Luise prepares for the decisive confrontation

From Elba to Sanremo, the fate of an Italian Historic Car Rally Championship will be decided, which sees the true and authentic revelation of this season in the Adriatic.

Adria (RO), 19 September 2022 – It has been a long year, full of surprises and twists, but the Italian Historic Car Rally Championship will only come alive now, when two decisive appointments are missing at the end of the calendar, both of which are decisive. the tricolor title.
Author of an incredible season to say the least, in a real fight in the style of David against Goliath, Matteo Luise is preparing to play the last cartridges to fulfill his dream.
The driver from Adria will in fact present himself at the upcoming Rally Elba Storico with a ranking situation which, although penalized following the events of the Lana, sees him in sixth place in the overall, the first in the fourth group, with six lengths to defend on Farris, as well as clearly in command, at over thirty, of the provisional group A and class A-J2 / 2000.
A more than rosy situation, further enriched by a fifth place, in the cup reserved for navigators, which sees Melissa Ferro able to aim straight for the top positions.

“At the end of the championship there are only two races left” – says Luise – “and if they had told me, at the beginning of the season, that we could play for the title, I would have signed up immediately. Apart from the facts of Lana, canceled by our brilliant performance at the Eastern Alps, we are at the start of an Elba that will already be decisive for the games in the ranking. If we do not have particular thoughts in class and in the group, we aim to win the Italian title in the fourth group. We are aware that we are facing a difficult challenge to take on, solely due to the technical gap that separates us from our opponents, but we have believed in it until today and we will continue to do so, as long as mathematics will keep us alive. We have six points to defend, they are nothing, but in a long race like Elba anything can happen. A misstep by us or by Farris is enough and the situation could be compromised but the fact that Sanremo, the final race, has an increased coefficient allows us to have a second chance. Now let’s think about the weekend. “

Elba, also valid for the FIA ​​European Historic Rally Championship, will open its curtain on Thursday 22 September for the dispute of the “Capoliveri” (7.24 km), in the light of the lights.
The following day the challenge will move to the “Monumento” (12.52 km), on the “Colle Palombaia” (16.31 km), on the repetition of the “Monumento” and on the “Due Mari” (22.34 km).
The last fraction, that of Saturday 24 September, will live on the “Innamorata” (6.63 km), on the “Volterraio – Cavo” (26.94 km), on the second round on the “Innamorata”, on the “Volterraio” (5 , 68 km) to then conclude three intense days of struggle with the “Bagnaia – Cavo” (18.44 km).
The driver from Adriano of Team Bassano will be at the starting line with the inseparable Fiat Ritmo 130 group A, curated by the award-winning company Silvano Amati and Valentino Vettore.

“For better or worse, we all know the tests” – adds Luise – “and the mileage is so important that it opens up to different scenarios. The only one we have never done is the inverted Monument. It will be a record edition, given the high number of subscribers, and we are eager to see how we go, compared to previous years. The whole team is energized, ready for this tough battle. “

Press Office: Fabrizio Handel

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Luise prepares for the decisive confrontation