Man Vs Bee: the spoiler

Rowan Atkinsonknown by all for his iconic TV character Mr Beanreturns to the small screen for Netflix. In this review, we’ll find out if it’s worth watching or if it’s just a clone of the adventures of the famous actor.

Plot and main story

Rowan Atkinson grappling with his worst enemy, a simple bee

Man Vs Bee it has a very small plot, almost a pretext for a classic comedy of misunderstandings to whom Atkinson has got used to us by now: Trevor (Rowan Atkinson) is an old man who, with his new job of House-sitting, he finds himself having to supervise a villa of two wealthy people who are going on vacation shortly thereafter. Trevor will have to look after their dog Cupcake and at the same time with a very annoying bee, and this will be the beginning of the series of misunderstandings that will cause endless disasters. And, as if that weren’t enough, Trevor he will also have to juggle his daughter and his ex-wife.

Technical side: direction and photography

Man Vs Bee it is a series that on the technical side maintains good quality standards: the direction of the episodes is entrusted to David KerrBritish director for television, and recently of the third film about Johnny English. His trait is very simple, with camera movements suited to the context of the series, perhaps a little too much static in certain passages, but the series remains very enjoyable to follow; as for photography, Man Vs Bee has an appearance tending to realisticbeing set in a modern location with few contrasts to refer to, therefore also in the standard.

Screenplay and acting

The script of Man Vs Bee was also written by Rowan Atkinsonand his treatment (for better or for worse) is present within the work: the episodes with a short duration of about 10 minutes (except the pilot which lasts 20) represent the comedy of misunderstandings in full style slapsticktypical of Atkinson; this is the task of the script, and in fact the series will surely appeal to longtime fans of Mr Bean and its comedy, leading to an ending that will please everyone. If, on the other hand, you are looking for something different, Man Vs Bee will not be able to satisfy you: the series is inspired very, very much to the famous character of Rowan Atkinsonmuch to mimic an episode of the animated series Mr Beanmaking the whole series slave of the mechanism.

As for the acting, Rowan Atkinson remains one showman from other times: his attitude can change at any moment and his facial expressions remain impressive. The rest of the supporting actors perform their role well, but without special mentions.

Final conclusions

In conclusion, Man Vs Bee it’s a bet partially won: the series created by Atkinson will know please longtime fans, proposing the usual formula of misunderstandings now dear to the actor; if instead, you are looking for something different from the usual, this is a series that is not for you, because too much anchored to the style of comedy slapstick. A series comedy enjoyable but not essential. The merit largest is attributed to Rowan Atkinsona real actor with a capital A, who holds all the episodes in full.

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Man Vs Bee: the spoiler-free review