Listen to TV analysis November 13: “Act of faith” detaches “The Gladiator”. Good Fazio and Ancelotti but also the Formula 1 from Brazil. Male Nadal, ok Atalanta

Top listens: Tg1 at 20.00 at 4.657 million and 23.56%. “I Soliti Ignoti” at 4.5 million and 22.7%, Tg5 at 4.011 million and 20.15%. “The Legacy” at 3,920 million and 22.14%

Film versus film, Fabio Faziofootball, tennis (Nitto Finals) And Formula 1on air Sunday 13 November. There A league he proposed in the evening on Dazn Juve-Fiorentinawhile the Brazilian GPwon by George Russell it was broadcast live on Sky at 19.00, and pre-recorded on Tv8 from 20.55. The film Act of faith on Rai1, Gladiator on Canale 5, the meeting Nadal-Fritz on Rai2 from Turin, What’s the weather like on the third network they made up the basic grid. A special monographic of Hyenas on Italia 1, and the Rete4 and La7 talks completed the offer. Here is the ranking of yesterday’s programs.

Listen to prime time: “Act of Faith” clearly wins. With the films on the flagships, “Che tempo che fa” grows on Rai3. The deferred formula 1 on Tv8 beats Le Iene

On Rai1 the film Act of Faithwith Marcel Ruiz, Chrissy Metz, Topher Grace in the cast, it had 3.228 million viewers with 18.7%.

On Rai3 the sixth episode of What’s the weather likewith Fabio Fazio to the management, Luciana Litizzetto and Filippa Lagerbåck in support, and among the guests Timothée Chalamet, Luca Guadagnino, Carlo Ancelotti, Vittorio Sgarbi, David Quammen, Franco Locatelli, Roberto Burioni, Annalisa Cuzzocrea, Paolo Mieli, In the excavation, Ilario Piagnerellihad 1.436 million spectators and 7.2% in the presentation, 2.276 million spectators with 11.6% in the central part and then with the Table 1,440 million and 9.5% share. Seven days before – with Juve-Inter And Mina September on the track – the broadcast had 1.424 million spectators and 7.3% in the presentation, 2.157 million spectators with 10.9% in the central part and then with the Table 1.295 million and 8.5% share.

On Canale 5 the neo-cult Gladiator, with Russell Crowe protagonist, collected in front of the video only 1.692 million viewers with a 10.6% share.

On Tv8 the deferred of Brazilian GP from Formula One it received 1.347 million spectators with a 7.4% share; also live on Sky from 19.00 the same Grand Prix it had 974 thousand spectators and 5.3%. On Italia 1 the investigation The Hyenas Present: Inside, with the focus on supporting administration, it garnered 1.277 million viewers with 7.1%. On Rai2 the tennis match of the ATP Final in Turin Nadal-Fritz, won by the American, it won 398 thousand spectators equal to 2.1% share.

In the talk challenge: Brindisi just overtakes Giletti. “It is not the arena” at 4.3% (Italy vs. France, citizenship income, Butterflies And Only Fans); “Zona Bianca” at 4.4% (Giuseppe Conte, Irene Pivetti, citizenship income, medium, Bonanno di Linguaglossa)

On Rete4 the talk show White Zone, conducted by Giuseppe Brindisi had among the guests Giuseppe Conte, Irene Pivetti, Giovanni Donzelli, Roberto da Crema, Giacomo Bonanno of Linguaglossa, Vittoria Masella, Alessandro Cecchi Paone, Slavy Gehring, Matteo Bassetti, Giuliano Granato, Tommaso Cerno, Giorgio Mulè, Nunzia Schilirò, Vittorio Brindani, Annamaria Bernardini De Pace , Bianca Laura Granato, Laura Lubelli, Sabrina Scampini, Roberta Villa. The program had 610 thousand spectators and 4.4% (660 thousand spectators and 4.7% the previous week).

On La7 the new episode of It is not The Arenaled by Massimo Gilettihad among the guests Alessandro Sallusti, Gad Lerner, Gianluigi Paragone, Sandra Amurri, Ginevra Parrini, Elisabetta Piccolotti, Alberto Bagnai, Ettore Licheri, Sara Chelani, Lino Romano, Nina Corradini, Anna Basta, Mario Adinolfi, Vladimir Luxuria, Naomi De Crescenzo, Emy Buono. The broadcast gathered 606 thousand spectators and 4.3% (701 thousand spectators and 5% seven days earlier).

