Live. Trial of ASSE supporters: “When the match ended, it went through my head”

10:25 a.m.: “We had a hard time seeing how a good father can achieve this kind of thing”

The president returns to the professional situation of the first defendant: “You earn 2,500 euros per month, so you are well integrated? The defendant puts his hand to his neck: “Yes, I am. »

The president broadcast videos where we would see the defendant attacking stewards in particular. “It was hard to see how a good father can achieve this kind of thing. »

10:10 a.m.: “I have committed wrongdoing”

The first of the eleven defendants is heard by the president of the court, Stéphanie Perrin. Faced with questions, the defendant replied: “When the match ended, it twisted in my head. I have committed wrongdoings. »

The defendant is accused of assaulting stewards. “I will never do that again in my life, I went too far. »

“When do we start such violence? asks the president. No answer.

The supporter admits having already had “problems” with the police in the past. “I threw seats at them. The defendant has six entries in his criminal record. In particular, he had been banned from entering a sports arena for a year.

10 a.m.: “We only investigated those we could clearly identify”

The investigator specifies that the quality of the videos of the incidents did not always make it possible to formally identify the perpetrators. “We dismissed those for whom we had doubts. We only investigated those that we could clearly identify. »

9:55 a.m.: a first policeman at the helm

One of the police officers in charge of the investigation is heard in the courtroom. “We observed the damage and collected various objects: smoke bombs, flags, bags… These objects were analyzed. Of the DNA have been found. »

“Three of these DNA were already registered in the file in the context of similar cases, in particular in 2014, ”continues the police investigator.

9:40 a.m.: Videos of the incidents played in the courtroom

Silence in the room when the president broadcasts the images of the incidents of May 29, 2022. Different shots are presented, we hear the cries and the sound of the different devices used.

An unpublished video is presented, it is that of a pedestrian camera of one of the CRS present that evening. The moment AJ Auxerre scored the fatal shot on goal for ASSE, the lawn was invaded. A few seconds later, supporters surge on the police placed in front of the entrance to the locker room. The video shows how law enforcement responded with tear gas.

9:13 am: the trial opens in Saint-Étienne

A few minutes behind schedule, the hearing opened at the Saint-Étienne court.

The president, Stéphanie Perrin, lists the facts of which the eleven defendants are accused. These supporters present today are between 21 and 34 years old. Some belong to the groups of Green Angels or Magic Fans.

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Back to the facts

Sunday, May 29, 2022, ASSE is playing in the play-offs against Auxerre. The evening turns into a nightmare after the relegation of the Greens in Ligue 2. The supporters invade the ground of the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium.

The sports enclosure is copiously degraded: jets of pyrotechnic devices towards the official stand, LED advertising panels which have collapsed, a few bucket chairs from the charred sidelines and individuals who have played pickpockets…

A wave of arrests of suspects took place monday september 19. Of the 27 people arrested, 11 were placed under judicial control and banned from the stadium until the trial. These defendants will have to explain themselves in court, this Wednesday, November 16in a trial that is expected to last all day.

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Live. Trial of ASSE supporters: “When the match ended, it went through my head”