Luca Trapanese: “Dear Giorgia Meloni, we are both parents capable of loving our daughters”

“Dear Giorgia Meloni”. Thus begins the open-hearted letter that Luca Trapanesecouncilor for the municipality of Naples, gay and single dad than 5 years ago has adopted Sunrise, a beautiful girl with Down syndrome. And it is precisely the issue of adoption that he wants to address with the politics with which, he writes on Facebook, “I would like to be at a table with you and chat about adoption, a topic that we both consider crucial from different points of view and , if you like it, it could be the table in our house, mine and Alba’s ”.

Luca Trapanese with Alba and the little dog Baby (Facebook)

It is a sincere but heartfelt invitation, that of Trapanese, which is addressed to the leader of the Brothers of Italy, a candidate in the next elections and – according to the polls – super favored for the position of Prime Minister, the first woman to concretely aspire to the role. The positions of Meloni on civil rights, especially in terms of LGBT +, are well known and it is the same policy that confirms them from the pages of Corriere della Sera: “We are not reactionaries but conservatives – he says -. We keep belonging to the genus and possibility of have a mom and a dad“. No openness, therefore, to different families, homogeneous or single, such as that of Trapanese and her daughter.

“You’re welcome, bring your daughter too Geneva – continues the father, also a member of the Scientific Committee of Light! -. Alba would welcome you with one of her typical smiles. While our daughters would play together, I’d tell you about us. We have become a us now 5 years ago, when Alba was 27 days old and no family willing to take care of her. Now a family has it – he emphasizes proud and in love with her as her daughter -. You are a mom, I am a dad, we are both parents, and we are both capable of loving and educate our daughters, to overcome any difficulty for them, to live for them, to act for their only good. I do it every day for Alba, you do it every day for Geneva, in a moment of your life that I imagine sucks up all your energy ”. What Luca Trapanese wants to reiterate is that the love for a child, the will to raise him with sound principles, teaching him the most important values, do not depend on the gender of the parent / s, his / their sexual orientation or the fact that a son is blood of his own blood or has been adopted. They depend on the person, on his principles, on who chooses, regardless of biological ties, to be father or mother.

Trapanese with little Alba, adopted when she was 27 days old. Today the girl is 5 years old (Facebbok)

“Alba is a serene, loved and happy child. People often tell us that we are special, but as you may know, I struggle every day to affirm the opposite, and that is that we are a family exactly as are all the others“. Learning to consider a family that is not the conventional one, the one made up of a father, a mother, children the result of this union, is a goal that unites it to many other people, who would simply like to be protected in the same way as all the others. , instead ceasing to be considered anomalies, for better or for worse. “A family, ours, with a single father who in Italy with the current law, could not have adopted a child. Alba and I we are a bright exception the rule of adoptions, which as you know is allowed by Italian law only because Alba has a serious one disability.
I’m sure at our table you’d tell me it’s about a huge nonsense, that this must be changed, because it is an idiocy that for a disabled child only one parent is enough and for the others it takes two married. We look forward to seeing you then. And then here we make a legendary pizza, you just can’t refuse “. Signed: Luca and Alba

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Luca Trapanese: “Dear Giorgia Meloni, we are both parents capable of loving our daughters”