LoL: The best champions for high Elo carry on 12.16!

Small dot methodology before starting, as usual. This ranking takes into account the champions who most often win their gamesto ranks platinum and above on the server Western Europe. We’ll go over the ones that haven’t moved since the previous patches, talk about the champions who have dropped in the tier list and finally, talk about the most effective high Elo picks. Note that this article is not not really a guide to reaching gold or move up to the lower ranks, as some characters require a good sense of the game to be well exploited. However, some of them can also be effective at lower ranks.

Those who stayed on top

In place of support, Taric and Janna remain the most effective picks, especially since the meta seems to have slowed down a bit. The return of certain tanks greatly favors Trundlewhich is still one of the best junglers for several patches. On the sololanes, Heimerdinger is still as effective, especially if his direct match up is a character who fights in melee. The Yordle is one of those champions that you can OTP from Iron to Diamond with a lot of efficiency, even if your team will still have to understand that it is better to let your opponents impale themselves on Heimer’s defenses, rather than stupidly dive. Heimer is perfect in a defensive position, but shines much less when it comes to initiating the fight, although he still has things to offer in this area.

Swain also remains a very good option for sololanes as well as the support station at all ranks. It allows you to make more plays than Heimer, in exchange for greater vulnerability to ganks and duels during the lane phase. For fans of tanks, Shen remains the safe bet.

Raise your dongers!

Those who have lost efficiency

Sivir fell a bit in the tier list of ADCsbut remains above 50% of winrate. She is therefore very effective, but is no longer the ADC to pick for carry, even if she can still do it. Bard and Renata have also lost their luster at the post of supporteven if they are not not fall below 50%. Like Sivir, they are strong, but there is better. Same observation for Neekowhich after a few patches above 52% victory is dropped to a more acceptable score for Riot Games.

The new POs


Return of powerful tanks, return of Singed who has fun with them. The Zaun Chemist does well against the most bruisersand has arguments in many match ups. Attention to some picks that are more dangerous than it seems for him, like Sejuani and Garen. We you advise against blindpick, because if your direct opponent chooses an aggressive character from a distance, or an assassin, you are likely to serve as a doormat. Finally Singed has a very special gameplay, and it will therefore be necessary to play a few games to take it in hand. It’s a bit personal high risk/high reward from the moment to the top.


Tired of ADCs jumping all over the place? Midlaners that would make Usain Bolt blush? From top laners to Eight Dash? Skarner is the person for you! The professionals prefer Vibut Scorpio is more safe soloQbecause you bring your victim back to your team, rather than praying for her to follow you instead of chasing butterflies. In addition, with your crystals you can get advantages for fighting around neutral objectives.

Surfin toplane - League of Legends
Surfing toplane


Vel Koz currently gets very good results on the midlane. Aurelion Sol has a slightly higher win rate, but is picked 5 times less than Vel, so the stats of the latter are more reliable (but we had to mention AS which has been quite high for a few patches). The advantage of Vel Koz is above all that it can farm and push in a safe way, block his opponent on the lane (or make him lose resources if he shifts), while being able to intervene quickly during a clash in the river. It’s not the pick to go kill your opponents (even if it’s possible if they misjudge your burst after a bit of poke), but a player patient with Vel Koz can perfectly carry parts on his own.


The meta got a lot slow down in botlane, and on this patch, Kog Maw and Tristana are the best shooters. Not much to say about them, it’s mostly about don’t die in early gamewhile focusing on the farm. It is possible to start snowballing, but you will need using your jungler or an error by your opponents. If you see that your support is gone on an aggressive champion and that can’t peel you too much, it’s better then orient yourself on Miss Fortune which is the most effective to play the lane, even Lucian.


Taric and Janna perfectly accompany Tristana and Kog, so if your ADC has picked one of these two carries, play meta without asking yourself too many questions. If you prefer to be original, so Zyra is your best ally. It will allow you to greatly hinder the opponent’s Trist or Kog thanks to its plants, but still beware of the pick of your duo. Taking Zyra with a Kog against Leona/Miss Fortune (or any other aggressive lane) is a bit like suicide. If you prefer be good everywhere but excellent nowhere, Zilean is a good option currently. You will not shine in a specific area, but your tools will allow you to find solutions in any situation. Again, there isn’t really a miracle pick in the bottom lane, you have to adapt to your mate and the opposing duo.

League of Legends


As you may have noticed on the champions, the most effective meta currently seems to be turning on rather defensive characters. It is difficult to say whether this trend will maintain, or if it is only a reflection of the end of the summer holidays, with players who wanted to try to reach a certain level before resuming their schooling/professional activity, and who therefore played perhaps a little too aggressive for the purpose of carry.


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LoL: The best champions for high Elo carry on 12.16!