.

This time, the – legitimate – excuse of a very complicated calendar no longer holds, Lorient being indeed, and despite its excellent start to the season, a team that plays in “the same league” as the ACA. And that’s probably the reason why this defeat is much more difficult to swallow than the previous ones. “There is a lot of disappointmentexplained Pantaloni. We were counting a lot on this game to get our first three points. We managed to get into the game well but this goal at the start of the second half hurt us a lot. »

Especially since after the opener from Lorient, the Ajaccian team seemed, for the first time this season, to take the hit. ” It’s truerecognizes the coach. When there is a lot of rigor, determination, concentration and there is no reward at the end of the day and when in addition we concede a goal, we take a hit..

What to be worried about next? “We could indeed be thinking that the season is going to be very long, but I know the value of my group which has character. We will fight until the end”.

“Do not fall into the gloom”

A character that the Ajacciens will need to bounce back, those who were dejected after the meeting. “Even if the players are aware that we are going to have a difficult season, when we experience a series of matches as we have experienced it where, without demerit, there is never a reward, at a certain moment we have the feeling they can give upconfessed Pantaloni. On that, I’m going to make sure that we continue to be as determined as ever to get this first victory.”.

Despite this difficult observation, not everything is to be thrown away at this start to the season. And as Captain Vincent Marchetti lucidly said, “We’ll have to continue with what we do well, try to put things back in place, not fall into bleakness and improve what we’re struggling to do. We have to be able to open the scoring, it will change the face of our matches. We are sinning on this and we simply have to do more”. Especially since on Sunday, it’s a new big piece – also in difficulty – which will present itself in Timizzolu, namely Nice. A meeting for which the team will be able to rely on the return from suspension of Romain Hamouma, who will certainly do the greatest good to a formation which has scored only three goals in six games.

“We have to quickly move on and plan for Nice where we will have to go for a victory”recalled Clément Vidal. “If we entered Ligue 1, it was to play matches at this levelcontinues Pantaloni. And we will have to continue while waiting for better days and a first victory which will restore cheerfulness in the locker room..

Although affected, the Ajacciens do not intend to let go. “It’s not in the mentality of the club”, assures Marchetti. They have four days left to prepare for a very important meeting likely to launch – finally – their season.

Ligue 1: AC Ajaccio hit, but not sunk