Listen to TV analysis 2 June 2022: Terence Hill returns and wins. Bad movies and Veltroni, good football on Italia1. Del Debbio and Salvini detach Formigli and Renzi. Republic Day boom in day time

Listen to the top: on Rai1 Tg1 from 20.00 to 3.935 million and 26.9%; The usual unknown to 3.788 million and 22.53%. In day time The parade for the Republic Day to 2,718 million and 40.3%.

A Don Matteo doc, seasoned, but also the two Matteo (politicians) against each other. Thursday 2 June 2022 – in the heart of a theoretical bridge for the Republic Day – the priest of Lux returned to Rai1 in rerun, with the edition presided over by Terence Hill, while in the talks of Rete4 and La7 the secretary of the League lined up with that of Italia Viva. The commercial flagship responded to the public one by programming the trashy comedy My band plays popwhile Rai2 broadcast the fanta comediola Just a minute. The match of the Nations League Spain-Portugalwhile the third network dedicated a docufilm to the letters sent to the presidents of the Republic and to the history of the country, signed Walter Veltroni. The war in Ukraine, but also a lot of other news were the main topic of the two prime time talks of La7 and Rete 4, with Matteo Salvini among the guests of Paolo De Debbio and with Matteo Renzi from Corrado Formigli.

You listen to early evening TV. After the rerun of “Mina Settembre”, the one of “Don Matteo 12” also wins. Stefano Coletta’s policy is working for now

Rai1 easily won by proposing the twelve edition of Don Matteo. The first episode in rerun of the fiction with Terence Hill, Nino Frassica, Maria Chiara Giannetta, Maurizio Lastrico, it had 2.811 million spectators and 18.9% (seven days earlier there were 6.186 million spectators and 34.3% of the spectators of the last episode of the 13th edition).

On Canale 5 the comic film on the first TV My band plays popwith Christian De Sica, Paolo Rossi, Angela Finocchiaro, Diego Abatantuono, Massimo Ghini, Natasha Stefanenkoachieved 1.881 million admissions with 12.4%, doing better than the light film seven days earlier (Poor but very rich, to 1.653 million viewers with 9.6%). On Italy 1 Spain-Portugal from Nations League, finished one by one, it reached 1.1 million spectators and 6.6%. Overlapping the match of Italy 1 was beaten by Rete4.

Listen to political TV talks: Del Debbio 8%, Formigli 6.3%

In the challenge of political talks, these formations took the field. TO Obverse and Reverse, Paolo Del Debbio had among the guests and connected Matteo Salvini, Andrea Romano, Andrea Ruggieri, Marta Collott, Roberto Calderoli, Luigi De Magistris, Mario Giordano, Giuseppe Cruciani, Gaetano Pedullà and Ruslan Ostashko. On La7 a A clean sweep, Corrado Formigli replied with Matteo Renzi, Dmitry Suslov, Mario Calabresi, Stefano Cappellini, Alberto Negri, Antonio Padellaro, Nunzia De Girolamo, Candido De Angelis, Stefano Massini.

Del Debbio achieved 1.052 million spectators and an 8% share (939 thousand spectators with 6.7% seven days earlier). Formigli stopped at 773 thousand and 6.3% (803 thousand spectators with a 6% share seven days earlier).

But let’s see how, in order, the other proposals went. On Rai2 the film Just a minutewith Max Giusti protagonist, received only 786 thousand spectators and a 4.9% share. The docufilm on Rai3 Dear Presidentsigned Walter Veltronihad 348 thousand spectators and a 2.2% share.

Listen to free digital native prime time TV. The RaiMovie film prevails over that of Iris. Well Nove with the Lamborghini

On Rai Movie Out of control to 440 thousand spectators and 2.7%. About Iris Hunt for Red October to 414 thousand spectators with 2.7%. On the Nove the second episode of Only Fun – Comedian Showwith Elettra Lamborghini ei Panpers, collected 411 thousand spectators with 2.7%. On Cine34 White Red and Verdone to 377 thousand and 2.35%. On the 20 Sherlock Homes- A game of shadows 349 thousand spectators with 2.3%. On Real Time Elizabeth: The Last Queen it attracted 278 thousand spectators with 1.7% (and then in the late evening Feet to the limit boom with 394 thousand spectators and 3.6%). On Rai Premium Katie Fforde to 373 thousand spectators and 2.3%. On Tv8 the third season of Antonino Chef Academy to 253 thousand spectators with 1.6%. On La5 Sweet November to 232 thousand and 1.4%. On TopCrime CSI Miami to 225 thousand and 1.4%. On Rai4 CSI: Vegas 201 thousand spectators with 1.2%. On Focus The Eichmann trial 154 thousand spectators and 0.96%. Out of 27 Junior 113 thousand spectators and 0.7%. On Italia2 Get Out 106 thousand spectators and 0.66% on La7d Little Murders 61 thousand spectators with 0.4%.

