LIVE – Montpellier

A bad scenario for Strasbourg

It’s hard for Strasbourg. Even if Bellegarde is dangerous, the visitors are struggling to deceive the opposing defenders. Omlin is little used.

La Mosson pays tribute to Nicollin

Beautiful scene at La Mosson with the public singing in tribute to its late former president Louis Nicollin.

Kandil too short on Djiku’s serve

Big ladle from Djiku towards the incoming Kandil in the area. But the latter is too short, even if he tried to play the shot by raising his leg.

Double change for Strasbourg

Double change in Strasbourg. Pierre-Gabriel and Aholou leave and are replaced by Kandil and Sissoko. The full-back appears to be injured.

Doukouré catches Wahi

And a new warning in this game. This time it is Doukouré who is sanctioned for having hooked Wahi.

Germain enters in place of Khazri

We are bringing new blood into Montpellier. Valère Germain replaces Wahbi Khazri.

Estève’s bad tackle on Diallo

Big tackle from behind from Estève on Diallo. logically, the defender takes a yellow card.


On the right, Wahi punches and quickly finds himself in the area where he comes face to face with Sels. The striker wants to cross for Khazri, but the goalkeeper had read the intention and grabbed the ball.

Khazri tries his special

A big regular in lobs from the central circle, Khazri tries the same when he sees Sels advanced. But the precision is not there for the Tunisian.

Wahi’s collective effort

Not stingy in effort, Wahi often descends low enough on the ground to support his defenders. It will be hard for Strasbourg to come back to the score.

The good counter of Montpellier

After a corner cleared by Ferri, the locals counter with Khazri who bypasses Diarra to give Wahi. On the left side, the latter wants to give Nordin, but the scorer of the meeting is hampered by a defender.

Djiku’s good defense

On the right, Savanier sends a strong center towards the axis in the direction of Wahi, but Djiku narrowly sends the ball for a corner. The next action will do nothing.

Big duel between Gameiro and Estève

Decidedly, Gameiro had a hard time facing Estève. On the right side, the striker tries again to overtake his opponent, but the latter does not get trapped and even recovers the ball.

Cozza’s good defense on Djiku

Embarrassed by Cozza, Djiku on receiving a corner fails to place his head correctly. the leather leaks from the frame and Montpellier can relaunch.

The game resumes

The referee whistles the beginning of the second act. Montpellier currently leads 1-0. Strasbourg is still far from its first victory. No changes made.

It’s the break at the Mosson

After a very animated first act, the referee whistles the break. Nordin opened the scoring for Montpellier. Cozza believed to make the break, but the defender was in an offside position.

Foul by Bellegarde on Savanier

Before the break, Bellegarde fouls Savanier by trying to recover the leather. For this, the middle of Strasbourg also receives a yellow card.


After watching the video, the referee decides to withdraw this goal. Cozza was indeed in an illicit position. Still 1-0 for the locals.


The break for Montpellier. On the right side, Savanier still shoots him superbly well with a free kick. Nordin deflects with a header towards the far post. Cozza is there to finish the job and give Montpellier a break.

Diallo close to equalizing

What a pity for Diallo and Strasbourg. Superbly launched by Doukouré, the striker controls well in the area. But his outside of the right is totally missed and the ball slips behind Omlin’s cages.

Yellow card for Nordin

Well taken over by Diarra, Nordin tries to catch up but commits the fault and receives a yellow card.


What a return from Estève! Launched in depth by Aholou, Gameiro gets ahead of Estève and prepares to face Omlin. But the defender tackles the ball at the last moment to save his people.

Montpellier struggled to move forward

Montpellier had a hard time launching its actions. Near his surface, Ferri recovers and transmits to his captain Savanier. The latter wants to launch his attackers, but is taken over by an opposing midfielder. Savanier even commits the fault.

Pierre-Gabriel active on his side

On his side, Pierre-Gabriel does a lot of work. After a loss of ball, the side recovers and uses its power to gain meters. But the Strasbourg fails to center.

Aholou spoils an action from Strasbourg

Left side, Liénard seeks to launch in depth Aholou who had made a good call. But the control of the latter is totally missed and goes out of goal.

Sanction for Chotard

Struggling with Bellegarde, Chotard steps on his opponent’s leg and receives a yellow card.

Healers take care of Diarra

Wanting to reverse the game, Liénard hits the ball in the direction of his teammate Diarra who is stunned on the spot. The healers are on the ground and the environment is coming to its senses.

Possession update

For the moment, it is Montpellier who have possession of the ball with 62% against 38%.

Aholou’s completely failed attempt

Strasbourg resumes attacking. Left side, Gameiro back in the axis for Diallo who shifts towards Aholou. The medium strikes directly, but his attempt flies into the sky of Montpellier.

