Málaga CF takes a point with many readings (1

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A point that tastes good, that tastes bad, but tastes little above all. But it’s what he takes Malaga CF of the Romareda after drawing 1-1 in a match in which he had to row with one less from minute 13 due to the sending off of Javi Jiménez, in which Rubén Yáñez established himself as the team’s first-choice goalkeeper, in which Haitam put the malaguistas ahead with a subtlety brand of the house and in which trade was again lacking.

Málaga brushed the victory after resisting, thanks to a brilliant night by Rubén Yáñez under the sticks, to the Zaragoza attacks, who was able to take the lead several times on the scoreboard. They took the lead with a great goal from Haitam but could not resist in the remaining ten minutes, conceding an avoidable goal from a corner, with two Zaragoza players alone for the shot.

Mel played eleven with some surprises. Bustinza occupied the right side, Burgos returned to the center of defense with Juande, Escassi took N’Diaye’s place in the pivot and Fran Sol was the 9th. Juanfran and Rubén Castro saw the start from the bench. The 1-4-1-4-1 was formed by Yáñez; Bustinza, Burgos, Juande, Javi Jimenez; Scarce; Hervías, Luis Muñoz, Febas, Cristian: and Fran Sol.

With both teams not risking too much and Málaga not pushing the pressure line to the top, as has happened in other games, the 13th minute of the game arrived. A disproportionate tackle by Javi Jiménez in midfield, arriving late in a play without danger, ended with the direct red card for the Malaguista ‘3’. Busquets Ferrer did not hesitate to put his hand in the back pocket of his pants to show the red. Nobody in the VAR interpreted that perhaps the referee’s decision was excessive, no matter how much Javi Jiménez had gone too far. To their own errors must be added those of the referees for the rosary of details that are condemning Malaga this course. This one from Busquets Ferrer, protected by his VAR teammates, is one of the serious ones.

Mel didn’t touch the team. Cristian was placed on the left side and Febas took the lead from the man from Marbella. A 1-4-4-1.

With one less, Málaga went ahead with a corner kick, which ended with a very clear counterattack by Zaragoza that was only stopped by Yáñez with a save. The goalkeeper fell to his right when Sergio Bermejo’s shot caught him off-foot. He put out his hand to send it to a corner.

Every time a Málaga player caught the ball, he did it near the blue and white area and it was impossible to get past the center of the field with individual adventures. It is not the first time that the team has been left with ten, and the reaction was the same. It is difficult to ask Málaga for more in the situation it finds itself in, but in current football, expulsions are the order of the day and alternatives would have to be considered.

A ball hung from the right that Giuliano Simeone finished off in dispute with Bustinza served Yáñez to perform another miracle, taking the ball over the line. The youngest of the Simeones had another one, who crossed the ball excessively.

Zaragoza did not get nervous despite their superiority and the chances gradually fell, but Málaga, led by Rubén Yáñez, held their ground before the break.

Starting in 1960, the local squad took a turn and found the man of the night on the Malaguista side: Rubén Yáñez. The Catalan goalkeeper once again took out another ball that slipped past Giuliano Simeone, who had sent a header to the squad.

Mel refreshed the equipment piece by piece. Loren had come on for Fran Sol to kill himself running solo, and Genaro came on later for Escassi to position himself on the pivot.

At 75′, Bermejo sent a free kick over the crossbar. It was an offense that was almost on the baseline from the right side of the maño attack. The player closed it with his hand and crashed into the wood.

And at 77′, another miracle from Yáñez. A spike shot coming from behind Lluis López forced the goalkeeper to leave another postcard to commemorate his first great night as a malaguista.

It was a rush from Zaragoza and Mel tried to stop it with three changes. Ramalho, Jozabed and Haitam on the green, and Luis Muñoz, Febas and Hervías inside. What happened? That in the first action after the carousel of changes, Haitam caught it close to the lime, cut inside, left, entered the area and caressed the ball with the inside of his left boot. He sent it very far from Mouse and entered the goal kissing the post. Great goal that caused a mountain of teammates to bury the Moroccan. It was not be for lowerly.

There were ten minutes left and on the pitch there were men like Bustinza, Burgos, Jozabed or Ramalho, veterans in charge of killing the game, so that it wouldn’t be played anymore.

But it was played. In the 88th minute, another unforgivable mistake. A corner kick deflected by Esteban Burgos fell to the far post. Where he was alone like one, with everything Málaga has at stake, Giuliano Simeone, who first sent it to the net.

A point that is of little use for classification purposes, but a match that may be worth starting to build a reaction.

Data sheet:

1 – Real Zaragoza: Mouse; Fran Gámez (Larrazábal, m.46), Lluís López, Jair, Fuentes; Bermejo, Zapater (Eugeni m.73), Jaume Grau (Francho. m.80), Vada (Puche, m.66); Giuliano Simeone and Mollejo (Gueye, m.80).

1 – Malaga CF: Yanez; Bustinza, Burgos, Juande, Javi Jimenez; Hervías (Haitam, m.78), Escassi (Genaro, m.68), Luis Muñoz (Ramalho, m.78), Cristian; Febas (Jozabed, m.78) and Fran Sol (Loren, m.61).

Goals: 0-1. M.79. Haitam; 1-1. M.87. Giuliano Simeone.

Referee: Busquets Ferrer (Balearic Committee). He sent off Javi Jiménez (m.14) with a direct red card. He admonished Febas and Burgos, from Málaga, with a yellow card.

Incidents: match corresponding to day 16 of the Second Division League played at the La Romareda stadium in Zaragoza in front of 16,292 spectators.

Málaga CF takes a point with many readings (1-1)