“Little Twitto is sleeping badly right now”

“What are we going to become? This is the question that is going around in Petit Twitto’s head right now. A contemporary character and fan of the blue bird, Petit Twitto is afraid, aware that the days of his favorite toy are now numbered.

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If Little Twitto is sleeping badly right now, if he wakes up in the middle of the night because of terrible anxiety attacks, it’s because he knows it’s almost the end. Starred in no time, Petit Twitto flew away thanks to the little bird, becoming the darling on the networks that it should have been a long time ago. Each of his tweets reminded him that life had a meaning, and each retweet proved to him that he had been right to believe in him, in his talent and in his ability to influence.

Disappearance of fans

“What will become of my fans? asks Petit Twitto, trying in vain to dry his tears which flow in floods when he projects himself in the months to come. This question is quite legitimate. It is very likely that Petit Twitto plunges into infinite sadness when he discovers that his subscribers will disappear and forget him, without any loyalty despite all these years.

“Little Twitto has spent a lot of time nurturing his digital persona over the past few years. »

“What am I going to be able to relay François Sureau’s video capsules on now? asks Petit Twitto, he whose morning coffee was accompanied by a tweet of support making him proud and well in his sneakers all day. Little Twitto was convinced to be informed of everything thanks to the little bird. He knew the important quarrels and debates, he was aware of the real issues and the scandals. Thanks to this, Petit Twitto was respected at dinner parties.

Little Twitto has spent a lot of time tending to its digital persona over the past few years. Every five minutes, as he once took care of his Tamagotchi to see if he was not hungry, Little Twitto went to the news to check if his little bird had not fallen from the nest. It didn’t take much, just a little heart placed here and there, for Little Twitto to remind others that he existed and that he was there.


“How am I going to call for the resignation of this charlatan? How am I going to be able to shout my shame in the face of this book that has just been rewarded? How am I going to harass now? “. It’s the storm under the head of Petit Twitto, incapable for the moment – ​​and this is quite normal – of projecting himself towards a future which seems without flavor or passion.

“Little Twitto will have to learn to come back to life. »

Little Twitto will feel very lonely in the days to come. Because the good side will ask him to announce on Twitter that he is leaving Twitter. Tragic case of conscience for Petit Twitto, who had not imagined this for a single second, he who, comfortably installed on his sofa, thought he could manage his small herd for a few more years without having to leave everything one day to continue to be good side.

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That day is coming, and it would have been fine. Can we console Petit Twitto? It will be difficult, as he felt like he was living the life he had always deserved. Little Twitto will have to learn to come back to life, the real one, and it will shake up, as the discussions are less passionate in the City.

Take care of him

But we can tell Petit Twitto that leaving all this is a blessing in disguise. So yes, he will remind us that the blue bird has enabled revolutions and incredible things. And we will reassure him by notifying him that less than 20% of the French population spends his day in the nest, and that it is for example quite possible to play politics without the help of the little blue bird. “But what am I going to do with all my time now?” “You will ask Petit Twitto all depressed, he who has just lost his group of friends with whom he had planned to rebel against the tactical choices of Didier Deschamps.

Well in the days to come, Petit Twitto will learn to rest, to put his phone down before going to bed. Petit Twitto will then have the pleasure of discovering lots of new subjects that he no longer saw in society. It will turn everything off and everything will turn back on. By withdrawing from Twitter to be exemplary as it should be, Petit Twitto will therefore calm down and take care of himself. At least on that, Elon Musk will have succeeded.

“Little Twitto is sleeping badly right now”