Live Island of the Famous on Monday 6 June

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06 June 22 / Written by: Chiara Arciprete

Live Island of the Famous on Monday 6 June. Twenty-second appointment with the reality show: here are the details

Direct Island of the Famous: the twenty-second episode of L’Isola dei Famosi reserves many surprises, news and twists. Which castaway will leave the Island?

The arrival of Vera Gemma and Soleil Sorge
After the presentation clip on Vera and Soleil, the two castaways arrive on the Island. The Piratesse will have a very specific task, to create two teams in order to protect their favorite castaways. The two pirates jump from the helicopter and reach the shipwrecked, Edoardo makes comments of appreciation on Soleil. Soleil also declares: “You look very good with this haircut”.

Edoardo against Lory and Nick …
The castaway faces a confrontation with Lory and Nick after the clashes they have faced in recent days. Edward: “Lory is the most liar person I know. Nick makes the biggest disappointment his friend then speaks behind “.

Nick: “Lory often attack her, I’m not happy with this. I get along quite well with her, yes she goes around a bit and then I always respect “.
Lory comments: “Yes, they made it up and they spread the word. They invited this thing and they found the only place where they can hurt me. Sooner or later the truth will come out, talking and talking is useless, facts are needed ”.
Marco declares: “She is targeted and could be avoided, sometimes Lory is wrong with them”.

The verdict…
Between Lory and Estefania, the castaway who must leave Playa Palapa is: Lory Del Santo. The castaway chooses to give Judas’ kiss to Luke.

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Soleil and Vera’s teams …
The two teams that will compete in this new episode.
Soleil chooses to bring in his team: Nicolas, Edoardo, Marialaura, Estefania, Carmen. Vera chooses to bring in his team: Nick, Luca, Mercedesz, Gennaro, Marco. Soleil and Luca will compete in the test of the Vitruvian man. The team that loses will have to elect a castaway to be sent directly to the nomination.

The test is won by Soleil. Vera’s team begins the rescue chain, the last castaway who will remain will go directly to the nomination. The castaway who was not saved is: Gennaro.

Carmen in the nomination area …
The shipwrecked Carmen reaches the nomination area to talk to her son Alessandro who chose to leave the reality show a few weeks ago. Ilary Blasi show Carmen unpublished images of Alessandro since he returned to Italy.

Carmen and Nicolas vs Nick
After the events that occurred in the last few hours on the island, Nicolas and Carmen face a confrontation with the castaway Nick. Nicolas: “Nick surprised us not only to me, but a little bit to everyone. He was silent all the time out of any stance. Since he joined he has started making proposals such as those of rice that is okay was a proposal, it could also be interesting but we did not share it. The speech that we are sorry about is the tent. He ruined the tent, took it badly, never apologized to anyone. Indeed out of spite, when the fire cover was damaged, he did not want to repair it in order to then accuse Edo, Mercedesz and Estefania. He only talks to you when it suits him, and this attitude is not good ”. Nick replies: “They have the wrong way of putting themselves. I don’t take positions for bullshit “.

Soleil and Vera give their opinion on the castaways, from Luca to Gennaro passing through Edoardo. Vladimir Luxuria also intervenes from the study with his own opinion.

The test rewards …
The reward test is won by the red team or Soleil’s team. The team wins patitine.

Mercedesz and Edoardo receive a joke from Gwendolyn who has returned to the studio after leaving the reality show. Edoardo states: “By spending more time with her alone, we talked all the time, I also trust my instincts and therefore the prejudices I had at the beginning have vanished so she is just a nice person left”. Mercedesz states: “I hope that leaving here with Guendalina can not only clarify but become a friend of his. I really care about Edoardo, I think this is a necessity. As I said Gwendolyn was very nice to me and I was only sorry that she had these doubts about me, it was understandable because she did not know me “.

Test of courage …
The revenge of Vera’s team against Soleil’s. Up for grabs is a parmesan and coffee. Whoever loses the test will send one of its members in nomination. The castaways of the two teams eat “indigestible” food. It starts with crow’s feet and fried grasshoppers, bull testicles and worms and finally an offal smoothie. Vince Vera and Soleil starts a rescue chain, Marialaura ends up on televoting with Gennaro.

Try leader
For the leader test the two pirates Soleil and Vera choose the castaways who will have to compete. Solei chooses: Nicolas and Estefania. Vera: Luca and Mercedesz, the leading test is won by Luca.

Playa Sgamadissima
Ilary connects with Pamela who is left alone on Playa Sgamadissima, as in recent days Roger has had to leave the reality show due to her medical conditions. Lory De Santo also arrives on Playa Sgamadissima, the presenter opens a flash televoting between Pamela and Lory, one of the two castaways will have to abandon the reality permanently.

The verdict of the televoting flash
Between Pamela and Lory, the castaway who must definitively abandon the reality show is: Lory Del Santo.

The Nominations …
The castaways nominated for this week are: Gennaro, Marialaura, Nick and Estefania.

Live Island of the Famous on Monday 6 June