Man City

Final result: Manchester City-Chelsea 2-0


Alborno Ortega 7 – Literally a wall. Ederson’s substitute does even better than the first goalkeeper, with at least three decisive interventions, of foot, with reflexes and also of position.

Lewis 6 – Seventeen years and many high hopes. He plays with the right personality, without looking at the color of other people’s shirts.

Ruben Dias 6.5 – Needless to say, he’s the best in defense. He administers everything wisely and demonstrates athletic superiority over all.

Laporte 6 – Good closures, but also some small burrs. However, he comes out to applause.

Sergio Gomez 6.5 – Guardiola had it packaged by Kompany, directly by Anderlecht, and once again he seems to have seen us for a long time. A train.

Rodri 5.5 – He starts well, making the City run at the right times, then he loses his clarity and Guardiola takes him out.

Gundogan 5 – He has hurt twice at Chelsea, but today he struggles and gets lost in the blue shirts, never finding the position to hurt.

Palmer 6.5 – Ninety minutes, just over, in the Premier League so far. Ninety minutes all together today. And at excellent levels. He sways between the lines and is always good at flipping the front quickly.

Mahrez 7.5 – Alla Robben: often makes the same movement, to come back and kick, and the others know it; but no one can avoid the shot. From a standstill, however, the pearl: the free kick of the 1-0, three fingers, is very delicate.

Grealish 7 – He doesn’t score, just because Mendy decides to outdo himself against him. But he does score. And above all he is the first to play the charge, especially at 0-0.

Alvarez 7 – Starts and ends the action that closes the games. First, many other good plays and some conclusions as well. Get cheers from the Etihad.

Josep Guardiola 7.5 – Impact like this, then slowly his Manchester City increases the engine revs and, even with other players, he makes Manchester City, with vices and virtues. And, you know, in this team there are more virtues than vices. Thanks to Pep.


Mendy 6.5 – Avoid a major passive at Chelsea with at least three high-difficulty saves.

Chalobah 5.5 – It starts well, then begins to lose measures and concentration. And, sometimes, the location too.

Koulibaly 5 – Arranca, because those of the City come in from everywhere. And he gets Alvarez stripped on the second goal. Not another evening.

Cucurella 6 – The best in defense. He reads well the postings and when he can he also accompanies the front. Good interpretation of the role of arm, which is not his.

Loftus-Cheek 6 – Chelsea attack more from his side because he takes so much running. Among the few to be saved.

Kovacic 5.5 – He can never keep up with the insertions of the opposing midfielders.

Zakaria 5 – It runs a lot, but empty. After the excellent debut, tonight is not repeated and, indeed, is among the worst.

Hall 5 – He’s young, he has all the mitigating circumstances and he even showed him something beautiful. But he has two huge scoring and shoots in both cases at the goalkeeper: his legs are shaking.

Ziyech 5.5 – The great play with turnaround and tunnel of the second half remains of his game, but it is the only flash of a fairly anonymous game.

Broja 5 – Wandering around the field, he never finds his way. One shot on target, sky high, and nothing else.

Pulisic 6 – The most inspired of the attack, so much so that he goes twice close to scoring and tries to charge his own.

Graham Potter 5 – His Chelsea are not playing badly, but they are too vulnerable behind. He has to find that solidity first of all, then it won’t take long in front of that technical rate.

Man City-Chelsea 2-0, the report cards: Mahrez to Robben, Ortega wall. Male Koulibaly and Zakaria –