Maccabi Haifa

Juve hit rock bottom, farewell to the Champions League is one step away

Vlahovic and his companions are hooked by Maccabi at three odds, while remaining in third place for the better goal differencebut in fact they say goodbye to the hopes of continuing their journey in the Champions League.


The game ends: Maccabi wins 2-0, historic defeat for Juve

Triple whistle of Lahoz and jubilation of the fans Sammy Ofer. Maccabi Haifa breaks the series of eight consecutive defeats in the group stage of the Champions League by sinking Juve. Decides the brace of Atzili in the first half, Juve remained within three points and actually slipped to fourth place in the group for the worst direct matches compared to the Israelis. Elimination from the Champions League is almost certain


90′ – Four minutes of added time allowed

Lahoz conceded four minutes of recovery, Maccabi near a historical enterprise. Now Juve no longer believes in it. The Bianconeri are about to virtually say goodbye to their hopes of advancing to the Champions League


86′ – Two more changes in Maccabi

Double change for Bakharwho tries to break up Juve’s anything but dizzying rhythms: Pierrot, among the best, and Mohamed leave, Tchibota and Rukavytsya enter.

8:27 PM

82′ – Cuadrado and Milik try, he holds the Maccabi fort. Locatelli warned

The impact on the match was good kean And Soulé. Juve tries generously, but fails to go beyond a sterile circumnavigation of the Maccabi area which builds density within its own area and is risking nothing: Cohen rejects a low attempt by Cuadrado and then a long shot by Milik. Meanwhile, yellow card for Locatelli for a foul on Mohamed.

8:19 pm

74′ – Last change in Juve, Soulé enters

Allegri’s last move that he sends onto the field Matias Soulé for Alex Sandro. Juve’s is now a 4-3-3 super offensive with Kean and Milik on either side of Vlahovic

8:16 pm

72′ – Maccabi, Bakhar replaces the booked Cornud

Second substitution in Maccabi: Cornud comes out, already booked and protagonist of the contact discussed with Cuadrado. Bakhar sends Menachem onto the field


68′ – Juve calls for a penalty. Allegri goes all out with Kean

Juve invokes a rigor: contact between Cornud and Square in the Maccabi area, Lahoz let it continue and the Var does not intervene. Meanwhile fourth change in Juve. Enter kean and Danilo comes out, Allegri plays everything with a front-wheel drive team


66′ – Juve doesn’t break through, Maccabi controls and restarts

First change in Maccabi. Standing ovation from Sammy Ofer for Atzili, so far star performer with the decisive brace. Bakhar takes precautions by sending a defender onto the field, Dry


63′ – Juve doesn’t break through, Maccabi controls and restarts

Consolidated tactical theme in the first quarter of the second half. Juve keep the ball, but have returned to maneuvering too much slowness And predictability, running aground on the edge of the area. Maccabi defended with order and tried to counterattack with David


54′ – Cohen’s miracle on Rugani

Juve one step away from the 1-2 goal! Corner from the right and great detachment of rugani, leap of Cohen who goes to get the ball under the corner, still taking refuge in the corner. Now the bianconeri are pushing, the first moments of difficulty for Maccabi in the match.


51′ – Juve attacks with their heads down, Maccabi on the defensive

It looks like another Juve at this start of the second half. The Bianconeri have raised their center of gravity dramatically and are playing the ball more quickly, but the danger index is still very low. Maccabi defends compactly behind the ball line


46′ – Off to the second half: two changes in Juventus, Kostic and Locatelli in

The second half begins, immediately two substitutions decided by Allegri, after the forced one by Di Maria: they enter Locatelli And Kostic in place of Paredes and McKennie.


Juve under pace, elimination from the Champions League is one step away

Not even in the worst of nightmares Allegri and the Juve fans could have imagined a similar trend in the match against Maccabi, the theoretical Cinderella of the group. Dominant Israelis in terms of pace, Juve with few ideas and too cumbersome. Atzili puts the defense to fire and sword, for the Turinese only one occasion with Vlakhovic when it expires.

7:34 pm

The first half ends – Juve down by two goals

The first half closes withMcKennie booked and after two minutes of recovery. Sammy Ofer fans in raptures for an incredible result. Juve down by two goals, the decides brace by Atzili.


45′ – Vlahovic nearly scores, feat by Cohen

Juve’s jolt that goes close to the 1-2 goal! Great header in suspension by Vlahovic, Cohen stretches out to his right and then fumbles Milik tap in fails.

7:28 pm

42′ – 2-0 Maccabi! Double Atzili! Juventus on their knees!

Sensational at the Sammy Ofer. Juve banally loses the ball on the frontline, Maccabi’s transition is lightning-fast and successful: Pierrot it serves Atzili in the area, a great shot under the crossing which catches a not faultless Szczesny in counter-time.