Among the free digital natives, this is the ranking in prime time.

On Tv8 GP Brazil to 1.347 million spectators and 7.4%. On the Nine The farmer is looking for a wife to 414 thousand and 2.2%.

Sport on Sky

On Tv8 the deferred of Brazilian GP from Formula One it received 1.347 million spectators with a 7.4% share; also live on Sky from 19.00 the same Grand Prix it had 974 thousand spectators and 5.3%. Also at lunchtime on Sky Atalanta-Inter had 825 thousand spectators and 6.2%

In access. On Rai1 Soliti Ignoti – The Return 4.5 million viewers and 22.7%. On Channel 5 Paperissima Sprint 3 million spectators with a share of 15.3%. On Network 4 Countercurrent 935 thousand spectators in the first part with 4.7% and 792 thousand with 4% in the second. On Rai 3 the Presentation of Che Tempo che Fa 1.436 million viewers and 7.2%. On La7 On air 730 thousand spectators and 3.7%. On Tv8 Sport 219 thousand spectators and 1.2%. On the Nine Little Big Italy 283 thousand and 1.9%.

In the early evening. On Rai1 Legacy the challenge of the 7 to 3.073 million spectators and 19.5% e The legacy 3,920 million viewers and 22.1%. On Channel 5 Free Fall – Start the Challenge to 2.682 million spectators with a 17.1% share e Free fall 3,443 million and 19.6%. On Rai2 Ninetieth Minute to 847 thousand spectators with 5.6%, Ninetieth Minute Overtime 707 thousand and 4%. On Rai3 the TGR 2,469 million spectators and 13.5%. On Italy 1 CSI totaled 589 thousand spectators and 3.2%. On Rete4 Love storm 762 thousand spectators with 3.8% share.

In the morning. On Rai 1 One Morning in the Family 23.68%, Holy Mass 22.91%, Angelus of Pope Francis 24.28%; Green Line 24.12%. On Rai 2 Intercom Rai 2 4.64% and 5%. On Rai 3 Agora Weekend 4.11%, Rai Tre sent me 4.08%, Timeline 2.60%. The holy Mass on Channel 5 at 11.75%, Green apple 18.85%. On Italy 1 Kung Fu 2.80%. On Network 4 On the side of the animals 3.17%. On La7 where Omnibus 3.91%, The perfect ingredient 1.82%, Mica Pizza and Figs 1.59%, The Air That Pulls Diary 1.02%.

In the afternoon. On Rai 1 Sunday In to 2.571 million and 19.68%, and then to 2.394 million and 20.38% and then to 2.146 million and 17.85%. With us … freewheeling 2.323 million and 17.20%. On Rai 2 Sunday Dribbling 505 thousand and 3.96%. On Rai 3 Half an hour more 1.086 million and 8.76% and in the segment The world to come 837 thousand and 7.22%; so Rebus 778 thousand and 6.63%, Kilimanjaro – A new journey 908 thousand and 7.04% and in the program 1,228 million and 8.49%. On Channel 5 Noah’s Ark at 2.569 million and 18.03%, Friends of Maria De Filippi 2,919 million viewers and 23.25%, Verissimo – Special Tiziano Ferro 2.579 million and 21.42%, in the program 2.442 million and 17.52%. On Italia 1 the film Batman Forever 284 thousand spectators and 2.34% e Modern Family 228 thousand and 1.72%. On Network 4 Tg4 – Sunday diary 340 thousand spectators and 2.9% share, while the film Shooting in Abilene 543 thousand and 4.01%. On La7 Atlantis – Free the Duce in reply to 232 thousand and 1.82% and 310 thousand and 2.57% therefore The craziest plane in the world to 231 thousand and 1.46%.

In the late evening. On Rai 1 Special Tg1 5.04%. On Rai 2 Sports Sunday it recorded 5.24% in the presentation and 8.26% in the program. On Rai 3 Tg3 World 7.22%. On Italy 1 Pressing 5.25% and 8.73%.

Emanuele Bruno

(a topical moment of Che tempo che fa)

Listen to TV analysis November 13: “Act of faith” detaches “The Gladiator”. Good Fazio and Ancelotti but also the Formula 1 from Brazil. Male Nadal, ok Atalanta-Inter – TvZoom