Yellow card for Aholou

Author of a nasty sole on Ferri, Aholou receives a yellow card.


On a new corner on the right side struck by Savanier, Nordin is at the reception at the near post and places a header on which Sels can do nothing. 1-0 for Montpellier.


On a Montpellier corner, Aholou sees the ball bounce off his leg. The midfielder is on the verge of deceiving his own goalkeeper, but the leather hits the Strasbourg post.

A good start to the game

These first 10 minutes are hotly contested between the two teams. It goes from one goal to another, even if Strasbourg has the most concrete chances.

The vicious strike of Pierre-Gabriel!

Oh the very vicious strike on the right side of Pierre-Gabriel. The strike almost deceives Omlin, but the latter arrives on the wire to divert the ball before it crosses the net. Still 0-0.

The failed exit of Sels on a corner

After a corner on the left side, Sels misses his exit. The leather is recovered by Wahi who chained the dribbles. The latter tries to find Cozza, but the pass is uncertain.

Diallo too alone in the area

Strasbourg recovers the balloons very high and sets fire to the opposing area. Diallo temporizes in the axis, but by dint of being pressed by the defenders, the latter loses the leather.

Gameiro already close to opening the scoring

Following a poor control by Ferri, Aholou rushes towards the surface of Montpellier and transmits for Gameiro. In the axis, the former Parisian places a strike, but Omlin makes the parade it takes. The striker was offside anyway.

Strasbourg goes into contact

This meeting has barely started when the Strasbourg people go into contact. Facing Montpellier who take the initiative by going to the surface. Savanier gets a free kick in the center circle. This one is picked up by Sels

Let’s go for the Montpellier-Strasbourg match!

The referee Jérémy Stinat has just whistled the start of the match. It is Montpellier who engages.

The entry of the players on the lawn

The actors of the meeting make their entry on the lawn. The kick-off of the meeting is imminent.

Montpellier has a taste for goal

If Montpellier do not have their best run, underestimating Dall’Oglio’s team could prove dangerous for Strasbourg. Especially since the locals like to score, and proved it during the great success against Brest 0-7.

Montpellier, a fine prey for Gameiro

Established in attack by Julien Stéphan, Kévin Gameiro will be able to do battle with an opponent who has done well for him. In the last two games against Montpellier, the striker planted.

An efficiency that will be useful in Strasbourg, still looking for its first victory in Ligue 1 this season.

The composition of Strasbourg with the duo Gameiro-Diallo

Salts – Pierre Gabriel, Perrin, Djiku, Doukoure – Aholou, Liénard, Bellegarde, Diarra – Diallo, Gameiro

The composition of Montpellier with Savanier and Wahi

Omlin – Tchato, Esteve, Jullien, Cozza – Ferri, Savanier, Chotard – Khazri, Wahi, Nordin

Strasbourg still looking for a victory

Seductive in the game last season with a sixth place in the key, Strasbourg is having a complicated start to the season. It’s simple, Julien Stéphan’s men have never yet known victory in Ligue 1.

A catastrophic situation, especially in this season where four teams will be relegated. On a series of three draws, Strasbourg is currently in 17th place, but can hope to get out of the red zone, as the gap with those in front is not great. For that, a victory in Montpellier is essential.

A series of defeats to stop for Montpellier

Since the start of the season, Montpellier has oscillated between good and bad. With 3 wins and 4 losses in Ligue 1, Olivier Dall’Oglio’s men are struggling to really start their season. And this, despite an interesting workforce on paper.

On a series of two defeats against Lille and Angers, Savanier’s teammates must be reassured before the start of the international break. Faced with a sick Strasbourg for several weeks, Montpellier can achieve this.

The Strasbourg group with the return of Liénard

In order to get his first victory of the season, Julien Stephan can count on the return of one of his executives to the group made up of 18 players, namely Dimitri Liénard.

If the offensive Habib Diallo and Kévin Gameiro are present, this is not the case of Ludovic Ajorque, currently injured. Like Gerzino Nyamsi and Adrien Thomasson

The Montpellier group with Savanier but without Sakho

For the occasion, Montpellier coach Olivier Dall’Oglio has summoned a group of 20 players. Among them are Téji Savanier and Wahbi Khazri.

But important elements like Mamadou Sakho, Faitout Maouassa and Stephy Mavididi are not present.

Welcome to this live!

Hello everyone and welcome to this live commentary of the meeting between Montpellier and Strasbourg. This match counts for the 8th day of the French championship.

LIVE – Montpellier-Strasbourg: the locals still in front thanks to Nordin, the less dangerous visitors