Listen to TV day time. Well on June 2, Elizabeth’s Jubilee does not disappear

In access. On Rai1 Soliti Ignoti – The Return 3.788 million spectators and 22.5%. On Channel 5 Strip the News 2.276 million spectators with a share of 16.3%. On Rai2 TG2 Post 796 thousand spectators with 4%. On Rai3 The joy of music 855 thousand spectators and 5.5%. A Place in the Sun 1.3 million viewers (7.7%). About Italia1 Sport studio it recorded 742 thousand spectators with 4.6%. On Rete4 Italy tonight 781 thousand and 4.9% in the first part and 760 thousand and 4.5% in the second part. On La7 Half past eight 1.212 million viewers and 6.9% with Giovanni Floris to the conduction. On Tv8 Celebrity Chef 358 thousand spectators with 2.2%. On the Nove Deal With It – Stay in the Game it gathered 228 thousand spectators with 1.4%.

In the early evening. On Rai1 The Legacy – The Challenge of the 7 got 2.386 million viewers and 23.4% while The legacy 3,357 million viewers and 26.8%. On Canale5 Come on the first! to 1,533 million spectators and 15.6% while Come on another one! makes 2.435 million and 19.9%. On Rai2 Blue Bloods collected 416 thousand spectators with 3.5%, The Good Doctor 470 thousand and 3.3%. On Rai3 TGR 1.637 million viewers with 12.2%. On Rete4 Love storm 651 thousand and 4.5%. About Italia1 CSI Miami 456 thousand spectators with 3.3%. On La7 TgLa7 Special 382 thousand and 3.8%. On Tv8 Home Restaurant 173 thousand spectators with 1.3%. On the Nove Cash or Trash to 226 thousand spectators with 1.7%.

In the morning. On Rai1 Special Tg1 15.3%, One morning 26.7%, Republic Day 40.3%. On Canale5 for Morning Five News 13.4% and 12.2%. On Rai 2 Radio2 Social Club 4.2%. On Rai3 Agora 5.2% and 2.7% share with Extra, Elixir 3.2%. On Network 4 Long live Italy 1.9%. On La7 Omnibus 3.1% and 3.1%, Coffee Break 2%.

At noon. On Rai1 It is always noon 18.8%. On Canale5 Jubilee Queen 12.17%. On Rai2 Your Facts 5.8% and 9%. On Rai3 How many stories 5.8%, Past and present 4.2% share. On Italy 1 Sport Mediaset 6.5%. On Rete4 The secret 1.6% e Murder, she wrote 3.6%. On La7 The air that pulls the diary 1.7%. On RealTime The Queen’s Jubilee 209 thousand and 2.1%.

In the afternoon. On Rai1 Today is another day 16.3%, You are Sisters 14.4%. Live Life 16.3% and 19.2%. On Canale5 Beautiful 17.95%. A life 19% share. Men and women 27% and 25.8%, Island of the famous 22.3%, Brave and beautiful 16.1% share. Afternoon Five 14.55%, 15.3%. On Rai2 Fantastic Italians 3.3%, Cobra 11 3.9%. On Rai3 Geo 7.55%. About Italia1 The Simpsons 4% in the first episode, 4.8% in the second and 5.3% in the third. On Rete4 The Forum Desk 4.4% and 6.1%, Tg4-War Diary 4.3%. On La7 Tagada 3% and 3.9%. In the late evening. On Rai1 Door to door 12.3%. On Channel 5 Tg5 Night 4.77%. On Rai2 Twenties Night 1.7%. On Rai 3 Referendum 1.5%, Night Line 2.8%. On Rete4 Slow Tour Padano 5,04%. On Italy 1 Monza 4.1%.

Emanuele Bruno

(in opening a moment of the Feast of June 2)

Listen to TV analysis 2 June 2022: Terence Hill returns and wins. Bad movies and Veltroni, good football on Italia1. Del Debbio and Salvini detach Formigli and Renzi. Republic Day boom in day time – TvZoom