35′ – Atzili again, Maccabi close to 2-0!

Rhythms too stiff those held by Juve, which fails to create dangers and which is in constant trouble on Maccabi’s attacks. Atzili he is impregnable for the Juventus defenders: acrobatic spin at the edge of the post from a cross from the left.


30′ – Cornud booked, Juve waste a good opportunity on a free kick

First yellow card of the match, for Maccabi’s left winger who knocked out Square on the trocar. However, there were no dangers for Cohen from the free-kick: Rugani tried his head, then the ball was lost on the back foot after another attempt by Bonucci.


23′ – Muscle injury for Di Maria, Fideo leaves the field: Milik enters

It rains in the wet at Juve. Of Maria stops due to a flexor muscle problem. The Argentine is forced to leave the field: he enters Milik, Allegri’s 4-4-2 doesn’t change. Previously the bianconeri had hit three consecutive corners, but without making themselves dangerous.

6:58 pm

12′ – Maccabi one step away from 2-0! Dangerous Chery and Atzili!

Very high pressure from Maccabi players, Juve in the corner: Chery hits the top of the crossbar on a free-kick from 25 meters and a few seconds later on the break Atzili still makes you tremble Szczesny who stretches to deflect for a corner on the Maccabi attacker’s shot from the edge. The black and whites can’t get out, infernal cheering from the green and white fans!


7′ – Maccabi ahead! Goal by Atzili!

Sensational at the Sammy Ofer! Maccabi straight ahead! Cross from the left and the number 7 jumps behind a distracted person Rugani: Szczesny’s low-angle header surprised Szczesny. Juventus immediately below!


1′ – Off to the match! Maccabi-Juve has begun!

The Sammy Ofer match has begun! Juve in the now customary mottled pink shirt, Maccabi in white and blue. Great support from the home fans

6:42 pm

Maccabi-Juve, teams in the field Sammy Ofer is sold out

Teams on the pitch, anthem of the Champions League in progress. Stadium sold out, Israeli fans are ready to push their team to win the first points. Maccabi are back from eight straight defeats in the Champions League group stage.


Maccabi-Juve, the Spanish referee Lahoz

The designated referee for the Sammy Ofer challenge is the Spaniard Mateu Lahoz. Two precedents with Juve, both in favor of the black and whites, in the round of 16 of the 2014-’15 Champions League against Borussia Dortmund (1-2) and in the semifinal of the 2016-’17 edition against Monk (0-2).


Maccabi-Juve, the official formations: Allegri chooses Rugani. At rest Bremer and Kostic

Surprise in Allegri’s training choices. The Livorno coach is also thinking about Saturday’s derby and keeps Bremer at rest: an opportunity for rugani alongside Bonucci. Kostic is also on the bench with a high external Cuadrado

Maccabi Haifa (4-3-3): Cohen; Sundgren, Batubinsika, Goldberg, Cornud; Mohamed, Lavi, Chery; Atzili, Pierrot, David. All.: B. Bakhar.

Juventus (4-3-3): Szczesny; Danilo, Bonucci, Rugani, Alex Sandro; McKennie, Paredes, Rabiot; Cuadrado, Vlahovic, Di Maria. All.: M. Allegri.


Juve always with the door open in the Champions League: there is a negative record to avoid

Juventus has conceded goals in the first three games of the group stage of the Champions League 2022-’23: the bianconeri have not conceded goals in at least four matches in a row in the competition between April and December 2013, eight


Maccabi-Juve, the Bianconeri always victorious in the previous three

Juventus have won all three direct matches in Champions League with Maccabi Haifa: in addition to the first leg, the bianconeri prevailed in both matches of the group stage of the edition 2009-’10.


Champions League, the situation in Group H: Juve hanging by a thread of hope

In fact, the classification situation of Group H does not allow room for maneuver for the black and whites, who after losing the first two games against PSG and Benfica and after picking up the first three points in Turin against Maccabi, he must also score well in Israel hoping that a draw does not come out in the other group match: at the moment PSG and Benfica lead with 7 pointsagainst i three of Juventus. Allegri’s team will then be awaited by the decisive match at the Da Luz in Lisbon on 25 October.


Champions League, Juve at the crossroads: three essential points in Haifa to keep hoping

After the home defeat of Milan, which ended the mini positive series of two victories, both obtained at the Allianz Stadium against Bologna in the championship and Maccabi Haifa in the Champions League, Allegri’s team is on stage in Israel to keep alive the flame of hope of qualifying for the eighths: the pursuit a PSG And Benfica keep on.

Haifa – Sammy Ofer Stadium

Maccabi Haifa-Juve 2-0: black and white sinking, Allegri virtually out of the Champions League